Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic Generations Sonic (1)
Sonic, SEGA's true mascot.
Franchise SEGA
Home Stage Green Hill Zone (Classic)/Green Hill Zone (Modern)
First seen in.. Sonic the Hedgehog (1991)
Rival Unten
Chaos Attack Super Sonic

 The blue speedy hedgehog that was made back in 1991 to compete against Nintendo's staple character, Mario. Sonic has gone through many phases, some good, some bad (Sonic '06..). There's been 3 well-known versions of Sonic: Classic, Modern, and Boom. But we're talking about Modern Sonic with this one. Sonic's sidekick is almost always Tails, and their nemesis is the evil Dr. Eggman, whose plans are usually fooled by the hedgehog.

Gameplay Style

Sonic is a hit-and-run type of character, being able to pull off high speed combos but the combos can be broken easily, causing heavy damage to Sonic. His spin dash can ddamage multiple times, but one problem is he has a pretty long recoil, meaning he can be pulled into a combo and it isnt exactly easy for him to get out of it.


Normal Attacks

  • Side Normal - Punch Punch Kick - Sonic punches forward twice and finishes the move off with a kick.
  • Up Normal - Corkscrew- Sonic preforms a corkscrew, hitting anyone in the way. This can be continuously used.
  • Neutral Normal - Spin Dash - Sonic curls into a spiky ball and shoots forward, hitting anyone in the way.
  • Down Normal - Legsweep- Sonic preforms a legsweep, tripping anyone and slightly damaging them.

Aerial Attacks

  • Side Aerial - Flying Homing Spin - Sonic curls into a ball and homes in on the nearest enemy.
  • Up Aerial - Rocket Boots - Sonic puts on Rocket Boots for about 10 seconds, increases speed heavily.
  • Nuetral Aerial - Flying Spin Kick - Sonic kicks upwards, preforming a backflip.
  • Down Aerial - Ground Drill - Sonic goes into a corkscrew, but slams into the ground.

Combo Attacks and Breakers

  • Combo Attack 1 - Chest Drill - Sonic curls up into a ball and continuously drills into the victim's chest.
  • Combo Attack 2 - Body Slam - Sonic curls up into a ball, grabbing the victim and throwing them into the ground.
  • Combo Breaker 1 - Rings - Sonic blocks the oncoming attack with a box of rings, which damage anyone who hits them.
  • Combo Breaker 2 - 'SEGA' - Sonic blocks the oncoming attack with the SEGA logo.

Special Attacks

  • Side Special - Charged Spin Dash- Sonic charges up a spindash, the longer it is charged the stronger the dash is.
  • Up Special - Homing Spin - Sonic leaps up and curls into a ball, homing in onto the nearest enemy.
  • Neutral Special - Bonus Plate- Sonic pulls out a Bonus Plate and smacks anyone nearby, making the Bonus Plate spin. Can be thrown as an obstacle.
  • Down Special - Spring Jump- Sonic throws a spring in the direction he is facing, can be used to send players flying, aswell as an extra jump.

Misc. Attacks

  • Grab - Sonic swings one hand forward and grabs the enemy.
  • Pummel - Sonic preforms a spin dash on the enemy and throws them away after hitting them.
  • Chaos Attack - Super Sonic- Sonic pulls all 7 Chaos Gems into him as he transforms into Super Sonic for about roughly 10 seconds.


  • Taunt 1 - Sonic fist pumps and says "You're too slow!"
  • Taunt 2 - Spins around on the ground and leaps back up.
  • Taunt 3 - Spins a ring around his pointer finger and throws it into the background.

Idle Animations

  • Idle 1 - Sonic wiggles his finger to the screen
  • Idle 2 - Sonic taps his foot impatiently.

Result Screen Animations

  • Win Animation - Throws his hands up as the 7 Chaos Emeralds fly out of his hands
  • Beating Rival - Sonic gives Unten a nuggie as Sonic chuckles.
  • Loss Animation - Sonic preforms the death animation from Sonic the Hedgehog (1991) and leaps off of the screen
  • Losing to Rival - Unten zaps Sonic as Sonic collapses to the ground, Unten smirking.

Alternate Costumes

Starting Costumes

Name Info
Classic Turns Sonic into Classic Sonic, purely cosmetic except for making Sonic a bit smaller.
Boom Turns Sonic into Boom Sonic, purely cosmetic.
Zonic Turns Sonic into Zonic, purely cosmetic.
Werehog Turns Sonic into a darker blue.
Shadow Turns Sonic into a dark black.
Super Turns Sonic into a bright yellow, similar to Super Sonic.

Purchasable Costumes

Name Info Cost
Hyper Turns Sonic into Hyper Sonic, purely cosmetic. 500c
Sonugh the Boghog Turns Sonic into Sonugh the Boghog, purely cosmetic. 3000c
Stealth Turns Sonic into Stealth the Hedgehog, purely cosmetic. 17,000c

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