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Birth of Inonedn is the first episode of Sekaiju Legends.


An egg is seen in incubator, inside of a factory. It starts hatching; scientists gather around it to see him hatch. Once he hatched from his egg, the humans inspected him. The creature looked like a red lizard with a dragon head and a fish tail. He was the first stable hybrid, known as Hybrid-291. A certain “Mr. Googles” picked him up and put him in a kennel.

A fearsome hybrid suddenly escapes from a cage; Mr. Googles runs to it in order to stun and quarantine it. Since they were distracted, the scientists forgot to close the kennel correctly, allowing Hybrid-291 to escape from his kennel and wander around the factory. His small size made it so the scientists didn’t notice him. As he explored the factory, he found it had many containers with dangerous fluids in them. He saw a toxic fish swimming in the glass of one of these containers. Mr. Googles then found him. He tried to grab him, but it was too late; the hybrid broke the glass in curiosity, making toxic fluids flood the island. Mr. Googles dropped him as he fled away using a jetpack.

The fish, who was swimming in the toxic fluids, encountered the fearsome hybrid from earlier, and fused with it, turning it into a toxic creature named “Beltch”. Hybrid-291 ran away from it in fear while it was devouring the scientists, one by one. He eventually escaped from the place while most other scientists were mutated into other creatures or killed. Inonedn swam away but he got exhausted and sank. He was rescued by a race of natural fish-dog hybrids.

He woke up on an island named Cavernos. The Fishdogs noticed that he had similarities to them; the puppies began to lick him naively. Some adult ones decided to name him “Inonedn”. They raised Inonedn like their own children. Merlin, his guardian senior, was his teacher. He was taught how to dig, swim, fight, and hunt. He never hunted, as he wanted to be a pacifist, but was trained to do so. He also grew wings at 5 years old and learned to fly from other creatures who visited the island. He had playmates like Burrom, a rock-mite, Fin, another fishdog and some other unnamed creatures.

Later, when he was 7 years old, he met Mr. Googles again, but he didn’t remember him. He seems to have been involved in an accident as blue feathers are growing over him. He was angry because he felt like his inventions always broke or failed. He questioned what was the invention, but Googles never told him.

Later, he and Inonedn heard screaming and crumbling cave noises. Dorsal, a dragon-shark, emerged from the ground with a massive roar. Most of the creatures ran using water as an escape route, except Merlin and Inonedn who were watching in fear. The latter tried to escape but Dorsal grabbed him by the tail. She was about to eat him head first, about to plunge him into the belly of the beast, but Merlin came into Dorsal's way and told her “YOU WILL NOT TOUCH INONEDN!!”.

Inonedn was dropped from Dorsal's grip since she through that Merlin would be a tastier meal; Inonedn was much smaller. Merlin shot her with a water pulse but it was barely effective. He realized that he had very little chance to escape. He ran to the edge of the island but didn’t go in the water since Dorsal would outswim him no matter what. He tries to make a puddle to trip dorsal but tripped himself instead. Dorsal grabbed him by the leg, throwed him in the air, then devoured Merlin whole. Inonedn screams “MERLIN!!!!!!” He bursts into tears, while Dorsal approached him, slowly licking her teeth. But she gets distracted by Mr. Googles. He tried to stun Dorsal with a Stun Gun, but he missed, although it scared Dorsal away who returned to her cave, revealing a gaping hole in the small island above.

The other fishdogs came to mourn Merlin, who was loved by the fishdogs. Mora, Merlin’s wife, and her children came, unsure what happened to their father, they were told that Merlin was eaten by Dorsal. The 2 pups cry and the Fishdogs tell Inonedn that Merlin wasn’t the only one killed today. Inonedn tells Mora that he will be going into the cave since he hears crying from it. He goes to the Crystallites; they were mourning their daughter, who was captured and slaughtered by Crumble, a tyrannical creature. Later he went to a pack of creatures with mushrooms on their head, known as the Death Caps. They are crying in rage about their children being eaten by Dorsal. They say that if they could, they would destroy Dorsal's innards one by one.

After 6 more years, Inonedn is old enough to leave Cavernos. He waves goodbye to his seniors and siblings, while he flies to another island. He notices a giant mechanical cube being built in the sky, but he does not pay too much attention to it. He keeps flying, then he notices a pyramid being built for a very drowsy sand shark that was half Dorsal’s size. He continues flying and then makes it to an island named “Main”.

To be continued...


  • This is the first episode finished but not the first one created.

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