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Sensei, the master of the fruits, join the battle !! Sensei appear as a starting newcomer in the two version of Super Smash Bros GX. He is a all-around type characters, but he run a little bit faster and he is a little bit powerful. He is revealed in the "Fruit Ninja vs Super Smash Bros" trailer on december 9, 2015.

"Sensei, coming to the Fruit Ninja series, is the master of the dojo. In the fruit ninja game, he shoot the fruits that the player must cut, but he shoot also the bombs !!"

Sensei is confirmed to have Gutsu for alternate costume.


Basic Moveset

  • Ground attacks
Name Damages Description
Neutral Attack 2% (hit 1-2), 4% (hit 2-4), 5% (hit 5) Sensei punch two times with his fists and three times with his sword.
Neutral Combo
Dash Attack Star fruit dash 4% Sensei shoot a star fruit to the opponent.
Forward Tilt 7% Sensei swing his sword forward like the Marth sheild breaker.
Up Tilt 9% (clean), 6% (late) Sensei swing his sword upward.
Down Tilt Strawberry slash 8% (sword), 15% (strawberry explosion) Sensei slice a strawberry which explode and give a lots of damage to the opponents.
Side Smash Dragon Blade 5% per hit Sensei shoot a chinese dragon with his sword.
Up Smash Bamboo Blade 4% (every hits) Sensei swing his sword upward with the bamboo blade.
Down Smash Lightning Blade 11% Sensei swing his sword and a lightning fall on it.
  • Aerial attacks
Name Damages Description
Neutral Aerial 6% (arm), 12% (sword) Sensei spins in the air with his sword
Forward Aerial 9% (early), 12% (clean), 10% (late) Sensei perform a giant sword slash.
Back Aerial 17% (clean), 11% (late) Sensei slash backward with his sword
Up Aerial Up bomb shoot 15% Sensei shoot a bomb in the air. Good KO and knockback.
Down Aerial Down bomb shoot 16% Similar to the up bomb shoot, but Sensei shoot a bomb on the ground. Good KO and knockback.
  • Grabs and Throws
Name Damages Description
Pummel 2% per hit Sensei give sword hits to the opponent.
Forward Throw Passions fruits slash 10.5% Sensei spins, throw the opponent and slash the opponent and a lots of passions fruits.
Back Throw Bomb shoot 16% Sensei spins, throw the opponent and shoot a bomb on it.
Up Throw Fruits Combo 12% Sensei throw the opponent in the air and slash four fruits with the opponent.
Down Throw Coconut explosion 13% Sensei shoot a giant coconut on the ground, and the coconut explode dealing damages to the opponents.

Specials Attacks

Name Damages Description
B Neutral Pineapple 17% (clean), 9% (late) Sensei shoot a giant pineapple. Good KO and knockback.
Custom 1 Strawberry 4% Sensei shoot a speedy strawberry. This attack is very faster, but give just a little bit damage.
Custom 2 Watermelon 19.5% (clean), 10.5% (late) Sensei shoot a very giant watermelon. This attack is more slow, but more powerful.
B + <, > Critical +10 13% Sensei perform a shockwave, like the Critical +10 in the real Fruit Ninja game.
Custom 1 Critical +20 23% Similar to the Critical +10, but the shockwave is more big. Also, the attack is more slow.
Custom 2 Bomb recflection 0% Sensei can reflect the projectiles with this attack, like the Mario's cape.
B + Up Bombs reactor 12% per bombs hit Sensei shoot bombs on ground for up more highter.
Custom 1 Fruits rocket 7% per fruits hit Sensei puts on a fruits jetpack. Thhe fruits fall on the ground and give a lots of damages to the opponents.
Custom 2 Banana Glider 0% Sensei puts on a banana glider and float in the air during a limited time. The player can control the Sensei ascent.
B + Down Double Banana 0% This attack is a statut attack, because when Sensei bring the double banana, he can shoot a double pineapple in B neutral attack.
Custom 1 Freeze Banana 5% When Sensei cut these banana, the opponents close to him are frozen.
Custom 2 Frenzy Banana 19% Sensei cut the frenzy banana, and a fruits wave fall on the stage. This attack is more effective in the small stage.

Final Smashes

Name Damages Description
Final Smash A Giant Bomb Slash 29.5% Sensei shoot a giant bomb in the sky and slash it. All of the opponents are ejected.
Final Smash B Fruit Ninja Game 15% A real fruit ninja Game, but in the game, the fruits are replaces by the opponents !! the player slash fruits (and opponents) and when a opponents is touched, he is automatically ejected.

Palette Swaps

Color Description
Sensei 1 Sonic775
Light Blue Default Sensei appaerance.
Sensei 2 Sonic775
Purple A purple coloration of the Sensei outfit
Sensei 3 Sonic775
Green A green coloration of the Sensei outfit, with green sandals.
Sensei 4
Turquoise A turquoise coloration of the Sensei outfit, with blue pant.
Sensei 5 Sonic775
Yellow A yellow coloration of the Sensei outfit, with green bandeau.
Gutsu 1 Sonic775
Orange The default Gutsu appearance (alternate Costume).
Gutsu 3 Sonic775
Blue A blue coloration of the Gutsu outfit (alternate Costume).
Gutsu 4 Sonic775
Purple A purple coloration of the Gutsu outfit (alternate Costume).

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