The Secretverse is a hidden universe where only people of there and a few people from outside know its existence. It is considered as lighter and softer than the Fantendoverse and familiar universes for being almost non-explicit but denser than a similar universe does to the amount of violence that is almost comparable to the Golden Age of Cartoon. It is home of the Meta-Form series and the Art Battle, as well as some more unknown worlds.

Since it is seperated from the Fantendoverse, anything that happens in the Secretverse will not take effect of the Fantendoverse and vice versa, unless if there is any crossover. However, some Fantendo characters may discover this universe and find a portal that gods cannot go through, probably for protection against tyrannic and destructive gods like The Threat.


The Beginning of Meta-Form

The Development

Major Characters


  • Meta-Form: The heroic but short-tempered robot, who have a heart of gold with robots and humans alike. He is a shiftshaper who can becomes any sort of things and creatures. In Meta-Form: Common Force, he had discovered that he is made of a special molecule made of water, iron and a mysterious material called the Monaro. Current Status: Alive and well.
  • Cubey: Meta-Form's most trusty friend, and an intellectual robot who actually need to be careful on his decisions. He stared as his partner before being capable to hold of his own, and uses Psychic power for multiple purposes. 'Current 'Status: Alive and well.
  • Meta-Ette: Meta-Form's younger sister, who is hot-headed but actually softer and will only attack if she or her friends are harmed or in a death threat. She uses a combination of martial art and Air Power as her main option to attack, and she is more agile than the titular shapeshifter. Current Status: Alive but beome busy in RCNC.
  • Prince Paint: The Prince of Artinia, and the more optimistic but also pompous and sarcastic of the two young royalties. He uses his painting power for multiple purposes, such as to make a temporary hole with the color black. He likes to hang around with commoners, except those who are not taking hygiene at all. Current Status: Alive and well.
  • Princess Pencil: The Princess of Artinia, and the more shy but sefless of the two young royalties. She uses her pencil to draw lines to make a barrier or a ladder, as well as other purposes. Unlike Paint, she prefers to stay in her castle for her safety, unless if she is with her faithful brother or had crooks to deal with. Current Status: Alive but become more cautious after Skar's warning.


  • King Kube KiloBot: The rude and rough King of the Bad Bots. While being a bit childish, a huge gluton and loves to fight very much, he cares deeply to his robot-henchmen, hence qualifying him as a "father-to-his-robots". He highly detest humans for their misuses of robots and most kind of aliens does to his worries that they could to the same thing like the humans does, and will not hesitate to capture them. Current Status: Indestructible in most circonstance. Currently plot to revenge against Meta-Form.
  • Mr. Stelog: The traitorous human who was responsible to turned KiloBot into sentient and then attempt to trash him away. He is indeed extremely egoistical and is one of the most wanted being to arrest of the planet, if not the most. His ambitions is even worse than Kube's; trash every single robots away and enslave the aliens. Current Status: Dead, killed by KiloBot as of Meta-Form: Common Force.
  • Skar: The sissy but dangerous dragonid wizard of Artinia. His goal is not to conquer Artinia, but to reimage them into less black and more white, despite being master of both White and Black Magics. In fact, he is even immune to his own and almost every black and white magics, thus requiring another magic or weapon to fight him. 'Current Status: 'Alive, but currently imprisoned in the Crystal Jail.


  • This is one of the few universes that gods from outside of this universe usually cannot have access does to the power of the Secret Portal.

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