Selena is a 14 year old valkerie introduced in Skip and Sqak 2. She is the only female member of the Underground Gang and serves as Imp's girlfreind. She helps the SSFF and the Blue Ants fight the Red Ants with her plasma whip and can do intense combos with it.

Skip and Sqak 2

When Tubby and Imp came to the Roadhog Bar for shelter, Java welcomes them new members to the Underground Gang. Selena adored Imp and always acts cute, carries him around, and kisses him on the cheek. Through out the game Selena helps the SSFF in some missions by fighting her whip and combos at enemies. She is sometimes gentle with the others but she never forgets Imp. After Java died from a syphon explosion, Selena and the others are know listening to Tex who is now in charge.

In the end of the game, Selena and Imp went on a date after Professor X2's defeat.


  • "Oh, Impy! How's mama's little boy?"
  • "OK Sqaky Cakes, here is your new move, now use it nicely to protect my sugah baby, (angrily yell) OR ELSE I'LL HUNT YOU DOWN AND KILL YOU REAL BAD! (Talks happy) Ok (giggles)"
  • "Just look at you (kisses Imp's cheek) just a weetle teeny weeny little baby, gootchie cootchie cootchie!"
  • "Imp! you got a boo boo! Are you hurt??"
  • "Too bad, I was going to kiss it and make it better... (replying to Imp's answer)


Selena is a Valkerie who has grey skin, white short hair, yellow eyes, and pink lips.

She wears a White coat with 6 black buttons, Black gloves nearly up to her elbows, White short shorts held by a Black Belt with yellow buckle, and Black combat boots up to her knees with white long socks and boot laces. She sometimes wears sun glasses.


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