For the record, I DID NOT steal anyone's idea. I had this idea before I knew someone had the same idea for a Sega game console with the same name (besides mine's different).

The Sega Galaxy is the upcoming gaming console for SEGA. It will mark almost 8 years that Sega has had a gaming console. It will be released sometime in late 2011 to early 2012.

SEGA logo


The key feature of the Sega Galaxy is its motion sensor camera called the SeCAM (pronounced sey-cam). It is exactly like the Xbox 360's Kinect but it is smaller, has a horizontal range of 60 degrees, a vertical range of 50 degrees, and a required area of play of 10m. It also has voice command like the Kinect. The main colors are Sega Sapphire and Shadow Black. There was also going to be a Silver White Galaxy for its release but was canceled and saved for a later date. Unlike the Kinect, the Galaxy isn't only played with the SeCAM. You can turn off the motion sensor camera and play the Galaxy with a regular controller. The controller is called the Sega Screentroller. It's called this because of the built-in touch screen. The Screentroller has a control stick, a D-pad, a camera stick, 4 buttons with 1,2,3, and 4 on them, a pause and select button, a galaxy button (like the HOME button), a L and R button, and a built-in microphone. Also, the controller has a built-in message receiver that is used on the touch screen. This feature would (or could) be used in certain games. The system itself is very unique. It is rather thin (in fact, an inch thinner than the Wii) but holds as much memory as an Xbox 360. It is also only slightly bigger than a Wii, approximately 10 inches. There is a big 'S' that pops out alittle bit from the top and the name Sega Galaxy is written under it. On the bottom, if you look closely, you can see that the system is propped on 4 small 'S's. On the front, there are four controller ports, 2 memory card slots, a power button in the top right corner, a restart button in the top right corner, an eject button in the top right corner, and a USB port in the bottom left corner. The USB port can be used to open or save data on your flash drive when using the Internet. You can also store information on the Sega Galaxy from your flash drive (i.e. music, pictures, or videos).


Galaxies are the names for the downloadable channels for the Sega Galaxy. They can be downloaded in the SeGame Galaxy (which is like Wii Shop). Some of the galaxies are: the SimunMaker Galaxy (which is where you can create and customize your personal avatar called a Sega Simun, or just a Simun), the World Web Galaxy, the News Galaxy (which contains world and weather news), the Sega Channel Galaxy (like the Nintendo Channel), the SeCamera Galaxy (where you can store photos on you phone or camera to the Sega Galaxy), and the Netflix Galaxy. Sega says that there will soon be more galaxies to download, as soon as they are finished developing them.

Release Titles

  • Sonic Brawlers
  • Sonic Games
  • Shadow Games
  • Silver Games
  • Sonic Adventures (Sonic Adventure 1 & 2)


  • The 1,2, and 3 buttons are all colored after Sonic, Shadow, and Silver (1 is a blue button with a white 1 painted on it, 2 is a black button with a red 2 painted on it, and 3 is a white button with a cyan 3 painted on it), plus the 4 button is a brown button with a black 4 painted on it (possibly foreshadowing the premeire of a new hedgehog).
  • Shadow Black is a color reference to Shadow the Hedgehog, as too is Silver White (being a color reference to Silver the Hedgehog).
  • The color Sega Sapphire was going to be called Sonic Sapphire, but was later changed to Sega Sapphire during development.