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Serah Ellington as she appears in Fantendo Sports Resort
Full Name Serah Ellington
Gender Female
Location Unknown
Current Status Alive
Class Human Being
First Appearance Fantendo - Genesis (first official appearance)

Serah Ellington is a character first introduced in Fantendo - Genesis as Rachel Harel's co-worker at the gas station. She later appears in Fantendo Sports Resort as Rachel's doppelganger. Like Rachel, she is a "normal" character, unexposed to the weirdness of the Fantendoverse and doesn't seem to handle it as well as Rachel does until Fantendo Sports Resort.


Serah is a brown haired, Caucasian, female human with orange eyes. She has a orange bandanna around her neck and wears something similar to a simple line sweater but it lacks sleeves. She also has a pair of fingerless gloves she wears. She wears pinkish red pants.


Serah did not graduate from high school like Rachel did, needing to drop out of highschool for a unwanted child (who she named David) which later died from an unknown illness. Serah was friends with Rachel but the two drifted apart after Serah dropped out of high school, only to return after her baby died and was unable to pay mortage, where Rachel managed to help her get a job at the gas station.


Serah is somewhat of a slacker, often seen reading magazines instead of working. She has diffculties coping with new things, usually wanting things back to the way they were. However, she has shown she can cope.


Fantendo - Genesis

Fantendo Sports Resort

Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory






  • In The Normal Life of Sarah Auvic, Leah Needlenam (known as Sarah Auvic for most of the series) takes Serah's place as Rachel's coworker, a likely ode to how similar their names are ("Sarah" and Serah). The creator claims this was a coincidence, as they did not know Serah at the time would be anything but a doppelganger for Rachel.
  • During the ending of Fantendo Sports Resort, Serah is seen heavily pregnant, which is especially odd seeing as the ending takes place in the same time frame and she wasn't pregnant before then.