"Just as Planned"

-Sekhmet at the end of Kirby: Lost Time

Sekhmet is an entity that appears in the Kirby: War of Time saga. He is shown to be very powerful, but never likes to fight any of his enemies head on. His appearance changes depending on who he shows himself to, but his main form is that of a man around the age of twenty. He wears a long black trench coat that has hood that can pulled over his head, and has white hair that is long enough just barely cover his eyes. His eyes are that of a blood red shade, and can strike total fear into his subbordinates. He wears a button down white shirt under his trench coat, that is not tucked into his long black pants. The first time he appears to Kirby he was wearing a long black robe with a hood over his head and mask to cover his mouth and nose. His skin was a palish grey tint.


Sekhmet initially never tells kirby who he is or where he is from, but throughout the second installment of the Kirby: War of Time saga he slowly hint at who he is. He first shows up at the end of Kirby: Lost Time with Commander Serine, when he picks kirby up from the snowy grounds of the shiver star in the middle of a large field surronded by nothing. He then walks with Serine towards a large compound with a wall that spans about 2 feet high where he states that the "third faction is about to enter war", assuming that the first two factions where the denizens of Dream World and armies of The Infinite. (more coming soon as I complete the other installments of The War on Time games)


Kirby: Lost Time- In this game Sekhmet never appears directly, but he does watch Kirby from afar.

(Please do not add Sekhmet to games without my permission unless it is the god Sekhmet -Crystalshogun 1092)

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