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The Sega Galaxy logo.

The Sega Galaxy(セガガラクシ Sega Garakushi), codenamed Dreamcast 2, Eris, and Neenja during development, is the latest gaming system by Sega. It is Sega's first system in more than 5 years and marks their return to the gaming system and handheld market. The Sega Galaxy is the successor to the Dreamcast, and was unveiled at SegaShow 09. It has online play capabilities using SEGANET, backwards compatibility with the Dreamcast, internet functions, and was released September 9, 2009. Its graphics and hardware are higher in quality than that of the Nintendo Wii and are similar to that of the XBOX 360, but are lower than that of the Playstation 3. The system's tagline is "Your universe of gaming."


The Galaxy is a small, sleek, and compact console. It is very flat. The system sports a red power light on the bottom left corner of it's top and has an insert/eject and power button on it's front next to it's CD-Drive. On top of the console, above the CD-Drive, pressing another button on the bottom left corner of the top will flip open another drive that is on the top of the console, the GD-Drive, which is used to play Dreamcast games. Four controller ports are on it's left side, and underneath the CD-Drive are two SD-Card slots. The system's basic color is Sky Blue, but it has been confirmed other colors will be available eventually. The Sega Galaxy is 7 Inches long on each side and is roughly a little more than a half an inch high, making it very short.

Each controller contains a microphone built into the bottom.

Release and Marketing

The reason behind the Sega Galaxy's historic release date, September 9, 2009(9/9/09), is that it is a homage to the Sega Dreamcast's original release date, September 9, 1999(9/9/99). The system comes packaged with 2 Sky Blue wireless Galaxy Controllers and ports, the system itself, Operations and SEGANET manuals, and the game Sonic Adventure 1+2.

SEGA has claimed the system will be geared towards everybody and that even though they will produce new Sonic games for the Galaxy, they will still produce Sonic games for the Wii and other Nintendo systems, but not as frequently. The Galaxy's commercial slogan at SegaShow was "Enter the revolution", but a newer slogan seen in magazine and TV advertisements is "Your universe of fun".

Release Titles and Library

A total of 5 titles were released alongside the SEGA Galaxy on the same day, but did not come packaged with it.

  • Ristar: Cosmic Calamity
  • Jet Set Radio Galaxy
  • NiGHTS Into Dreams... (Remake)
  • Sega Superstar Sports
  • Tales of the Stars

The Galaxy's library spans a vast multitude of audiences but primarily caters more to hardcore gamers.

Reception and criticism

The Sega Galaxy received mixed but mostly positive responses at SegaShow 09. It was praised for its homages to the original Dreamcast, backwards compatibility, and Dreamcast-esque button formations on its controller, but critics complained that the Galaxy itself was rather small and that its edges were rather sharp. One critic stated that its controller was too "gamecube-like", while another commented that it lacked new ideas.

List of Games on Fantendo


  • There were more than several original controller models for the console during development. The earliest concept was somewhat less round and less slim and included L2 and R2 buttons and another control-stick in place of what is now the D-pad; another concept was keeping the same controller as the Dreamcast; a later concept was to revive the Genesis controller. Finally, the Dreamcast idea was somewhat accepted and SEGA developed a brand-new controller designed to emulate that of the Dreamcast, but also to "add in a new twist".
  • The Sega Galaxy's start-up chime is the sound of Sonic collecting a ring in Sega's flagship game series, Sonic The Hedgehog.
  • "SEGANET" was also the name of the online service for the original Dreamcast.

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