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Koto Island is the fifth episode of Sekaiju Legends.


Once Inonedn gets to Koto, he sees a winged black ant. His name is Techno. Inonedn introduces himself to him; Techno seems to notice he’s an hybrid and asks him if he is one. Inonedn says he is, so Techno tells him that he is a cyborg. Inonedn doesn’t seems very surprised, mainly because of his name.

He then keeps exploring with him and finds a mysterious grey goblin. This goblin greets him and they move to a treetop village. He tells him about Kony, the rocket demon. Some red goblins come and tell Inonedn that he kidnaps creatures of the island, but mostly children. But they think he’s funny now, mainly because of the “special effects” in his lair. The mysterious goblin is planning to teach him a lesson.

Inonedn notices a village in the treetops of Koto. He flies to it, then wanders to the edge of the high village. Suddenly, grappling hooks appear, grabbing the dragon and dragging him away. It was Kony! He muffled Inonedn’s mouth and ran away. The goblin and Techno chased him, but the demon was surprisingly fast and stealthy. He then chained up Inonedn by the neck in a small dark prison; if he tried to escape he’d choke instead.

The mysterious goblin and Techno comes to stop Kony. When he enters, they all get into a fight, but Kony overwhelms them with missiles and knocks them out. Kony then enjoys some of his time while Inonedn struggles to escape. He tries melting the chain with fire, but it is fireproof and there is a steel door blocking the path anyways. He was constantly struggling, until Kony sends missiles to knock him out.

He later wakes up, dizzy, and then tries to pull himself out of the chain but is choking while Kony tells him to stop. Inonedn tries to pull out the block of metal attached to the wall, and then tries reach a key. He eventually gave up and passed out of suffocation. He started to get hungry since he hasn't eaten in a long time. Kony was thinking of feeding Inonedn; a hole opens from the ceiling and drops a pizza, although it was dropped too far. Inonedn couldn't reach it so Kony used a claw to push it. Inonedn ate the pizza and was satisfied.

Despite this, Inonedn wasn’t really happy and wanted to escape. He tried to pull himself on the chain, causing the block the chain was on to slowly slide out. He was choking, again; Kony noticed it so he sent rockets to stun him, but it broke part of the chain as well so Inonedn ended up gnawing it off.

The next thing he had to do is to deal with a steel wall that blocked him from escaping. He tried breathing fire on it, but was fire proof like the chain. Kony sends more missiles to stall Inonedn, but unfortunately for him, he guided them into the steel wall and they exploded...It did nothing to the wall though.

Inonedn noticed the ground was a weak material as Kony was laughing at Inonedn because he was struggling. But to his surprise, he noticed that Inonedn was digging under. He started panicking. Inonedn was swimming under the bridge of Kony’s lair and making levithan noises to frighten him. He leaped out, doing a monstrous pose as he was jumping to Kony. It scared Kony into the “lava” of his lair...which turned out to be water with food coloring. He was allergic to the dye, as well, so Inonedn grabbed him and chained him up; better than making him die of allergies!

He grabs his two new friends, as they were knocked out, and taked them to the village. The mysterious goblin thanked Inonedn for taking him to safety. The red goblins healed them up, and they watch the descending sun.

Then they hear crying from a cave on the beach of Koto...

To be continued...


  • The "Mysterious Goblin" is strongly implied to be Goblin from the Fierce Tales series. This contradicts the fact Kony is no longer considered funny in that game, however.

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