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Clash of Sisters Part 1 is the sixth episode of Sekaiju Legends.


Inonedn and his friends go to a cave on the beach of Koto. They see water horses crying about something. Inonedn approaches them; a red water horse tells them to leave; Inonedn comes again but is shooed off. Goblin explains that he shouldn’t always try to fix stuff, else he might end up harming himself more than he helps others. Goblin then has to go in order to complete a mission. Then Inonedn notices something wrong, Techno is missing! Inonedn walks towards a path on the beach, being disappointed that his friends left.

He then notices a giant bird shadow over him, heading to Cavernos. Inonedn then swims there, outspeeding that bird. He then goes to Mora and warns her of imminent danger. The island is then attacked by a tsunami, revealing a giant bird whose name is Ricardo! The flood dies quickly, but water still flood the lower caverns. Ricardo tells them that he is hungry. Inonedn says that he can satisfy him with lots of food. Inonedn goes to the water and prepares to leave, but when he isn’t looking, Ricardo snatches and eats Mora’s two puppies causing her to chase Ricardo, who then flies off the island.

Inonedn hears crying from Mora; she tells Inonedn what happened. Inonedn gets pissed off and chases Ricardo. Inonedn catches up but Ricardo flies off to the top of a mountain and vomits the two puppies down the hill. The puppies explore a bit and are chased by creatures such as Tiki heads. They enter a temple-esque chamber and find out this temple is inhabited by Flare, the sun spider, who is said to be the goddess of the sun.

The puppies cower in fear and run to a corner screaming as Flare approaches them. However, another arthropod appears; Mona, the moon moth, who’s apparently the goddess of the moon. She asks Flare what she is doing; the spider explains she was going to eat the intruders. Mona tells them that doing so is not right, then asks her if she can borrow her chamber for a week. Flare tells her that is OK as long as she can borrow Mona’s temple. Mona says that is out of the question; the spider says she is greedy and takes too much space. This makes the moth go very angry, saying to Flare that she is an “ugly abomination of a sister”. This triggers the latter, and both start fighting.

Inonedn flies up and reaches Ricardo and demands him to spit the two puppies, but the bird tells him he already vomited them down the hill. Inonedn then goes down and finds Flare, who is still fighting Mona. Inonedn burrows under the ground and bites Flare’s abdomen, which burns Inonedn’s teeth and poisons him. He goes to the surface to recover from the poison, but Flare wraps Inonedn in fireproof webs. The two goddesses agree to team up, mocking Inonedn for beign a “false Pacifist”, and Mona kicks him out. They then resume their petty fight.

Inonedn squirms out of the web, feeling frustrated; he goes back in the chamber, but finds out the sisters moved to another place to fight. Inonedn finds a portal in the room and enters it; he finds himself in a place full of oil.

Some strange humanoids made of oil with four glowing white eyes surround him and begin dancing around him. Then, they try to go into his mouth and into his nose. He sneezes, vomits them out and shakes them off. He continues running but is surrounded by skeleton knights who assault him. They try to stab him but Inonedn smacks them with his tail to trip them over and runs away. Crows with staffs for tails come over and try to peck him but he ignites to scare them off. Some giant, scary black eyes try to suck the life out of him but Inonedn shoots a fire ball that easily scares them off. He is then attacked by giant walking hands who pull his limbs to scare him, but Inonedn throws them off easily. One was launched into a skeleton knight’s face, blinding it.

After the crazy attacks, he enters a strange temple filled with gold. He is quickly attacked by a giant wyvern with a golden armor, who was disturbed by Inonedn’s presence and attacks him; it was Lleh, who is said to be the richest creature in the world of Sekaiju. Inonedn refuses to fight, but Lleh swoops down and blows wind at him. Inonedn dodges the attacks, however.

Lleh decided to make a deal with him; if Inonedn gave him something gold or yellow, he would let him pass. Inonedn decided to pull his furry mane off and give it to Lleh who put it in one of his chests, and then let him go deeper in the castle. Inonedn felt embarrassed that he was bald; but Lleh claimed that he looked better.

Inonedn entered a room and found Mona and Flare, who were still fighting. Inonedn finds the puppies, who were screaming in fear. Inonedn screams at Lleh, telling him to grab them and take them to Cavernos. He hesitates for a second, then takes them to Cavernos safely and comes back with bags filled with gold ore.

Inonedn tries to calm the two goddesses, but is kicked out once more. He then notices he’s exposed to public while he’s bald so he uses his wings to cover his bald spot. The Skeleton Knights laugh at him. The crows come to peck off his remaining hair, but he shoos them off. Crawling Hands come to pull off his wings from covering his head to look at his bald spot. Inonedn blows them off before someone can see. He then hears a camera stop sound, but before he can find the recorder, it escapes.

Inonedn then found a note on the ground that said “Your religion is fake and sucks c:”. He angrily tore it apart, but found there was a strange liquid in the paper. It turned his front legs pink! He felt embarrassed, and quickly assumed Miss Mister did it.

A scene is then shown in Cavernos. It shows some Minions with miner costumes complaining that a giant golden wyvern stole the gold ore they spent so long collecting.

to be continued...


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