UNT3N, the lookalike tyrant.
Franchise Fantendo
Home Stage Asteroid Belt
First seen in.. Tragedy (2015)
Rival Metal Sonic
Chaos Attack Third Eye

 UNT3N is an unstable robot lookalike of Unten, built by the nefarious Doomulus Grime. Though, during the events of Tragedy, he was fused with Unten's friend Fanti and was left in space, returning once again in the miniseries about Xerra, which is where UNT3N's design in this game is from. He is an all-around brute but is truly unstable, leading to some interesting attacks.

Gameplay Style

UNT3N is extremely hard to play, but if mastered can be a living disaster. The more he attacks, the harder he is to control as the match pushes on, meaning you want to be most efficient whenever you attack with this guy. He has two modes, nicknamed the 'UNT3N' mode and the 'Fanti' mode. The Fanti mode is easier to control but not as powerful, while the UNT3N mode becomes harder to control much more easily but is also much more powerful.


Normal Attacks

  • Side Normal - Lightnin' Eye - UNT3N's third eye lights up as it shoots a bolt of electricity forward
  • Up Normal - Bulky Swing- UNT3N swings his bulky arm upwards, leaving a slash in the air for a few seconds.
  • Neutral Normal - Unibeam - UNT3N fires a laser beam from the hole in his chest, the laser beam can penetrate through other players.
  • Down Normal - Shocking Drop- UNT3N literally copies Unten's Down Normal, using the third eye to electrecute a plot of land for several seconds, used as a trap.

Aerial Attacks

  • Side Aerial - Biarm Attack- UNT3N uses his double arm to punch forward in midair.
  • Up Aerial - Unstable Twitch- UNT3N twitches severely, can be used as a double jump.
  • Nuetral Aerial - Beam Blast- UNT3N spins around as his third eye shoots down at the ground.
  • Down Aerial - Body Slam- UNT3N hurls himself down onto the ground at a crazy speed.

Combo Attacks and Breakers

  • Combo Attack 1 - One to Three- UNT3N uses his large arm to punch the victim, sending them tumbling back as he rushes forward, using his other arms to whack them.
  • Combo Attack 2 - Blinded- UNT3N grabs the victim and stares at them as his 3rd eye fires at their eyes, causing them to be confused for 4 seconds.
  • Combo Breaker 1 - Spin n' Throw- UNT3N grabs the attacker's hands and spins them around, sending them flying into the ground.
  • Combo Breaker 2 - Leg Shot- UNT3N will block the attacker's oncoming attack, shooting them once in both legs with his third eye.

Special Attacks

  • Side Special - Spiky Arm- UNT3N's hand forms into the spiked hand he had in Tragedy (2015) as he jabs forward.
  • Up Special - The Only One - Unten will raise his sword up as a light shines down on him, with the shadow of The Silent One visible. He recieves a quick boost in speed and attack. Has a cooldown.
  • Neutral Special - Shellshocked- UNT3N electrocutes his bulky arm as he punches forward, shooting out electricity.
  • Down Special - Unibeam Aim- UNT3N aims his unibeam, this attack can be held for 10 seconds but shreds through UNT3N's stability substantially.

Misc. Attacks

  • Grab - UNT3N grabs the victim with both of his arms.
  • Pummel - UNT3N's third eye zaps the victim.
  • Chaos Attack - The Third Eye- UNT3N flies up into the middle of the map as his third eye dissapears, appearing above him, and shooting a massive laser. The laser can be controlled until it explodes. It is a reference to an old Fantendo RPG the creator did.


  • Taunt 1 - UNT3N and Fanti can be heard arguing with eachother, as UNT3N's bulky arm punches him.
  • Taunt 2 - UNT3N gets in a battle stance, screaming "Come on, show me what you've got!"
  • Taunt 3 - UNT3N charges up an electric beam but it explodes, sending him stumbling.

Idle Animations

  • Idle 1 - UNT3N plays cards with himself.
  • Idle 2 - UNT3N's third eye turns red for a second as he cackles evilly, then going back to normal.

Results Screen Animations

  • Win Animation - UNT3N cackles evilly as he looks around, screaming "Who's next?!"
  • Beating Rival - UNT3N zaps Metal Sonic, causing Metal Sonic to fly into the distance as UNT3N snickers.
  • Loss Animation - UNT3N stumbles backward, transforming into Fanti and Tragedy's UNT3N for a split second and going back to normal.
  • Beat by Rival - Metal Sonic slams UNT3N into a wall as all of his limbs fly off, Metal Sonic leaving his body on the ground.

Alternate Costumes

Starting Costumes

Name Info
Classic Gives UNT3N a fully grey color scheme.
UN10 Gives UNT3N UN10's color scheme.
Descend Gives UNT3N a color scheme that seems to combine all three Beorn Android's color schemes.
Unten UNT3N Turns UNT3N a pure blue.
Xerra Gives UNT3N Xerra's color scheme
Hodges Turns UNT3N a pure red.

Purchasable Costumes

Name Info Cost
Fanti Gives UNT3N a light blue color scheme, and only gives UNT3N one eye, the third eye. 500c
N3TNU Gives UNT3N Netnu's color scheme, aswell as his cape from victory. 1750c
Iron Beorn Gives UNT3N an Iron Man color scheme, and turns his chest core into a upside-down triangle. 10,000c

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