Secton, the demon queen of the Red Ants.

So you little simians actually made it? Well I prepared a nice treat for you all!
Secton confronting the heroes at Spooky Swamp, Skip and Sqak Returns!

Secton is one of the Main Antagonists of the Skip and Sqak series. She the a giant, demonic Red Ant Queen who rules planet Xoon. She is also the head of the Red Ant Scientist organization.

She has an Ant-like torso, spider feet, wasp wings and a scorpian tail.


Secton made her first appearence angrily yelling at Professor X2 for failing to kill Skip, Sqak, Croco and Tubby and she expels him from the plan and replaces him with Madame Rosalina. Later on, Secton was ordered by Rosalina to kill the gang in Spooky Swamp, only to fail and get defeated.

Back In Action

Secton became a power source to X2 and Veger's new plan to distribute Ant Pod devices by sucking away the dark energy out of her. After she was free by the gang, she helps them get to X2 and Veger's HQ ship.