Sega & Fantendo All-Star Fighters is a fighting game that pits up characters from both Sega and Fantendo - 36 for each franchise, for a fight to the death. The game pulls inspiration from mainly Street Fighter and Killer Instinct, aswell as having it's own gimmicks that it uses. There is a 'sequel' to S&F that involves Fantendo and Nintendo characters, created not by Fuzzy, but by Sr.Wario (tbc).



Free-for-all is the normal gamemode, being the one that first pops up in mode seletion screen. Its everyone for themselves in this, with up to 8 characters fighting eachother at once. Free-for-all can either be played with a time limit or a life limit.


Teams is very similar to Free-for-all, except not. There can be up to 8 characters fighting on individual teams, and the team with the most points wins the game.

RIng Run

Ring Run is a 'special' gamemode, where health is replaced from Rings by Sonic, which you can collect by walking around the map. Though, if hit, you will get a major recoil and lose all of your rings, though get a few seconds of invincibility after hit. Whoever gets the most kills wins.

King of the Hill

King of the Hill isn't about the most kills, it's about who can stand their ground the longest on the 'hill'! King of the Hill places a checkpoint in an area in the map, and your points gradually rise as you stay in that area and keep everyone else out. The person with the most time in the points wins!


Flood is a multiplayer gamemode, taking inspiration from Halo's Flood gamemode. One character will start out as a zombie, and whoever they kill will become a zombie. Zombies win if everyone is killed, and Survivors win if they survive! The first person infected with the Flood becomes the Alpha Flood, which is stronger then any other zombie.

Tower Defense

Tower Defense is yet another 'special' gamemode, where the character you pick defends a tower, and you can send out other characters to fight the other tower! First tower to collapse loses the game.

Classics Mode

Classic Mode is inspired by Super Smash Bros. where you fight many characters, and in the end you fight one of the Major Bosses in the game. The difficulties for Classic Mode are Easy, Medium, Hard, and Inferno.


Adventure is the 'Story Mode' of Sega & Fantendo, though not being much of a story mode, and more of a collection of stages that different players run through and fight Major Bosses.

Boss Rush

Boss Rush takes 1-4 characters through all stages with Boss Battles, and whoever beats the most bosses wins the game.


Mining is one of several gimmicks in this game, and is the main way of earning credits. Specific badniks can be assembled and sent down to the mines to gather geodes, which can be broken open to find precious materials, which can then be sold into credits that are used in the shops. Badniks have rankings and are randomly picked when buying a 'Badnik Assembly Kit'.

To see more about mining, click here!

Credit Shop

In this game, both QT and Omochao are the owners of the Credit Shop, selling for each of there franchises. They sell extra alt costumes, stages, Badnik Assembly Kits, and for real money they sell the DLC packs! You can also befriend QT and Omochao by chatting with them about things in general, sounds stupid, I know.


At the start of the game, Unten and Sonic are the only unlocked, aswell as a choice of one Sega an one Fantendo character of the Player's choice, though they must both be rivals of eachother. As you continuously play more players will be unlocked, when unlocked you will encounter them at their home stage and fight them, unlocking them if you win the battle against them.

800px-SEGA logo

SFGrimeSFVoltSFMetaFormSFKingKubeSFE123 OmegaSFJetSFChaosSFEggman

There are 130 stages total in the game (140 counting DLC!) that Sega and Fantendo characters can fight across. 65 stages are SEGA based, while the other 65 are Fantendo based. The first 40 for each franchise are starting (36 of them are home stages, the other ones are just random stages.) but the last 25 for each must be bought from QT in the shop with credits.

To see all the stages, click here!


  • In specific Fantendo stages, there will be a plane flying in the sky, and if looked closely upon players can see the words in bright red 'VOLTDOZZ IS DEAD!'.

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