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AeroWings' Flight School is one few mini-games of Sega Land. Is based in AeroWings' series.


Wii Remote


Playing with Wii-Remote

Playing with Wii Remote, the player needs complete objectives given by your pilot's teacher, the objective are:
  • Pass for all rings!
  • Shoot in all targets!
  • Chase the Target!
  • Defeat the Target!

To control the plane, the player uses the Wii Remote vertically.

Wii U Tablet


Playing with Wii U tablet, the player control a military plane and needs attack the player with Wii Remote. The player have four guns.

  • Machine Gun (Ammo: 350)
  • Missile (Ammo: 5)
  • Homing Missile (Ammo: 2)
  • Normal Shoot (Ammo: 500)

​To control the plane, the player aims with the Wii U remote.


  • Won 5 as Wii Remote's player, the player unlocks a special helmet for Mii.
  • Won 10 as Wii Remote's player, the player unlocks a 5-minute demo of the original AeroWings.
  • Won 5 as the Wii U tablet's player, the player unlocks the Hard Mode.
  • Won 10 as the Wii U tablet's player, unlocks infinite ammo for the Homing Missile.

Based on

  • AeroWings series
    • ​AeroWings (1999/Dreamcast)
    • AeroWings 2: Airstrike (2000/Dreamcast)
    • Aero Dancing i (2001/Dreamcast)
    • Aero Elite: Combat Academy (2002/PS2)

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