Knuckles the Echidna
Franchise SEGA
Home Stage Angel Island
First seen in.. Sonic the Hedgehog 3
Rival Aran Leverletto
Chaos Attack Hyper Knuckles

 Knuckles is one of Sonic's friends and the final survivor of the Knuckles Clan, guardians of the Master Emerald on Angel Island. Knuckles mostly attacks with his.. well.. knuckles! Knuckles is independant and serious, but he is short-tempered (catch him off guard, and that Master Emerald is yours, though, will you be able to get away from his grasp?).

Gameplay Style

Knuckles is a hard-hitter, but is slower than most characters. When pit against a fast character, he can easily be outsmarted and pulled into a combo, though he can hit hard and most of his attacks have outstanding knockback. He is generally undefended when it comes to his back, which is his weak point, but he has strong blocks and hard punches that come your way in the front.


Normal Attacks

  • Side Normal - PPK - Knuckles punches twice and finishes off with a kick.
  • Up Normal - Master Emerald - Knuckles will pick up a Master Emerald replica and throw it forward.
  • Neutral Normal - Knuckles - Knuckles attacks with his Knuckles.
  • Down Normal - Nail Drill - Knuckles spins around, throwing debris everywhere.

Aerial Attacks

  • Normal Aerial - Aerial Attack - Knuckles punches forward in the air
  • Up Aerial - Knucklecut - Knuckles punches upwards, going into a double jump of sorts.
  • Nuetral Aerial - Powered Up - Knuckles powers up a midair punch, which can be held until he hits the ground.
  • Down Aerial - Meteor Smash - Knuckles punches under him, hitting anyone who is under him.

Combo Attacks and Breakers

  • Combo Attack 1 - Double Fist Attack - Knuckles punches once in the chest, once in the head, and twice in the chest, in that order.
  • Combo Attack 2 - Up, Up and Away' '- Knuckles uppercuts, sending the victim flying high in the sky.
  • Combo Breaker 1 - Fist Block - Knuckles blocks the upcoming attack with two fists and then bashes the attacker in the head.
  • Combo Breaker 2 - Tougher than Leather - Knuckles grabs the attackers hand and throws them over him, then using his other hand to bash them into the ground.

Special Attacks

  • Side Special - Hard as Nails - Knuckles rapidly punches forward, this attack can be used until hit again.
  • Up Special - Up-Fist - Knuckles groups his fists together and throws it upward, flying upward
  • Neutral Special - Drill Claw - Knuckles drills down on the ground, causing fragments of the grund to shoot around Knuckles.
  • Down Special - Extreme Gear - Knuckles hops on Extreme Gear, which can be rode on for a total for 20 seconds (unless the Extreme Gear is attacked, which causes it to explode).

Misc. Attacks

  • Grab - Knuckles pulls the victim into a tight grasp.
  • Pummel - Knuckles bashes the victim in the head
  • Chaos Attack - 'Hyper Knuckles' - Knuckles transforms into Hyper Knuckles, becoming faster and stranger.


  • Taunt 1 - Knuckles fist pumps, smirking.
  • Taunt 2 - Knuckles spins around, saying 'Oh no!' as he falls down.
  • Taunt 3 - Knuckles holds the Master Emerald up in one hand, laughing.

Idle Animations

  • Idle 1 - Knuckles imitates Sonic, tapping his feet in a quick manner.
  • Idle 2 - Knuckles sits down, singing Unknown from M.E. silently.

Results Screen Animations

  • Win Animation - Knuckles punches forward a few times, saying 'Give me a true fight!'
  • Beating Rival - Knuckles and Aran are in a fist fight, Knuckles grabbing Aran's robotic hand and ripping it off, then beating Aran up with it.
  • Loss Animation - Knuckles looks up as he is crushed by the Master Emerald.
  • Beat by Rival - Knuckles and Aran are arm wrestling, and Aran wins, throwing Knuckles to the ground and laughing.

Alternate Costumes

Starting Costumes

Name Info
Yellow Turns Knuckles yellow, nothing else.
Concept Art Gives Knuckles goggles that he will either wear covering his eyes or on his head.
Nocturnus Echidna Turns into a Nocturnus Clan Echidna.
Shade Gains the color scheme of Shade the Echidna
Enerjak Gains the color scheme of Enerjak
Tikal Gains the color scheme of Tikal

Purchasable Costumes

Name Info Cost
Boom Turns Knuckles into his Boom version. 500c
Mecha Knuckles Turns Knuckles into Mecha Knuckles 1750c
Dark Enerjak Turns Knuckles into Dark Enerjak. 10,000c