Unten, the 'Last' Beorn
Franchise Fantendo
Home Stage Fractured Zeon
First seen in.. Prodigy
Rival Sonic
Chaos Attack Golden Blump

 Unten is the friendly face of Fantendo and the main mascot, known by almost every Fantendo user. He is a blue 'beorn', a bear-like species whom lives on the planet Zeon. Unten currently resides in Seattle as Zeon was destroyed primarily because of Doomulus Grime and his drilling into the planet. Unten's primary 'sidekick' is Zerita and his nemesis is Doomulus Grime. Unten seems to have a thing for Rachel, but she does not seem to have feelings like he does. Unten is a very balanced fighter, being the best fighter to use for beginners.

Gameplay Style

Unten is overall balanced, but one overall perk is that he has no recoil whatsoever, allowing him to recover as quick as possible. While some of Unten's attacks are small lightning attacks, he can charge up his special attacks to instead use a blade known as Imperium for massive damage. Overall Unten is best for newcomers to the game.


Normal Attacks

  • Side Normal - Quick Bolt - Unten will push his hand forward as a little bolt of electricity shoots forward, not stopping until it hits something or leaves the screen. This has a small chance to stun anyone hit by the bolt.
  • Up Normal - First Comes Thunder - Unten will shoot a lightning bolt up as it splits into three, shooting to the right, left, and upward. Like quick bolt, this has a chance to stun someone.
  • Neutral Normal - Elbow Slam - Unten will slam his elbow down onto the ground, hitting anyone in the way. This can be combined with a dash attack.
  • Down Normal - Shocking Drop - Unten will electrocute the ground, zapping anyone who walks into that area. It only lasts for a few seconds.

Aerial Attacks

  • Side Aerial - Lightning Uppercut - Unten uppercuts, leaving an electric slash in the air for a few seconds.
  • Up Aerial - Imperium Flip - Unten flicks his Imperium upward in midair, throwing himself into a flip, and swinging the Imperium in a full circle
  • Nuetral Aerial - Thunder Clap - Unten electrocutes his hands, clapping them together and shooting two homing bolts out.
  • Down Aerial - Grounded - Unten is suspended in midair for a few seconds as his Imperium charges up, then slamming it down onto the ground.

Combo Attacks and Breakers

  • Combo Attack 1 - Skewer - Unten punches the victim in the face, sending them stumbling backwards as he stabs them in the chest, then pulling the Imperium out.
  • Combo Attack 2 - 3 Ball Juggle - Unten hits the victim with the butt of the sword, causing them to stumble as Unten juggles three electricity balls in his hands, then throwing them at the victim.
  • Combo Breaker 1 - On The Ground - Unten blocks the combo with the Imperium, then kicking the attacker in the chest.
  • Combo Breaker 2 - Lightning Elbow - Unten hits the attacker in the head with an electric shock from his elbow.

Special Attacks

  • Special Side - Imperium Flick - Unten will flick the Imperium forward, spinning it around in his hand and returning it back to him. It can be charged for a slower yet stronger forward swipe.
  • Special Up - The Only One - Unten will raise his sword up as a light shines down on him, with the shadow of The Silent One visible. He recieves a quick boost in speed and attack. Has a cooldown.
  • Special Nuetral - Fighting For Friends - Unten slashes forward, a pretty simple attack. Can be charged for a full swing around.
  • Special Down - Sword in the Stone - Unten slams the sword down into the ground, sending ruptures through the ground outward, hitting anyone in the way. It can be charged up for even bigger ruptures.

Misc. Attacks

  • Grab - Unten will grab someone with both hands and pull them forward.
  • Pummel - Unten sends volts of Electricity through the enemy as he holds a grip on them.
  • Chaos Attack - Golden Blump - Unten devours a Golden Blump and becomes all gold, becoming invincible aswell as stronger for about 10 seconds.


  • Taunt 1 - Unten puts his hand up as a little bolt of electricity shoots up.
  • Taunt 2 - Unten swipes his scarf around his head, nodding.
  • Taunt 3 - Unten kicks upward but falls on his back.

Idle Animations

  • Idle 1 - Unten lets out a long sigh and rubs the back of his head
  • Idle 2 - Unten stares out to the player, waving hello.

Results Screen Animations

  • Win Animation - Unten fist bumps upward, freezing in midair.
  • Beating Rival - Unten zaps Sonic as Sonic collapses, Unten smirking.
  • Loss Animation - Unten is swarmed by Grimebots and carried away
  • Beat by Rival - Sonic gives Unten a nuggie.

Alternate Costumes

Starting Costumes

Name Info
Netnu Turns Unten red, nothing much to this other than referencing Netnu.
Shattered Gives Unten the same scar he had in shattered.
Coffee Beorn Turns Unten into Spunten, and lets him hold a coffee cup when idle.
Beorn Boom Gives Unten the scarf Sonic Boom Sonic wears.
The Silent One Turns Unten a light cyan.
Radux Turns Unten into Radux, purely cosmetic.

Purchasable Costumes

Name Info Cost
Blue Soup Turns Unten into Blue Soup, purely cosmetic. 500c
True Netnu Turns Unten into Netnu but gives him that silky smooth peanut butter hair. 1750c
Forrester Turns Unten into Forrester, purely cosmetic. 10,000c

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