Aran Leverletto
Aran, the robot-armed freak.
Franchise Fantendo
Home Stage Misfits Base
First seen in.. Fantendo - Meltdown
Rival Knuckles
Chaos Attack Raven Blade

 Aran is the hot-headed owner of the Misfits, and is a fairly new character that has shown up in many places. His wife is Melissa and his 'pet' is Firball. What makes Aran different from a regular guy is that he has a robotic arm that he made, and it's filled with good 'ol things that he can fight with. Overall Aran's a pretty good guy, though still a bit of a jackass.

Gameplay Style

Aran is a slow but hard hitter, still being able to pull off some mean combos. He has a decent recoil but can actually escape recoil if he recovers fast enough. Overall Aran is pretty balanced in both Melee and Ranged attacks.


Normal Attacks

  • Side Normal - 3Pellet - Aran will shoot three sentelenium shots from his robotic arm forward, making a sound similar to Mega Man's Mega Blaster sound.
  • Up Normal - Up and Away!- Aran will aim his arm downward as a massive shot hits the ground, boosting him up into the sky.
  • Neutral Normal - Attack Harvest - Aran harvests any upcoming attack that is thrown at him, when used again, the attack that was harvested will be used.
  • Down Normal - Gravity Field- Aran's robotic arm will create a small gravity field that will temporarily freeze anyone who trespasses, can be used to trap people into comboes.

Aerial Attacks

  • Side Aerial - Arm Whip - Aran strikes at the ground with a whip in midair.
  • Up Aerial - 'Sprinkler' - Aran puts his robotic hand upward as a sprinkler pops out, acid shooting around him.
  • Nuetral Aerial - Homing Bullet - Aran shoots out 3 bullets that suspend in midair for several seconds, then launching at the nearest enemy.
  • Down Aerial - Grapple Down - Aran shoots a grappling hook at the ground, slamming down suddenly.

Combo Attacks and Breakers

  • Combo Attack 1 - Clothesline - Aran shoots at the victim with a grappling hook, pulling them forward as he clotheslines them.
  • Combo Attack 2 - Mace Swing - Aran spins a mace around as he slams it into the victims chest, the mace retracting back into his arm.
  • Combo Breaker 1 - Robo Shield - Aran pulls up a shield from his arm and blocks, punching the attacker in the head.
  • Combo Breaker 2 - Untini - Aran blocks the oncoming attack and pulls out a robotic unten doll, throwing it at the attacker and causing the doll to explode.

Special Attacks

  • Side Special - Laser Beam- Aran's robotic fingers will line up into a line as Aran shoots a thin laser beam forward.
  • Up Special - Mace - A mace will pop out of Aran's robotic arm which he swings around twice.
  • Neutral Special - Pop Shot- Aran shoots his robotic arm forward, hitting anyone and then returning back to Aran.
  • Down Special - Emergency- Aran throws his robotic arm down onto the ground as it causes a massive explosion, leaving Aran robot arm-less for about 10 seconds.

Misc. Attacks

  • Grab - Aran uses his gravity field to suck the enemy in.
  • Pummel - Aran fires a few sentelenium shots into the enemy
  • Chaos Attack - Raven Blade- Aran will pull out a massive blade that he swings in the direction he is facing, causing massive damage.


  • Taunt 1 - Aran does a knife trick and hits his finger, dropping his knife and sucking on his finger. Reference to a TF2 animation.
  • Taunt 2 - Aran flips off the camera with a sly smirk on his face.
  • Taunt 3 - Aran preforms kissing practice on a leafblower and gets his mouth stuck in it, whirling around with a garbled scream. Reference to Gravity Falls.

Idle Animations

  • Idle 1 - Aran has a staring contest with the camera.
  • Idle 2 - Aran fires his robot arm into the air and it dissapears for awhile, Aran looking up, confused.

Results Screen Animations

  • Win Animation - Aran throws his knife up in the air and catches it, laughing.
  • Beating Rival - Aran punches Knuckles in the face and throws Knuckle's body into the distance.
  • Loss Animation - Aran collapses onto a bottle of beer, wincing.
  • Beat by Rival - Knuckles punches Aran several times as Aran collapses.

Alternate Costumes

Starting Costumes

Name Info
Torment Turns Aran into 'Dark Aran'
Melissa Turns Aran's arm blue aswell as his hair blue.
Ajax Turns Aran into his brother, purely cosmetic.
Samus Aran Gives Aran a Samus Aran costume.
Wicked Witch of the West Side Gives Aran a witch costume.. the fuck?
Sinistar Gives Aran a sinistar shirt aswell as a sinistar-themed robot arm.

Purchasable Costumes

Name Info Cost
Knuckles Gives Aran a weird knuckles costume. 1000c
I<3NY Gives Aran an I <3 NY shirt. 5000c
Beorn Gives Aran a weird brown beorn costume.. or is it a bear costume? 20,000c

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