Seraphina by drebbles
completely free from luxurious designs, art by Dr. Drebbles (tbc)
Current Age 13 (from the future)
Not born yet (present time)
Date of Birth November 2nd
Gender Female
Species Fandraxonian
Align Evil
Current Status Alive
Her beauty, dresses, the embers of war, slashing at the enemies, feeling the ease of bleeding, landing unexpected attacks, spilling blood, watching her enemies die, getting all rebellious, playing the lyre, studying her mother's fighting style, protecting her parents, learning that she's getting better than her parents, skulls and bones, goth culture
Humans, authority in general, being judged, being seen as a monster by peers, difficult video games, anyone with golden/blonde hair, stereotypical superheroes, any universes about superheroes, hearing about superheroes, comics based on superhero culture, television also on superhero stuff, always being told that the heroes always win, any villain who thinks they can be better than her, people being skeptic about her powers
Height 7'01"
First Appearance The Children Program: Generation Z
Seraphina is the daughter of Fandraxono and Zodiez, being one of many future children introduced in the upcoming The Children Program: Generation Z. Seraphina is luxury-lusting and completely spoiled, insistent that the world will one day bow under her command and ruling hand. While seen as a joke from the rest of the team, she is serious about her goals and plans on making the past, present and future hers once the reign of Mallory ends. She goes after every bit of top-notch clothing possible and makes herself appear as intimidating or vile to the rest of her enemies, and puts a lot of effort into making herself look like she can tower over them all. Her plans are full of maliciousness and malevolence, taking pleasure in killing all her foes and also in the bleeding and the whining until the battles end. Despite her ambitions, she is trusted by Charmine due to her ability to take blows for literally any teammate.

Seraphina was spoiled rotten by Fandraxono and Zodiez, given gift after gift in efforts to satisfy her ever-growing greed and hunger, but only for them to fail practically every time. The more that Seraphina is given to toy with, the more intelligent and potentially destructive she becomes as a whole, which can lead to her learning many arts that can prove fatal for even her own team. Seraphina specializes in toxin usage after having been carelessly given cyanide as a gift from her confused father and also makes great usage of the Inkura abilities she had adopted from her mother, able to use messy thick ink to drown her foes or get them to follow her lead. Seraphina went to the mainverse present out of boredom with the apocalyptic future, joining Charmine's team unexpectedly after having been fought and defeated by them. Seraphina makes it very clear over the course of their adventure that she is a masochist.


Seraphina lusts after luxury and is obsessed with fashion and design, going out of her way to make herself look top glass compared to the other children in The Children Program: Generation Z. She absolutely despises any skepticism of her power, especially with short phrases like "nice" or "kay", and will be driven bananas in a near instant. Regardless if facing a friend or a foe, stabbing them is not out of the question and she can aggressively plunge her knives through them if necessary. She causes some of the most "friendly fire" damage in the game because of her recklessness and lack of control over her violently throbbing personality. Seraphina is obsessed with her own beauty and flirts almost consistently with everyone regardless of who they are, leading to many situations where the other characters have to drag her off the scene to stop her from flirting with family, the other children, or really dangerous foes.

Her fully aggressive nature only lets her focus on the blood and pain of battles, taking pleasure in dishing out and receiving damage and making her one of the most well-suited characters for war in the entire game. She finds the loss of blood to be a "painful, but driving" pleasure, and can quickly lash out with intensely strong attacks if she's been wounded really badly. Out of everyone in The Children Program: Generation Z, her power output is the greatest when at critical states of health, with her power being over 1.4x the actual strongest character in the game. She has very specific interests and does not care about anything outside of battles, luxury or experimentation, and highly despises superheroes and related media as she finds them to all be "demeaning" of the villains, which she considers her "people".

Relationships with other characters


Seraphina seems to be nothing but impatient with her father, always calling him "slow" and "dim-witted" whenever he doesn't do something for her on time, and holds some harsh feelings towards him on a daily basis. Fandraxono only gets her daughter many things because Zodiez will do something horrid if he doesn't, so he puts his time and energy into trying to find Seraphina gifts, which in turn can interfere with the times he needs to spend with the lyre. Seraphina can be blamed for some of the times the Lifts almost fell apart.


A lot of Seraphina's feelings towards Fandraxono are also applicable to her mother, although she lessens on the insults. She finds Zodiez to be an interesting and well-rounded individual, but can find her a little too serious and really despises that her mother hates going out in the public. Zodiez likes her child, but is afraid that one day Seraphina will become strong enough and take the Lifts over irresponsibly, leading to a future that may be so bad that even Mallory would hold empathy for its people.



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