This character is created by Samtendo09, but feel free to use him.

His appearance.

Serbow is the ex-king of the Koopas. He resembles Bowser a lot but with blue shell and yellow hair and eyelashes and has green skin.


He is more polite but more terrifying than Bowser. He is also less hateful. He is more intelligent then Bowser, but he gets into a huge rage when he is betrayed. He always ignores failures he or his troops did because he taught that they don't want to fail him.


He is as strong as Bowser but also faster than him. He breathes ice instead of fire, and throws boomerangs instead of hammers. He has telepathy (The origin is unknown.) to know if anyone he trusted is okay. He's taller and heavier than Bowser, and ignores small damage. He can't grow himself up but he can shrink huge enemies into 3 times smaller than him. He uses his power with huge responsibility, while Bowser abuses it in order to beat Mario and Company.

Appeared in:

Wigglers' Secret Crime.

He referred

  • Bowser as a "Brainless Koopa."
  • Mario as "Bowser's Nemesis" or "Red'N'Blue Plumber."
  • Luigi as a "No-Courage Guy."
  • Peach as a "Beautiful Lady."
  • Toadsworth as a "Old Toad."
  • Toads as "Weaklings."
  • Wigglers as "No-no Worms."
  • Broque Monsieur as a "Gentleman" or "Blocky Man."
  • Broggy as "Ragious Block-Dog."
  • Yoshis as "Cuties."

He only refers to them at certain times.

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