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Sekaiju Legends
Creator(s) InonednTheDragon, Poisonshot
Broadcaster(s) Cartoon Network
Genre(s) Fantasy/Family
Age Rating(s)
PG; some episodes are not reccomended for young children
Episodes 6 (so far)
Status Ongoing

Sekaiju Legends is a ongoing TV show that is based on the heavy work in progress ROBLOX game named “Sekaiju”. Not all parts of the game are accurate to the game’s true story. Fierce Tales takes place in the same universe, as it is too based on Sekaiju. It is a collab between InonednTheDragon and Poisonshot.

The story focuses on “Inonedn”, who is a red dragon that is the first stable hybrid between two creatures with very different genes and explores the world around him. He tries to be as pacifist as possible while making friends on the way, but still can be very violent in combat when others attack him or are in danger. In later episodes, however, Inonedn tries to be less violent and attempts find other solutions but this isn't often though.

Even though its still targeted as a family-friendly series, It is rated PG and sometimes even for older ages like 13+ since there is quite a fair amount of violence and some frightening scenes not reccomended for younger children.

Despite the violence, the series lacks blood and has no gore in it. But there are some disturbing scenes, such as when Merlin is eaten whole by Dorsal, and a disgusting circle of monsters glued together.

The artwork might be blocky and 3D but actually it is anime styled animation like Pokemon or other anime.


Birth of Inonedn

This part focuses on Inonedn’s birth and childhood. In this episode, he accidentally destroys a factory who would later become a place named “Toxifoam”, and gets raised by Fishdogs in an island named Cavernos. He gets involved in Dorsal's, a shark-dragon hybrid, hunting session. He lost one of his seniors in the process.

Inonedn's Arrival

This part focuses on Inonedn's arrival in "Main Island". In it, he accidentally scares the creatures of the island, but then proves he is a good guy. He then meets Norman who is his main ally for the episode. Inonedn then saves some creatures from hungry wolves. Him and Norman try to find a safe place for him to sleep in, but in one of the potential locations, a portal suddenly appears and summons some strange creatures to attack them. They then go exploring a temple and meet another portal, this one beign much creepier then the other one. They both flee. Inonedn then goes meet "Jimbly" who shows him a place where he can sleep.


In this part, Inonedn gets annoyed by a baby Ray which won't stop clinging on his back. He goes to an island he does not know, Cyberlith, where he meets a few scientist. But before he can ask them for help, he gets attacked by "Miss Mister", one of the recurring villains of the show. She merges the little ray with him and then sends him down in a mysterious duplicate of Cyberlith named "CyberHell"...

Virinus's Wrath

After escaping CyberHell and taking revenge on Miss Mister, Inonedn goes to a computer-like building that is breaking down. He finds out Cyberlith's Core has went berserk and is attacking everything. A small alien named Viris explains he was put in charge of Cyberlith for a few days, and forgot to energize the core, so it got pissed off. It is up to Inonedn to stop him...During this adventure, he also meets Virinus, the queen of Cyberlith.

Koto Island


Clash of Sisters



Character Gender/Age/Species Description Status



Male/14/Hybrid A religious dragon who tries to be a peacemaker. He is the main protagonist. Alive


Mr. Googles

Male/32/Alien An alien scientist who focused on hybrid. Now, he has a passion for robotics. Alive



Female/17/Abomination Beltch was once a small fish swimming in a toxic capsule that mutated into an abomination when what became Toxifoam was destroyed. Alive



Male/36/Fishdog One of Inonedn’s main seniors. He was eaten by Dorsal while trying to save Inonedn from her. Trapped



Male/13/Rockmite A rockmite that was a childhood friend of Inonedn when he was in the playpen. Alive



Female/61/Shark Dragon A giant shark/dragon that looks like a dinosaur, she often raids creatures and either eats them or enslaves them. Alive



Female/31/Fishdog Merlin’s wife and another of Inonedn’s seniors. She has two children. Alive


Mora's Children



One is male and one is female. They're puppies. Alive
Crumble Male/80/Stone Werewolf A giant rocky werewolf that kidnaps creatures and gives them a set amount of time to live, then kills them and feeds them to Dorsal. Alive



Male/20/Minion While he doesn’t looks like much, he is actually one of the strongest creatures in the world, because he is a shopkeeper and they're all overpowered. Alive
Wolf Pack Various/Various/Wolf A pack of 10 wolves; 3 females and 7 males. They hunt weak creatures for food and are often shown as villains. Alive
Jimbly Male/113/Mushroom The calm guardian of the forest, he is usually nice, although he is naive and is often used by villains for evil plans. Alive
Baby Ray Male/5/Stingray An harmless baby Stingray that seems to like latching on people. Alive


Miss Mister

Female/16/Little Car Don't be foolen by her appearance; this cruel car is the host of a TV show where she mutates innocents. Under Repairs
Creepy, Sprinter and Soarer ???/???/Nightmares Three creepy creatures hailing from "CyberHell". They always talk about a mysterious "Sacred Land"... Undead?
Mysterious Figure ???/???/??? A mysterious cloaked figure. It helped Inonedn and then ran away. Who could he be? Alive
Cyberlith's Core Genderless/???/Core The core of the mechanical Cyberlith. It is surrounded by four smaller cores. Alive
Viris Male/13/Alien TBA Alive
Virinus Female/32/Alien TBA Alive
The Bucket ???/???/Bucket TBA Dead?




  • Beltch’s name is a reference to Master Beltch from Earthbound.
  • Most of the episodes were actually originally roleplays made in the original Sekaiju. They were turned into pages for the TV series.

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