Sega X Adventure
Developer(s) Legend
Publisher(s) Sega
Platform(s) LHC
1-4 Player
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) 3D Platforming
Media Included Legend Hyper Computer Floppy Disk
Sega X Adventure is a 3D Platforming game Created by Legend and Published by SEGA and Archie supervised. The game is based off of the Fan Fiction under the same name Sega x. The game introduced new characters into the series of non Sonic Team created games.

The game follows the story of the sons and daughters of the main sonic the hedgehog cast in both archie and video games. The games main character is Dash the Hedgehog. The son of King Sonic and Queen Sally of mobius and his friends. The spirit of Tikaos has awakened and wreaks havoc on the Kingdom and Dash and company take the roll of there parents before them.



The Story begins showing dash running around the city, Then he gets a call from his father to come home. Dash runs home and is greeted by his dad, Who we learn is Sonic The Hedgehog, 20 years after the main storyline of the series. Dash is then told by his father that he needs to help lara-Su babysit his younger siblings sonia and manic. Dash goes and hangs out with lara while the kids play around. But then, Trouble happens when Shaking at the gate of the castle happens. Then a hord of Dark Legion troops burst in and demand they stay still. Whith a smiling look at eachother they defeat the guards with one blow. Lara then advises that they get the kids to the safe room, Dash says its ok and they put the kids in the safe room. Dash and lara then patrol the castle and defeat Dark Legion Troops along the way. Then, in a burst, They rescue sky and his sister from troops. After they bond and question why this is happening, Rojer comes and saves them from a nother hord of troops. He then tells them that there parents are alright but in trouble. Dash then tells them that they need to go get help from there friends. They then go to argivle's house and tell him to help them by hacking into the main control room of the base. Sky then tells them that his father told him how to hack and they might have a fighting chance if they know were the guards are. After teaming up, They depart from the castle and then arrive to fight the guards from the entrence. They then are amblished by guards but saved by Jacque D' Collette and Belle D' Collete. They then ask what teenagers are doing working like adults. They then have a look of cofidince at the two and the nexs sceen shows dash leading the charge and fighting off the guards. The Dark Legion commander, Lein-Da tells the guards to forget the Children and move to capture Sonic. Then Abram Calls Dash to see how things are going when he is answerd by lein-Da, Who tells him everything is under control. Abram, infuriated with her and the dark legion, calls the guards to take him home from duty itmediatly. The guards answer YES SIR, and abram begins his journey home.

Dash then begins fighting of dark legion gaurds while argivle looks for a weakness within the Dark legion's computers. He then discovers there true sinister plot to assassinate Sonic and to resurect shadow. He warns Dash of the evil and Dash tells the crew to hurrie and find Sonic. Dash and Company find Them And save them from the hands of the dark legion. Finnaly, all the parents of the children are rescued and brought out into the hallway. With a charge Dash leads them outside and the next comic begins Next.

Dash and Company await the dark legion, but they are all seen running away, The team looks back and then sees that Shadow has awakend the horror known as Tikaous. They then go to the edge of were tikaous is standing and Begin to fight. Dash and Lara-Su Then remember the kids, It then swiches over to the kids and Shows them bored to death and then Dark Legion guards break in. The two skream out in Horror at the site and then it shows Dash running to save them. As Dash makes it to the top, he then sees sonia and manic as they cherrfuly play with the guards. Dash then smiles and takes them to the top of the building as the water rises. Dash then wonders how they can beat tikaous. It then swiches over to The Team as they fight ageinst Tikaous and Tails Wonders were sky is. It yet again swiches to a hunched over argivile as he types looking for documents. But Lein-Da Sneeks up on him and she is a bout to shoot him with a Pistle. But Sky then gets her attention and she turns to sky and drops her guard on argivle. Argivle then out of anger slames her on the head and The two laph as they drag Lein-Da out of the room. It then swiches to see the two running into battle and argivle then goes to get something, leaving a puzzled and worried Sky. Sky is almost hit by tikaous, but is saved by his father. The two foxes then join the rest as they battle ageinst tikaous together. Dash is seen sitting tring to think of a plan when his younger sibling then tells him to Be like daddy fighing perfect chaos with the seven shiny stones! Dash then begins to correct them saying that the objects were chaos emeralds when he sees what they are saying and Dash runs to the castle and then goes and gets the chaos emeralds. Dash then emerges from flames holding the emeralds while the team comes and ask him what he is doing dash then closes his eyes and repets Tikal's prayer and while doing so, The emeralds then glow and incurcle dash and tikaous then shakes with fear. Dash then stands up and then opens his eyes and then turns into super dash. Sonic Then walks up t odash and tells him to go and get them. Dash then smiles and winks at his father as he goes and stops tikaous.

Dash then rises and a infuriated Tikaous battles him. but Dash proves to be too much for tikaous. While tikaous is distracted, Abram, Shoots a misle out of his bazzoka and it its tikaous and dash winks at his brother and waches the airplane land. Dash then goes and battles tikaous and wins. As he goes back to his friends, He de-transforms back into normal Dash. Lara-su then hugs him and his friends incurcle him. And the citisense then applod there efforts. Then Lara-Su then prays for tikaous and she De-Transforms back into normal Tikal And Chaos And then Dash then huggs her and all of them regroup and run to King Sonic. Sonic then tells them that they might need a new team to take on shadow. Sally then advises that they call knuckles back. King Sonic then says that that is not needed becuse they already have a team they can relly on. Abram Tells his brother that is will be most difficult to save the world and compete for the throne. But Dash says he will manege and his brother tells him that he has no dought that this will not be dificult for him. Dash then goes and rejoins the group. And then Sonic on the spot forms the Sonic Heroes of the future and everyone poses and Dash yells the trademark line GET READY FOR THE SONIC HEROES!!!! . The Screen freezes and Lein-Da then closes the laptop and hands it to a guard and ask shadow what to do. Shadow then tells her to wait and that his plans are just starting. In the end it shows Dash and the team seeing argivle cooking. He then tells them that he made dinner and then explaines that he saw the defeat and points out at the group photo that he is there. The Team Laphs and that ends the Adventure 1 Story Ark.


The Gamplay Depends from the character you select.

Dash the Hedgehog-Sonic Generations Modern Sonic Formula/Sonic Heroes Sonic/Shadow Formula

Sky Prowler-Tails Sonic Adventure Formula

Rojer- Knuckles Sonic Adventure 2 Formula

Lara-Kuckles Sonic Adventure Formula

King Sonic- Sonic Generations Modern Sonic Formula


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