First Appearance Quiful Barrett: Quest for Cronomipo
Latest Appearance Quiful Barrett: Quest for Cronomipo
Location Type Planet
Grass Town

Ground Town
Gulf Town
Grill Town
Generation Town
Gloom Town
Goat Town

Notable Resident(s)
Quiful Barrett

Quiful Yaster
Quiful Joe
Golden Knight

Ser (pronounced surr) is an undeniably diverse planet, in an unknown solar system and galaxy. It is where the Quiful Barrett series takes place, and has several similarities to Earth.


Ser is a planet that's exactly 68.567% the size of Earth. The atmosphere is identical to that of Earth's. However, on Ser, there are no continents, countries, or even cities. Instead, the planet is split up into hundreds of individual towns. Each town has developed major differences from the other towns, some being something that you could never find on Earth.

Due to the most similarities with Earth, and basic features, Grass Town is the most common town, and where the most people live. Temperatures there can vary slightly, while temperatures in some other towns are set. Grill Town is always hot, while Gloom Town is always cold. Though most towns are a lot larger than the ones on Earth, they vary in size when compared to each other.

The towns all come in different colors, and fill up the planet. However, if one looks closely, they can determine that Ser is brown. It is also coated with gray gas, which is 100% unharmful. Most towns have their own bodies of water, but Ser has three primary oceans: the First Ocean, the Birthday Ocean, and the Gift Ocean.


For the most part, the creatures of Earth are the exact same as the creatures of Ser. Every single Earth animal can be found on Ser, with most Earth plants also living on Ser. Ser does have exclusive creatures, however. One of the most notable examples is Smozill, an actual dragon, showing that dragons live on Ser. Itemites are the common creature that live in every town. Along with enemies like Itemworms and Itemfish, they collect and carry FBGs from dead people, up until the point when they are defeated.

First Birthday Gifts

The First Birthday Gifts, abbreviated to FBGs, are what sets Ser apart from every other planet. On Ser, when someone is born, they receive an item called a First Birthday Gift. FBGs give their user one or more special abilities. If a person is alive, they are the only one that can use their original FBG. Several adventurous people, like Quiful Barrett himself, like to collect as many FBGs as they can from the Itemites.

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