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Seira (Rune Factory 5: Princess of the Four Dragons)


1Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta - 13 - Large 03

This is what i want Seira to looks a like
Full Name Seira
Current Age 17
Date of Birth Decided by player
Summer 14th (Seira, anime)
Winter 7th (Rene, anime)
Zodiac Sign Depending on the player's birthdate (game)
Taurus (Seira, anime)
Sagittarius (Rene, anime)
Gender Female (original)
Male (second version)
Species Human
Location Alvarna
Current Status Alive
Class Rancher
Norad Kingdom
Family and Relations
Main Weapon(s) Swords
Watering cans
Ability/ies Earthmates magics
Monster taming
Rune reading
Nationality citizen of Norad Kingdom
Ethnicity N/A
Voice Actor(s)
Yui Horie
First Appearance Rune Factory: Princess of the Four Dragons (game)

Seira is the female protagonist of the fan game series Rune Factory: Princess of the Four Dragons (game). She live in Alvarna, and she is a student of Alvarna Academy. Also known as Rene in the second version of the game.



By default, Seira's personality is choosen by the player. However, canonically, she is a cheerful girl. Very cheerful, that it is unbelieveable that she lost her memories and travel through out the world to search for it. Kind hearted by nature, she is head strong and determined. Once she decided to do something, she usually stick on it.



  • She is chaseable in Haru's route.
  • She likes Pinapple juice, Daikon Radish, and Hot Hot Fruits
  • She dislike Skulls
  • Rene is the male version of Seira in the game's universe and share the same storyline as her, but he is her older brother in the anime series.
  • If Haru is the choosen protagonist, she is the one who become Alvarna's Major and Arika's older sibling instead of him.

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