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Inonedn's Arrival is the second episode of Sekaiju Legends.


Inonedn is shown landing on an island named “Main”. He notices some of his fishdog cousins, now teenagers; they moved there when they were older. They were his playmates as well, so Inonedn nicely greeted them and kept going. The other creatures from Main Island looked rather afraid of him. They backed off due to him being very unusual and very large.

He continues strolling and notices baby minions and blobs playing. They notice him and run to the walls of the island in fear. Inonedn feels guilty for scaring them, even though he didn’t intend to do so at all.

Meanwhile, a minion that is taller then the other ones is behind Inonedn identifying him while he doesn't notice it. The minion is confused on what he is, but the hybrid’s cousins come and tell them that he is pacifist and won't be a threat. He seems fine with him and tells Inonedn his name; Norman. Some young creatures play on him while Inonedn decides to look at the sky. They treat his wings like a slide.

Inonedn then notices a pack of ten wolves staring at him and the other children. They were drooling and started to make silent stomach sounds; the other creatures realise they are hungry and looking for food. The children decided to run to their houses, but one blob was too slow. He was panicking while being chased by the alpha wolf. That wolf was gaining on him, but Inonedn grabbed his tail and held him up, causing the alpha to scream in fear. He violently threw him to a wall; the other wolves immediately ran away, soon being joined by the alpha who also ran away.

Norman and the children came back to the houses to cheer on Inonedn; who looked confused at this. He suddenly noticed the pack of wolves move towards a farm for an easy meal. They mainly targeted the chicks and piglets as prey. Inonedn was tired but refused to back down, decided on giving the wolves a lesson. 2 wolves were fighting for a poor piglet, and one was attacking a defenseless chick.

Inonedn roared so violently that he was heard across the whole island. The wolves had hearing irritations so they dropped their wounded prey and ran away. After this and his other efforts, he started to get drowsy. Norman allowed him to sleep at the barn. He slept on the somewhat comfy hay inside of it. Since this was the animal’s food, the roosters and adult pigs were planning to attacking him. Norman then came in to shoo the animals off while was about Inonedn to look for another place to stay for the night.

Suddenly, a portal opens inside of the barn! The portal had a green outing and a black inner. Both of the two creatures had no idea what it would do. A strange obese kid with a weird unrealistic animation came out of the portal and went up to Inonedn, He spits in his face and does stupid gibberish insults at him. Inonedn tells him to stop, causing the kid to slap him. Inonedn pinned him down to scare him, but the fatty kid exploded into ash.

More fatty kids came out of the portal and flapped their short arms to fly Some began to grow more heads; Norman and Inonedn had no idea what they could be anymore. They pinned Inonedn and began trying to eat him alive. Their teeth aren’t very sharp, but they are surprisingly heavy. They begin crunching his scales, but Norman saved the day, throwing a shuriken that killed all of them at once.

The portal started to descend slowly. Weird blob/minion began to appear! They wandered aimlessly and aren’t posing a threat. Later, Inonedn and Norman experiment with the portal, each item they put into it changing into other items. Inonedn puts a scale he lost from the attack and it turns into a small meteor like rock. Norman puts a stick into it and it turns into a fatty kid arm for some reason. They then destroyed it by shooting attacks at it.

They then exited the barn and saw a temple with a giant hydra statue on it that was crumbling apart. Inonedn was curious about what that temple was. Norman told him that it was built by his ancestors thousands of years ago. Inonedn then remembered that he was told that a mighty black dragon, whose rather silly name was “Bean”, had defeated the colossal dragon. The hydra’s minions recreated his statue for his spirit to live on. Due to the age of the statue, it began to fall apart and crumble. Inonedn then entered the temple, soon followed by Norman. They explore the the temple and notice a golden painting; the paint on it was dripping implying it was freshly painted. It says “Praise Cube Master”. Inonedn and Norman look at it, confused; the latter screams that someone vandalised the temple.

They go deeper and hear slime sounds along morbid screaming sounds. They find another portal, this one beign rumored to be a manifestation of Death itself. The portal is filled with creature corpses glued to eachother. It speaks and tells Inonedn: “I will take everything you love, and I will!”. Norman cowers in fear and runs away. The goop tries to grab Inonedn but misses then retracts to the disgusting pile of creatures. Inonedn is so shocked he runs in fear.

Once out of the temple, they look for more homes to stay at. Inonedn finds a ant cave that looks comfy, but notices the ants in it are gigantic. Norman tells him that they aren’t nice but not outright evil either. Inonedn then notices a tree with mushrooms surrounding it, and believes someone is there. He goes to it and finds a giant mushroom whose name is Jimbly. He asks him where he can find a home to stay. Jimbly tells him that he should stay at a tree house which is located on a hill. Jimbly explains that it is like a hotel for visitors. The hybrid goes there, and finally sleeps in peace.

Meanwhile, “Death Itself” is shown scoffing, and says: “Those two wimps are so pathetic. That threat was my least scary one, my most cliché one, and it worked! How hilarious.”

To be continued…


  • This episode is a direct sequel to the previous one.
  • The Praise Cube Master hints that a new creature might be coming in a future episode.

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