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Virinus's Wrath is the fourth episode of Sekaiju Legends.


Inonedn enters a breaking down computer-like building and they find something wrong; the core of Cyberlith is going beserk! It was ramming on walls and equipment, destroying them. A small creature in an UFO is then seen; he introduces himself as Viris, and says that he was put in charge of the Core but forgot to energize it one day, so it got angry.

Inonedn tried to tell the core to calm down, but all that he got was it ramming at him. Inonedn was forced to fight and fought courageously, breathing fire at it and slamming it, but it was well-guarded and the core had the advantage. However, the dragon persevered, and eventually got it to a critical state. However, the core did one last attack; Inonedn got blasted so hard he felt like he was hit by a nuke. All his wing skin dissolved and he was flung into a Monolith. This caused him to enter a strange, mysterious world.

It was filled with many plants and trees. It’s layout was generally similar to Cyberlith, but completely natural instead of completely mechanical. However, it looked like something from a gameboy game, as everything in the world was green, even Inonedn himself. Some bugs started to vibrate on Inonedn’s skin, making him scared. He then sees a bucket with eyes jumping on an hill. It is screaming at a large alien-like ship that dropped a monolith just like the one Inonedn entered; it sends him back to Cyberlith.

A creature similar to Viris, but generally bigger is seen attempting to kill him. This bigger creature was Virinus, the queen of Cyberlith, as well as Viris's mother, and he was very angry at Viris because of what he did to the core. Inonedn blocks her attacks and is seemingly confused on what is going on. He tells Virinus to stop harming Viris, and asks Virinus why she is doing this.

The alien queen ignored this, obviously, and attacked Inonedn with a strange laser. The dragon then notices he is turning into another kind of dragon, an hacker dragon. But the mysterious figure appears once more, and reverts Inonedn back into his regular form. Virinus, still angry, attempts to fight the hybrid, but Inonedn beats her, although he was now extremely tired due to all the fights he had to do. This seems to snap Virinus back to common sense. She explains that Viris was supposed to take care of Cyberlith while she was on vacation, but he did nothing but enjoy himself, letting many intruders in and causing many issues all around the island.

Virinus then decides to send the core, Viris and Inonedn into the “Monolith World” again, since it has healing properties. Viris is afraid of the place since it is all corrupted. Inonedn decides to talk to Viris about what happened. The small alien repeats what he said earlier when the core was berserk. Inonedn tells Viris to apologize to Virinus. They go back to see the queen of Cyberlith; they are soon followed by the core. Inonedn talks to Virinus about what happened, and told her to not harm her child.

Inonedn then goes to the core to discuss with him. He tells the core to try to teach Viris what is right and wrong when he is powering the core; but he soon figures out the Core is unable to talk and probably didn’t listen to him. Inonedn sighs, then tells them goodbye as he flies to another island he has never seen before. Koto! A seemingly beautiful island with colossal trees.

The ending scene shows Mora, who is very depressed over Merlin’s supposed death. She is with her children. She is worried about Inonedn and what he is up to. Then, Crumble, one of the many creatures of Cavernos, comes out. Mora grabs her children and hides while Crumble is walking out, trying to find his next victims. The puppies are weeping in fear as the stone werewolf sniffs to find his prey.

To be continued...


  • This is the first episode where Inonedn really shows his more pacifist side.

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