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CyberHell is the name of a location, and also the name of the third episode of Sekaiju Legends.


Once Inonedn wakes up, he notices something wet on his back. It’s a baby ray! He wonders how it got here though. He tries to put it off gently but refuses to stay and constantly goes back To his back. He feels quite irritated. He asks Norman what the creature is; the minion explains that is it a Lil Ray from the region of Cyberlith, although he wonders what it’s doing here since they usually don’t appear here.

Inonedn goes to a cave and put it under a lightweight stone to pin it down. However, it is coated in a slimy substance and slides back on Inonedn. He then tries to trap it under one of the Hydra Statue’s jaws. But it decided to slide to it’s tail instead. Inonedn then realized it wouldn’t go away. He had enough of it, so he decided to swim to a random island.

He makes it to Cyberlith, an island he never seen before. It is a cybernetic world; it looks like a computer virus was turned into a land mass. He explores it a bit and finds some miniature cars with eyes. They’re doing science stuff, so Inonedn asks one “Hey, how do you get that ray off?”

Suddenly, another LilCar comes, on a platform; this one seems to be richer than the others. She introduces herself as “Miss Mister”, a name that makes little sense. She then talks about how she is the host of a show where she takes random creatures and mutates them. She then claims that Inonedn is her next target. He looks terrified on what she will do him.

Miss Mister comes over and stings him and the ray with a serum. The latter starts to melt into his back. Inonedn is horrified on what is happening to it and him. He can feel it squirming in his back, making Inonedn even more scared. Then a cage falls over them, trapping the two, and a seemingly bottomless hole starts to open. He falls in but tries to stop his fall with his claws. But his grip is slowly weakening; he falls into a certain oblivion…

He wakes up in a dark and scary place, He notices there is a gruesome hole where the ray was on him; it wasn’t there. The place was causing horrible hallucinations; for example, he saw a malformed ray that did a jumpscare and then faded. He notices strange white eyes and a bunch of white teeth. It was a creepy creature appropriately named Creepy.

He was scared about what it is, as it approached him slowly. He can feel the ray crunching in his bones and hears it wiggle through his ribcage, scaring him even further. Creepy went to him and breathed in his face with a mist. His voice is garbled, which isn’t helped by the fact he is screaming. However, Inonedn understands he is asking for help, but is unable to understand the rest.

Another creature comes; this one is sleeker and a bit wolf-like. It’s name is “Sprinter”. He can speak much clearer and explains that the place Inonedn is in is called “CyberHell”, and a place they nickname the “Sacred Land” is stuck in it along with it’s creatures. He then finds “Soarer”; a massive glowing dragon with black scales. Even though it isn’t evil, it still made Inonedn shiver a bit. He is told that he must fight 3 creatures that are preventing the Sacred Land from beign saved; the Highlander, who attacks any intruders, the Landmorpher, who blocks any exit, and the Cybereaper, who attempts to kill anyone who beats the other two.

As expected, the Highlander appears and tries to stab Inonedn. He swiftly dodges it by doing a barrel roll. He then breathes fire at it, leaps at it quickly and brings the creature down. Inonedn then goes to find the exit, which was found with ease. Obviously, the Landmorpher attacks. It grabs Inonedn with a hand made from the ground and attempts to crush him. He escapes and uses powerful fire attack on it. The beast attempts to freeze him using ice and stone, but he manages to thaw out. It then grabs Inonedn again and pulls him down in the earth and was crushed, but thanks to his digging skills, he still escapes and does a final attack on it. This finishes the Landmorpher, which then explodes in an attempt to kill Inonedn. He is now rather injured, and can’t fly for the moment since his wing skin was ripped; but he takes comfort in the fact it will heal eventually. But the Cybereaper comes to put an end to him as he killed the two other beasts.

Cybereaper stabs the dragon with his scythe, severely wounding him. Then he opens a black hole to put an end to his life. Inonedn grips the ground to slow the process. Then Soarer rescues him by flying above him and grabbing him. This gives time for Inonedn to restore his health a bit, then he rushes towards Cybereaper. He dodges his blackhole, and fights him intensely, although Cybereaper puts a good fight by blocking some of his attacks with his scythes and stabbing him several times. However, Inonedn gains the upper hain and smashes his bones until he is no more. Inonedn and the other beasts are then finally able to escape the place.

Back into the normal Cyberlith, Inonedn finds and pins Ms. Mister. She stings Inonedn with a syringe that made him as weak as a Magikarp, but the baby ray sprang out of his back; the infection Ms. Mister put on Inonedn was negated by the injection she just did.

Suddenly, a mysterious figure jumps from the darkness and stings Inonedn again, turning him back to his normal strength. Then, Inonedn shoots one of his draconic meteors onto Ms Mister, causing a x_x face to appear on her screen. The baby ray then latches on the mysterious figure and purr on it; this figure appears to be a ninja of sorts. Suddenly, they hear destruction and mayhem inside of a computer-shaped building!

Then a scene is shown, where Merlin is seen inside of the belly of Dorsal. He looks unhealthy, thin, starving, and damaged. He is forced to eat her leftovers food inside of her stomach and drink her water like a parasite. He says “Be strong Inonedn, be strong my child…”

To be continued!


  • It is unknown what happened to the "Sacred Land" after the episode.

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