DLC is purchaseable content downloadable from the Silver Shop that can be used in the game. Keyhole Gaming  said they are working to add DLC characters, costumes, stages and more after the game comes out. The first costume DLC that was revealed were the pre-order costumes, while the first DLC, included the playable characters: Larcen from Eternal Champions and Pudding from Space Channel 5.


Space of Champions Pack (150 points)

Character Name Series
Pe Pudding Space Channel 5
Larcen-et Larcen Eternal Champions

Kid Pop (150 points)

Character Name Series
KidChamelon Kid Charmeleon Kid Charmeleon
Arle Nadja Arle Nadja Puyo Puyo


Stage Name Series Points
DogenzakaHillJSRF Dogenzaka Hill Jet Set Radio 150
Casino Night Casino Night Zone Sonic the Hedgehog 150


  • ???


Character Name Costume Points
Xmas sonic Sonic Christmas Outfit 10
Hallwen sonic Sonic Halloween Sonic 15

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