This is the sequel to Sega and Nintendo fighting now this game has more characters and more arenas and it also has dlc packs

Nintendo characters Mario Luigi Princess Peach Princess Daisy Baby Mario Baby Luigi Baby Peach Donkey Kong Diddy Kong Bowser Link Zelda Gandorf Ash Katchum Pikachu Misty Togepi Brock Bronsly May Piplup Kirby Metaknight King dedede

Sega characters Sonic Tails Knuckles Espio Shadow Rouge Silver Dr Eggman Metal sonic Nights Billy Hatcher Alex Kidd Joe musarshi Big the cat Dr robotnik Metal Knuckles Tails doll

Dlc R.O.B Torchic Metal Mario Classic Sonic Classic Tails Classic Knuckles Classic Amy Vector Dawn Bowser jr Dry Bowser King Boo Snorlax Porygon Porygon Z Porygon 2

The Plot One day in mushroom kingdom Mario and Luigi were sleeping when suddenly an earthquake Happend Ahhhhhh said Mario Mommamea said Luigi Then a crack appeared on the floor and Mario and Luigi looked down it They could see there rivals from Sega Mario shouted at sonic why can't u leave us alone Sonic shouted to Mario we have to do another fighting contest with u Mario said Ok Then Luigi and Mario jumped through the crack Meanwhile in Johto Ash Katchum is trying to find pikachu Misty said Ash are u ok Ash said no pikachu is gone Misty said lets go find him Then a portal appeared and all of Johto was sucked into the portal And Mario and sonic got sucked through another portal Announcer: today is the second time Sega and Nintendo will fight eachorther

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