Sonic the Hedgehog: Secrets of Shadow is a 2016 computer-animated film based on Sega's uber-popular Sonic the Hedgehog video game series. It is the sequel to the 2014 film. Here is the plot.


The film opens up somewhere in the mountainous region near South Island. On the ground, a hedgehog-like figure is walking across the rocky terrain. As he walks across, cut to a flashback where the figure wakes up inside a hibernation chamber. The chamber door opens up; the liquid falls to the ground amongst the ruins of Dr. Robotnik’s laboratory X. The hedgehog figure, with its red-black eyes and black-red highlighted skin, looks around to see the remains of computers and broken beams. He then comes across the chamber he once was in; he touches it and looks at the label, “Project Doom”. He then states where he is, and then the chamber’s computer tells him he is in Dr. Robotnik’s lair; he tells the computer what happened to him. The computer tells him he was in hibernation for almost twenty years. He appears stunned and tells the computer who put him in the deep sleep. The computer then tells him it was due in part of Dr. Gerald Robotnik’s attempt to preserve a tool of destruction; the computer continues to say Dr. Gerald, the father of Dr. Egan Robotnik, was the head creator of Project Doom codenamed Shadow. The figure likes the codename and adapts Shadow as his name. Shadow then tells the computer what was his purpose. The computer tells Shadow his purpose was to eliminate one hedgehog that could cause the end of the Robotnik legacy. It tells Shadow the hedgehog’s name was Sonic. Shadow thinks about and realizes his mission is eliminating Sonic, but why. Before the computer can say, the computer suddenly explodes due to the explosion. Shadow seeing his one chance to learn more is gone, but has to find and eliminate Sonic. The flashback ends as we cut back to Shadow marching across the mountains and yell out that he will find Sonic.

Shifts a year later, we head to Westside Island—a few miles away from South Island. Then across the land, is a small area as we see the remaining hedgehogs still constructing a new village. Sonic is soon helping others hammering down a new constructed hut. Amy walks by a memorial rock with a saying of “To all of the fallen hedgehogs of Spring Hills”; she soon walks towards Sonic and others as she gives away drinks. Sonic taking one tells her this new hedgehog village won’t succeed Spring Hills, but hope it can be like it. Amy then tells him about Sage and how he would have been so much proud of him. Sonic ponders about naming the new village after Sage, but wants to think about it. She tells him how about just Sonic Town. He ponders, but wants to continue to think until it’s the right time. She agrees and then gives Sonic a kiss on the cheek; she soon walks off to bring more drinks to the workers. Sonic smiles and says quietly that she is special. As he resumes working on the hut, Tails arrives. Sonic looks to Tails and wonders if he is just visiting. Tails observe the construction and tell Sonic to keep it up while liking where it is going. Sonic then tells him why is he here because it is not just about observing the new village. Tails later explain that he is here to seek his help. Sonic wonders if the Eggman resurfaced, but Tails said it is not about the return of the mad doctor, but something is wrong with Knuckles. Sonic wonder if he is okay and Tails can only say Knuckles gave him a cryptic message about “the ultimate stone that controls everything”. Unsure of the meaning of that, Sonic wants to talk to Knuckles and find out what he meant by that. Amy overhears it and tells Sonic not to go. Sonic tells Amy that everything will be fine.

Sonic tells Amy that he wants her to be the acting guardian until he comes back. Amy tells Sonic that she can’t, but he tells her he has faith in her just like Sage always had faith in him to lead the clan. Amy eventually relents and tells him that she will keep a watchful eye, but tells him he needs to come back in one piece. Sonic tells her he will. With that, Sonic and Tails head off to see Knuckles. Amy looks on to see them head out. Another hedgehog watches as well and tells Amy where Sonic is going and if he is coming back; Amy tells him Sonic will be back. She knows it.

Somewhere back in South Island near a deep forest, Shadow runs with speed similar to Sonic’s as he bypasses and destroys a lot of mini bots. He then stops at a makeshift ghost town. Observing it, he then notices someone inside a saloon-like building. He heads inside to see a lot of gold coins, rubies, and diamonds. He almost touches it before a female’s voice yells out to him to leave her stuff alone. Shadow looks above to see a bat-like figure flying from the second floor to the first floor. Shadow wonders who she is; she tells him her name is Rouge and with a sassy voice, she tells him that the precious items are not his to take; he wonders if she some sort of thief. Rogue tells Shadow that all her life it was about to adapt to take anything that will keep you alive. Shadow ponders if would ever give up being a thief, but she says she will never give up what she loves to do. She then tells Shadow why he is here. Shadow only tells her he is after another hedgehog named Sonic. Rouge not looking surprised after hearing that name; Shadow then asks her if she heard about him. She tells him only by stories. She tells Shadow that Sonic and the rest of the hedgehogs were attacked by an evil doctor named Eggman or what she found out his name actually was Dr. Robotnik. Shadow knows about that name and wonders if he is still alive; Rouge tells Shadow that the doc went down crashing with his ship a year ago all thanks to Sonic. Shadow tells her to bring him to this Sonic. She doesn’t know where he is, but heard rumors about the hedgehogs migrating to Westside Island. Shadow learning the name of the place heads off.

Rouge soon runs after him to tell Shadow what he wants with Sonic. Shadow can only say that it is personal. Rouge stops him and tells him what Sonic ever do to him. Shadow smacks her hand away and tells her he has no idea why he has to eliminate Sonic, but seems he was made to stop him. Rouge insists that he stops and tells him she knows a thief lives by rules to adapt to take what makes them stronger, but she don’t condone killing. Shadow tells her that she isn’t the one who is going to kill, he will. Rouge then tells him she will bring him to Westside Island and find this Sonic, but wants him to talk to Sonic because maybe Sonic knows the reason why Shadow has to hurt him. Shadow thinks and realizes it makes sense; Sonic is his obsession and maybe he knows the truth. Shadow agrees. Shadow then ponder how to get there because he has no idea where to go; Rouge then tells him he wants speed running is not an option. She then runs on the side of the saloon and brings out a motorcycle. She tells him that this ride is her baby and it takes her anywhere. Shadow tells her he wants to take control, but Rogue doesn’t want to let go until Shadow starts to get angry and out of the blue his hands start to glow in a purplish-black glow. Rouge looks at that and doesn’t want to get on his nasty side relents. Shadow not knowing what caused that, but realize if he wants answers Sonic might know. He hops on the bike as well as Rouge and Shadow tells her to hang on. Rouge smirks and mentions that she might like this. Then they are off.

Somewhere in deep space, an alien warship is traveling. Inside the ship, strange alien human-sized creatures march towards the center of the ship. One of the creatures brings out a six-pointed starfish-like creature to the center. The starfish-creature suddenly levitates and it then opens up its purple eye. It then starts to talk and being mention about the Stone of True Power and if they are close. One of the creatures marches forward and talks very alien-like and shows the eye creature a hologram of Planet Earth. The eye creature looks back to its soldiers and tells them to proceed as plan. When the time comes, he will be reawaken. The creatures salute and spread out. The eye creature then looks on the hologram and realizes something is there other than the Stone of True Power. He then says quietly about “his offspring” is down there and when the time comes his offspring will come to him.

Outside the alien warship continuing to travel in space as it goes warp to making its destination known to Earth. Back to Earth, somewhere in the Westside Island, Sonic and Tails venture to a meeting spot Knuckles told them to meet. They meet up in a chemical plant field where they eventually meet up with Knuckles. Sonic wants Knuckles to tell them what is going on; and Tails also added what is up with the cryptic message. Knuckles apologizes to them, but tells them that the reason he has been so obscured lately is that he found something about a stone, something that is better than the Chaos Emeralds. Sonic wonder what it is. Knuckles then said that his Mitre told him and his other Echidna brethren that he discovered the existence of the ‘‘Master Emerald‘‘. Tails wonder what is this Master Emerald, and Knuckles explains that Echidna legend speak of a stone that harness the power of everything; it sometimes refer to the Master Emerald or the Stone of True Power. Tails tells him if his Mitre was right that it does exist. Knuckles had doubts early, but tell them that the legendary stone is out there. Knuckles said he ventured away from his home to find the stone, but he just couldn’t. Sonic ponders if this stone controls the Chaos Emeralds. Knuckles don’t know, but believes it can. Sonic then thinks about someone up in the sky. Tails wonder what Sonic is thinking now; Sonic tells Tails that one person might know more about the Master Emerald and where it could be. Knuckles tell Sonic if this person knows it, he or she has to tell them. His Mitre, the council and the rest of the clan believed it is real, and searching for it he can tell his kind that it does exist. Sonic agrees.

Sonic then heads further to the chemical plant to a higher platform and yells out in the air that if he can hear this, Sonic wants to know about the Master Emerald. Then after a minute or two, Zugo appears. Sonic tells Zugo if he or any of the Watchers know about this Master Emerald. Zugo tells him that the Master Emerald was created by the Higher Being or the god, Chaos. Zugo continue to say that Chaos needed something to control the balance of power; to control the Centrum; to keep light and dark balance; to keep the Greater Good in check. Zugo then says the Higher Being offered the Master Emerald to an ancient clan of Echidnas known as the Pachmos. The tribe was chosen to protect it and guide it. Sonic wonder what ever happened to these Echidnas. Zugo said that nothing happened. The tribe has always kept the promise they made to the Higher Being since. Sonic tells Zugo if he knows where the Pachmos could be. Zugo tells Sonic the Higher Being told the Watchers the place of where the Pachmos were hidden. He said it has been almost 4000 years and no one ever knew where they were and where the stone was, but after saying that Zugo appears very secretive that he knows something during those years and he is not revealing it to Sonic. Sonic tells Zugo why keep the place a secret. Zugo explains to Sonic that dark forces would want to gain control of the balance of power. He also tells Sonic Robotnik isn’t the only dark force out there that wants the power. Sonic tells Zugo he needs to know where the tribe is; Zugo tells Sonic even if he knew he can’t. Before Zugo leaves, Sonic tells him if he regains all seven Chaos Emerald again, would he change back to his super mode. Zugo says there are ways to go in super mode, but only if he is truly ready. Zugo soon heads out.

Not realizing Zugo didn’t help him at all, Sonic heads back to Tails and Knuckles. He informs them about what Zugo told him about Chaos choosing the Pachmos to protect the Master Emerald. Knuckles mentioned he knew about the Pachmos and that they were an ancient Echidna tribe and his Mitre mentioned about them having some sort connection with the Stone of True Power. He didn’t realize they were chosen to protect it. Sonic added to that the power they are protecting is also the Centrum’s controller. Tails deducts if they can find the Pachmos, they will find the Master Emerald. Sonic wonder how since not even Zugo can tell where they are at; Sonic looks to Knuckles to see if his Mitre mentioned anything about the Pachmos’ location. Knuckles think about it, but he just doesn’t know. Tails realize they just half to find it themselves, but Knuckles ponder how. Then out of nowhere, a Chao creature arrives. Sonic and the others notice it.

Tails remembers that Chao looks similar to one their friend Cream has. The Chao shakes its head and gives a message to Sonic and the others. Sonic opens it to read that Cream and Big want to see Sonic at the Bear Crossing. Tails notices that area is not that far. Sonic tells Tails to lead the way. Tails takes off and fly east; Sonic and Knuckles follow him; the Chao follows them as well. They all head east. Meantime, Shadow and Rouge head to a dock area. Rouge tells Shadow that Westside Island is about five miles to the northwest as she points at the sea. Shadow glances across the water an area of land. Shadow rides the bike all the way until he spots a boat. He tells her that they are going on that boat; Rouge mentioned she has stolen gold coins and rubies, but a boat is something not in her taste. Shadow smirks and tells her no matter because it’s his. He soon stops the bike nearby the boat. A boatman notices the two coming towards him; he wants to know what he would do for them. Shadow tells him he wants the boat. The boatman sounds confused, but tells them the boat needs to be fixed. Rouge tries to persuade Shadow to go somewhere else, but Shadow refuses and wants the boat. The boatman continues to say no and yell at them to leave. Shadow gets angry and that purplish-black glow reappears in his hands; he sees it, he aims at the boatman and fires a blast right at the man. The boatman gets hit and falls in the sea. Rouge is shocked and wonders what just happened; Shadow not knowing what he did, he takes Rouge and her bike on board of the ship. Shadow yells at her to operate that boat. Rouge realizing his anger is causing him to do weird things is yelled at again to work the boat. She soon works the boat. The boat takes off as we see the boatman getting back on the dock to see his boat stolen.

As they venture across the sea to go to Westside Island, Shadow heads to the back of the boat and ponder what that was; he looks at his hands and is totally confused. He sees himself as a hedgehog, but his origins are a mystery. He then collapses to the boat’s floor. His head begins to hurt and screams; Rouge putting the boat in cruise control, runs to Shadow. She wonders if he is okay. Shadow tells him he is alright, but then the pain resurfaces. As he feels the pain, Shadow begins seeing broken images of his past. The broken images involve Shadow inside the chamber; then an old man (who looks similar to Eggman and wearing a scientist jacket) observes Shadow. He tells Shadow soon Project Doom will be complete but needs to hibernate to store in Shadow’s power. Then another broken image sees a strange six-pointed starfish-eye creature telling the old man that Shadow will soon be his; as his true offspring. Another broken image the old man gets killed by the eye creature not before the man tells the eye creature of its true name, Black Doom. Then Shadow snaps back to the present; the pain goes away. He sees Rouge looking at him wondering what happened to him. Shadow wonders that himself.

Shift to the alien warship still heading to Earth, inside we see one of the alien creatures coming forth the same starfish-eye creature that their target is imminent. The creature soon tells his soldier that he can feel the power of the stone from here. He knows it is there and he tells his soldier to wait until the proper moment. The soldier tells his master when it will happen. The eye creature tells him as soon he will get through to his offspring. He needs more time. The soldier tells him what they can do. The eye creature tells his soldier to just focus on getting to Earth; his offspring will lead them to where they need to go. The soldier gets his order and heads off.

Back on Earth in Westside Island, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Cho reach Bear Crossing. Walking across the cabin village, they soon reunite with Big and Cream. Cho heads back to Cream; Sonic tells them how they been. Big tells Sonic that leaving Pyrite Town was tough, but they are beginning a long vacation. Sonic suddenly wonders what they want from him. Cream tells Sonic that they just missed hanging out with him and that if he and friends want to come for a big tuna dinner made by Big himself. They are ecstatic, but Knuckles intervene and tells them they are on their way to find an important item. Tails tell them they are, but don’t know what to do. Cream looks at Big and they look at each other like they know what to do. Sonic notices something and tries to see if they are okay. Cream then tells them about a team of sleuths who claim they can find the answers you seek. Sonic and Tails both wonder, yet Knuckles is unsure. Sonic asks Cream who are they; Big answers and tells Sonic they are known as Team Chaotix. Tails never heard of them; especially if they had been living here in this island, Tails would have known. Cream tells Tails that they didn’t originate from here, but they are visiting just like Cream and Big are. She tells Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles that Team Chaotix told her and her brother that they are opening up a second office here; their first was in Station Square.

Sonic believes if they can find the answers, they can help them find the Pachmos. Sonic try to convince the others it may be a crazy idea, but so far it’s the only one they have. Tails concurs. Knuckles still having his doubts about this Team Chaotix, but needs to meet them first to see if they are true. Sonic notice all of them are at an agreement; he tells Cream and Big to show them the way. Big remembers the last place he heard they were at. Soon the party leaves Bear Crossing and venture off to find Team Chaotix. As Sonic travels with the others, he notices a pigeon traveling to deliver Sonic a message. Sonic gets it; it is a message from Rose. Rose wants to know where he is and if he is coming back; she has faith he will, but already is getting lost at being the acting guardian. She needs Sonic’s help. Sonic replies back to her that he wants her to be herself; be patient, he will be back. He gives it back to the pigeon and the bird flies away. Hoping Amy will understand that he needs to focus on this mission; but as he thinks about it. He starts to have doubts suddenly that maybe he is making a mistake as guardian. Leaving his clan behind unprotected; guardians are meant to protect their clan, and he is across the island.

A few hours later, the pigeon returns and drops off the reply to Amy, who is observing the others resting up. Amy reads Sonic’s reply and feels a bit betrayed. She doesn’t know where Sonic is, so she looks up in the sky and yells Sonic’s name and then saying he better be back because she don’t know how far she can be a guardian something Sonic supposed to be. Shifts near the docks of Westside Island, Shadow and Rouge arrive. They exit the boat and Rouge takes her bike out as well. Shadow looks around and says quietly where Sonic is. Rouge mentions maybe this is a lost cause and they can turn back. Shadow refuses. He suddenly feels something inside him and wondering if it has to do anything with his past, but after seeing those strange flashbacks of an old man and a creature. He thinks the old man has to be Dr. Gerald, but what was the creature Gerald referred to as Black Doom.; he then thinks about Sonic and ponders where that hedgehog could be. He looks to Rouge who begins to look at something as well. Shadow wonders what she has. Rouge tells him that she has a card she found somewhere in the ground. She tells him it is a group of detectives known as Team Chaotix; they can find the answers you seek. She then looks at Shadow and tells him we need to find them. Shadow listened to the fact that they can find the answers he seek; Shadow then looks at a inhabitant bystander walking by; Shadow chases after him and begins to choke him. He shows the bystander a picture of the Chaotix group and then tell him where are they. Rouge not wanting to mess with Shadow when he gets angry.

As the next day moves on, after a good rest, Sonic and the others bypass the Oil Valley and then around a three hour journey they soon stop at Aquatic Cove. An lagoon-centered town and Big looks so happy when he thinks there could be great fishes to grab. Cream tries to calm him down, but Sonic soon tells them where the team is. Cream points right there in a building. They sprint towards the building and heads inside where they enter and notice three beings being occupied. A chameleon figure is on the phone then a bee figure is reading some files while a crocodile figure is writing stuff on the board. Nearby are bags of gold coin. Sonic tries to get their attention, but no prevail. Tails then come up with a way and whistles loudly. Everybody screeches and looks at Tails. The chameleon with an Australian accent figure tells them what Team Chaotix can do for them. Sonic tells them they need their help to find a lost tribe of Echidnas. The three detectives look at each other and start to laugh. The crocodile gives a puffy voice and tells them that what kind of task is that; Knuckles get angry and hollers at them. He notices something fake and tells them they claim to find the answers you seek. The bee talking British tells them that they may have exaggerated the term, ‘answers you seek’. The chameleon tells their guests that we may sound overstating, but it helps their services. The crocodile explains that what they are known for is to search for missing items and missing pets. Knuckles knew it and tell them they are a joke. The chameleon takes offensive to that and as Knuckles and the chameleon square off. Sonic tries to hold them from attacking each other. Tails wonder who they really are. The bee tells them his name is Charmy, the crocodile name is Vector, and the chameleon is their leader, Espio.

With Knuckles and Espio still wanting to fight, Sonic tries to explain to the three sleuths that finding the tribe is very essential. Espio tells Sonic that their detective work is not something that might be more handled to more professionals. Tails then tells Espio, Charmy, and Vector that if they help them find the tribe, they will take credit to be the ones who find an ancient tribe. Vector wonders what the reason for finding this tribe is; Sonic tells them the tribe holds the key to the very balance of light and dark. The three sleuths look at each other and ponder what to do. Cream tells Sonic she thought Team Chaotix could find anything; Sonic looks at her and ponder that same thing as well. A minute later, Espio tells Sonic and the others that they will do it if for a good fee. Sonic seeing the gold coins and tell them they don’t have any; Tails soon say he might have some coins and it might be enough he just have to go back to his home and convince his family. Charmy seems like it could be good. Sonic shakes Espio’s hand in agreement and as they all head out; they are soon stunned to see who is coming their way.

Sonic is stunned to see another hedgehog but notices he is black and has red highlights; he then notices a female bat figure is accompanying him. Sonic tells them what they are here for. Rouge tells them her name and explains they are here to see Team Chaotix. Knuckles senses something is wrong and tells Sonic to watch his back. Sonic nodding his head looks back to soon glance over the black hedgehog and wonder what is his deal. Sonic tells him who is he because he never seen him in his life; Shadow notices the hedgehog look and his blue skin. Sonic tells him of his name and then Shadow instantly widens his eyes as he finally found Sonic. Shadow tells Sonic he found him. Sonic unsure what he meant want to know why he found me. Shadow then smirks and tells Sonic he’s dead.

Shadow then speeds quickly and spears Sonic into the Team Chaotix hangout place. Espio, Charmy, and Vector are stunned to see their place being ruin. Tails scream out Sonic’s name in horror; Knuckles orders Tails to bring Cream and Big to safety. Tails agree while worrying about Sonic. As Tails escort Cream and Big away, Knuckles try to stop the other hedgehog but Rouge flies in front of him and kicks him down. She tells him that it is not their business to intervene. Knuckles yell at Rouge about why she is helping that hedgehog creep that is beating up Sonic. Rouge tells him Shadow has been searching for Sonic, and only Sonic knows the answers he needs. Rouge then looks at the Chaotix group and tells them they could’ve help Shadow, but they gave Sonic sealed and delivered. Knuckles believing this was a trap and Espio looks at Knuckles and insist they are innocent; they never seen her before.

Shift to Sonic and Shadow battling. Shadow punches Sonic repeatedly; and Sonic then speeds away and then speeds again spearing Shadow. The two hedgehogs battle off; Sonic tries to gain the upper hand, but Shadow then kicks Sonic in the gut and the double jabs Sonic down to the floor. Sonic wants to know why he is doing this. Shadow tells Sonic he should answer that question. Sonic tries to immediately convince Shadow that he has no idea what Shadow is talking about and have no reason for attacking him. Shadow continuing to punch Sonic in the face---blow after blow; Shadow don’t know himself and thought Sonic knew why. Sonic coughing off blood looks at Shadow and tells him no doubt he did nothing wrong. Shadow tells him he has to know something. Sonic don’t know and believes he is being framed. He thinks is this is part of Dr. Robotnik’s plot to get revenge. Shadow tells him Dr. Gerald wants him to avenge the Robotnik legacy, but Sonic tells Shadow he has no idea who Gerald is; he was talking about Eggman. Shadow doesn’t know who Eggman is, but believes it is another Robotnik. He then remembers Rouge told him about an Eggman being down with his ship last year; and realizes Sonic is talking about him. Shadow doesn’t know what to do, but realize his goal is to eliminate Sonic. However, the time gives Sonic to head butt Shadow; Sonic then looks at Knuckles for help.

Knuckles try to help Sonic, but Rouge tries to stop him. Before Knuckles can make a move, Vector arrives and bear hugs Rouge. Rouge demands him to let her go; Knuckles soon runs to aid Sonic. Sonic gets help up. Shadow feeling angered has his right hand having that purplish-black glow once more and then he points it at Knuckles. Shadow upset that Knuckles is in his way blasts a huge burst. The blast is heading straight at Knuckles. Sonic seeing the blast jumps in front of Knuckles. Sonic then gets impacted by the blast hitting. Sonic soon falls to the floor hard unconscious. Knuckles is in shock to see his friend not moving; he yells out Sonic’s name, but Sonic remains unconscious. Shadow sees that Sonic took the hit hard. Knuckles carry the unconscious Sonic in his arms; he runs off as he then sees Tails operating a hovercraft. Knuckles tell Espio and the others if they want help them track down the Pachmos, then they need to come with Sonic, Tails, and him. Espio knowing their hangout spot is ruin sees it as a waste and concurs with Knuckles. He and Charmy hops into the hovercraft. Espio tells Vector to come on; Vector still bear hugging Rouge lets her go and jumps into the hovercraft. Knuckles tell Tails to step on it. Tails notices Sonic not moving and wonders what happened; Knuckles just tell Tails to go. Tails steps on the gas. The hovercraft soon leaves. Rouge runs to Shadow to see if he is okay, but Shadow notices Sonic isn’t dead yet, he has to follow him. Rouge overheard Shadow and Sonic’s conversation; she tells Shadow Sonic may not know why Shadow is after him. She then tells him to let go; he found Sonic and wounded him at best. Shadow tells her no way. Sonic is meant to die; so he must finish his goal. He soon heads back to the bike where Rouge believes there must be a way to solve this crazy mystery.

On the hovercraft as Tails continue to steer, Knuckles lays Sonic still unconscious on the hovercraft’s floor. He looks to Charmy to watch over him; Charmy agrees. Knuckles head to Tails to wonder where Cream and Big are. Tails tells Knuckles he brought them to a safe place outside Aquatic Cove and found this hovercraft. He fixed it to make it work. Tails then wonder what happened to Sonic and fear if he is dead. Knuckles tells him no, but he is injured, but don’t know where to go get medical attention. Tails then think about the hedgehog village and wonder if they have treatment of some kind for Sonic. Knuckles tell him quietly maybe he can convince the Chaotix group where should they go next to find the Pachmos and the Master Emerald. Tails tell everyone to hang on as he fire the boost engines from the hovercraft. On the next day and hours later, they soon venture back to the hedgehog village where Amy looks on and see Tails and Knuckles. The hovercraft lands as the hedgehogs look on and then as Tails shuts the craft down. Knuckles yell at Amy to come and get help for Sonic. Amy is stunned and horrified. She yells out the nurse to come with her. Knuckles and Tail both help carry the unconscious Sonic somewhere to get rest and treatment. Amy and the hedgehog nurse notice a medium sized purplish-black wound on Sonic’s left shoulder and upper chest area. As they treat Sonic, Tails and Knuckles tell the Chaotix trio that they need to search for clues on where the Pachmos could be.

Back in space, the alien warship is out of the wrap drive; it soon ventures very close to Mars. Inside the warship, the same soldier, who talked to his leader before, return to talk the eye creature once more; the eye creature after taking a rest opens its eye and looks at his soldier. The soldier tells his leader in his alien voice they are approaching Earth soon. The eye creature is revealed to be the Doom’s Eye. The eye tells the soldier that his reawakening is coming and now it is time to reach to his offspring.

Back on Earth in the Westside Island, Shadow and Rouge riding the motorcycle; Shadow taking control of the handles suddenly returns in pain. As he loses control, Shadow tries to focus; Rouge tells him to focus as well, but the pain is too great where then they crash to the ground. As Rouge tries to get up, Shadow’s pain causes him to see strange illusions. Shadow soon sees a different world; an apocalyptic landscape where it is all covered in darkness. He then looks around and see a shadowy figure that sounds like the Doom’s Eye, but sounds much darker. He tells Shadow that he has been waiting for him. Shadow tells whoever is talking to him to forget it, but the shadowy figure reveals himself to be Black Doom. He tells Shadow that he is his father. Shadow tells Black Doom why he had a doctor made him; Black Doom explain he visited Earth, 21 years ago. He made a deal with a scientist named Dr. Gerald Robotnik to create a tool for destruction. Robotnik used DNA from a hedgehog and used part of Black Doom’s DNA to transfuse into a biological weapon. Thus Shadow was born. Black Doom soon shifts from his shadowy form to his true form; a very menacing appearance with his three glowing red eyes; two horns sticking out of either side of his head and a decorated robe with chains with spike ornaments. Shadow sees him and is appalled that his father looks like that. Black Doom tells Shadow that his true purpose is to accept his role as his offspring and join his army he calls the Black Arms. Shadow wants to refuse to join; Black Doom getting angry shouting at Shadow that he has no choice. He will join. Shadow continues to refuse. Black Doom then tells him that Gerald’s son installed that detail about Sonic; Black Doom tells Shadow the blue hedgehog and his friends are after the same thing he wants. Black Doom tells Shadow he must destroy Sonic before he reaches to Stone of True Power. Shadow already knew about eliminating Sonic, but has no idea of the stone. Black Doom tells him he is the one to find the stone. He must accept his destiny. Shadow wanting to refuse, but something inside him is telling him not to. Black Doom tells Shadow that what is stopping him is his heart; his heart is pure darkness. He must join Black Doom and accept what is. He demands Shadow to find that stone and finish off Sonic for good. As Shadow try to tell his “father” where to find the stone, Shadow suddenly wakes up. Rouge confused and worried about him; Shadow meanwhile thinks about what his “father” said.

Meantime, Sonic is somewhere in a limbo-like world and sees an image of his father, Serio, and then Sage; and a glimpse of his friend Monty. Sonic wonders if he has died, but soon a voice tells Sonic his destiny was never meant to die. The other hedgehogs need him. Sonic doubts about his role as guardian and don’t know if he has what it takes. He left them alone for a few days, and believes he failed. The voice tells Sonic his true destiny is not only to protect his clan, but to protect all things good. Sonic wants to know will he be a great guardian and great protector, but before the voice can respond everything fades away. Sonic wondering what is going on. As things turn pitch black, Sonic suddenly wakes up; he rises up from a bed and notices he is inside one of the hedgehogs huts. Sonic surprised to see he made it back here and have no idea what happened. As Sonic heads out of the hut, he sees Amy; Amy yells his name ecstatically; smiles; and kisses him again and again. Sonic misses her too, but wonders what happened. Amy tells her he got hurt by another hedgehog named Shadow; that’s what Knuckles told her. Sonic then wonder where Knuckles, Tails, and the Chaotix trio. Amy admits to Sonic he has been resting a lot; he tells how long he has been asleep. Amy tells him for over three days. Sonic stunned; he reminisces about that hit Shadow gave and feels that’s not how a hedgehog behaves.

Soon Sonic hears a hovercraft coming down; he sees Tails driving it; Knuckles, Espio, Charmy, and Vector in the craft. Tails and Knuckles see Sonic; they embrace in a hugs; Tails glad to see Sonic up and running. Sonic mentions he might need to train to regain his strength because of how the blast Shadow gave knocked him out hard. Knuckles tell him it’s a good idea especially if they have another run-in with Shadow and Rouge. Espio tells the group that since they feel so reunited again, he and his partners found important stuff about the Pachmos tribe. Vector reveals a map of the world and Charmy then points a spot in the North Great Sea. Espio explains we did a lot of research during the last three days where we talked to a lot of Echidnas with the help of Knuckles; Knuckles continues mentioning that spot is nothing when they look at the map. Sonic then wonders there is something hidden. Tails says yes about that and that it contain a lost island. Knuckles said an island every current Echidna thought was just part of their legend; Amy overhears everything and is intrigued what it is. Knuckles mention the name of the island is Angel Island. Sonic believes it makes sense with what Zugo told him; the Pachmos were meant to be hidden and why not on an island that cannot be seen on a map. Tails concur as well the Watchers probably knew and held the location of the island a secret for 4000 years. Espio tells until now; if they can pinpoint the exact location, they can go there in a four day span. Tails says he can fix the hovercraft to hover over water and have fuel last for months. Knuckles like it. Sonic says that he will train while Tails fix the craft and the Chaotix trio pinpoints the location. Amy ponders and say would anyone like a drink during their stay.

During the next several days, Sonic begins to train testing his agility and speeding across grassy fields to regain his full strength; Tails fixes the hovercraft; Team Chaotix work together as they find the exact location of Angel Island; Amy helps the other hedgehogs. On the last day, Sonic still training to get his strength; he then notices Knuckles arriving. Sonic wondered where he went the last several days. Knuckles needed to talk to his Mitre and Echidna council about almost taking a four-day stretch to quite possibly seeing an ancient tribe, but he starts to wonder if they even exist. Sonic believes so. Knuckles mentioned he trained as well just in case dark forces arrive or Shadow. Sonic then thinks about Shadow and his reason; Knuckles wonder as well, but Sonic just don’t know why Shadow is after him. He still pondered about the hit and the power; it felt dark. Knuckles wonder if reeks Eggman’s doing, but Sonic tells him it could be another Robotnik because Shadow mentioned Gerald. Knuckles tell him whichever Robotnik, Shadow has to be stopped. Sonic agrees, and before they head back to the village; Knuckles gives Sonic a gift. Sonic notices it is a bracelet. Knuckles explain a good old Echidna friend of his did some great work; took a piece of each seven Chaos Emeralds and place it in the bracelet. Sonic start to wonder as Knuckles tells him that even pieces of the stones contain power. Sonic believes it could help him change back into his Super Sonic mode. He then attaches it on his left wrist. Knuckles tell Sonic he looks good wearing it. Sonic replies that he is truly better because of him regaining full strength. Knuckles then say to Sonic that if they are ready to find the Stone of True Power. Sonic smiles and replies “with pleasure”. They both soon head off. And unbeknownst to them in the background, Rouge was spying as she hanged upside down in a nearby tree and overheard their conversation. She smiles as she flies away.

Shadow resting next to the cycle has his eyes close; as he doses off, he gets sudden images of Dr. Gerald Robotnik and Black Doom; and images of Shadow being experimented on; then Black Doom’s voice is heard in the background. He tells Shadow the time will come that his offspring will join him; they are meant to be one as father and son. Shadow yelling at Black Doom to leave him alone, but then Black Doom tells Shadow that he will forever be in his control once he joins the Black Arms. It is his true destiny. Shadow tells him that he will never be part of him, but Black Doom tells Shadow that he has Black Doom’s DNA inside him; and tells him that this connection they share will never go away. Shadow tries to urge to fight off Black Doom’s hold, but then Shadow suddenly wakes up in the real world. He sees Rouge as she attempted to wake him up. Shadow not wanting her to know about Black Doom instead tells her if she found anything. Rouge tells Shadow that she did and that Sonic healed from his injuries; Shadow tells her what else. Rouge tells him she knows where they are going. Shadow smiles.

Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and the Chaotix trio aboard the hovercraft; Amy runs to tell Sonic something. Sonic telling her that it is hard to leave the clan, but before he can finish Amy tells him that she knows it’s hard. Amy then tells him that she knows he will be back and then tells him in once piece hopefully. Sonic smiles and kisses Amy. Sonic tells her he is doing this because he is the guardian; and sometimes guardians have to leave to protect their clan. Amy soon smiles. Tails putting his goggles on inform Sonic that they need to go; Sonic hugs Amy and tells her don’t wait up. She waves as other hedgehogs do seeing their guardian leaving. The gang in the hovercraft soon head out towards the North Great Sea. Then nearby a jet soon tails the hovercraft keeping distance.

Almost four days, the gang still on the hovercraft flying across the seas. Espio helping Tails trailing the targeted destination; Charmy and Vector observing the seas; Sonic approaches Knuckles again and tells him about what would his emotions be once they are able to find the ancient tribe still living; Knuckles tell Sonic that he won’t know what to do, but quietly tells Sonic that he has another reason of going to Angel Island. Sonic wonder what and Knuckles wants Sonic to promise that it will be just between them. Sonic agrees as Knuckles confesses that other than finding the Master Emerald and seeing the Pachmos tribe; he is also after another sacred object. Sonic wonders what it is. Knuckles then tell Sonic that the object is an amulet; that contains the ‘will of the stone’. Knuckles explains once more that the amulet act as a key to unlock the will (spiritual power from within). Sonic wonders why Zugo didn’t mention that to him, yet Knuckles explains that a old friend of his told him about the amulet. Sonic ponders if the Pachmos could be alive as well the Master Emerald; why not this mystical amulet. Sonic then tells Knuckles that he wants to help him find that amulet. Knuckles agree. They both shake hands. A hour later, Espio tells Tails to stop. Tails stop the hovercraft. Sonic and the rest wonder if they find it. However, as look below is nothing but water. Knuckles is hugely upset; Charmy wonders that if they name Angel a island shouldn’t there be a island; Vector tries to look below to see any part of land is there, but it is not. Sonic wants to look at the map again. Espio gives him the map; Sonic, Knuckles, and Espio look on to view the spot Espio and the others mapped as the destination of Angel Island. Vector tells them that it can’t be a mistake unless they really aren’t good in this kind of stuff. Tails soon tell Sonic to think about how they got the sixth Chaos Emerald. Sonic remembered and said it was in a Sky fortress. Knuckles tell them it was in the sky. Tails then deducts that maybe similar to Sky Fortress; Angel Island could be under the sea. Sonic then mentions that it makes sense because that the tribe and island were never found because maybe the seas were acting as a gate. The Chaotix group is confused; Espio tells them that the map never spotted the island because it was in the sea. Sonic ponders that the god Chaos wanted the Pachmos to stay hidden so he had the waters serve as a gate to block the entry. Knuckles says they are one step closer, but don’t know how can they get there. Tails then reveal to the others that he added a submarine part in hovercraft. Sonic tells him that he was brilliant and tells him to change the craft into the submarine. Tails tell them to hang on. The others hold onto their seats; Tails presses a button that converts the hovercraft into a submarine; then the submarine goes deep in the water.

About a few miles away, a jet uncloaks itself; Shadow and Rouge sitting in the two-seat cockpit witnessed what just happened. Rouge wonder if this jet can change into a fish. Shadow tells her maybe; he surveys the control panel and notices the computer. Shadow tells the computer to convert this jet into a sub mode. The computer acknowledges the command and changes the jet into a makeshift sub. They head underwater. Rouge doesn’t know what to expect from him. Shadow tells her he found this jet hidden in a hill and it once belongs to Dr. Robotnik; Rouge wondered how he learned that. Shadow tells her he doesn’t know how he knew, but guess it was part of his biological makeup. Rouge still uncertain who she is partnering up with and still wonder if this was a good idea. Meanwhile, the Sonic-led gang venture down and down in the sea to see nothing. Charmy starts to wonder maybe they made a mistake; Sonic glance at the other faces. He tells them to hang on and that maybe the legend just wasn’t true. Knuckles then see a strange light from the sea floor. Knuckles wonder and tells Tails to go straight forward; Tails wonder if is a plant or an fish, but Knuckles tell them that something about that isn’t normal. Sonic agreeing also tells Tails to ram it. Vector yelling at Sonic and Knuckles that maybe they lost their rockers; Sonic believes in Knuckles; Knuckles smirk after hearing that. And as they ram to the sea floor, everyone brace for the impact. However, out of nowhere the strange light suddenly changes into a hole the hovercraft-turned-sub is suddenly suck into the hole. Just a mile away from the gang, Shadow and Rogue’s jet-turned-sub soon gets caught; Shadow tells her to hang on and then they are suck into the hole. The hole soon changes back to the sea floor.

Meantime, in the Black Arms warship, the Doom’s Eye wakens his eye and shouts at his soldiers that they are close. They are almost there. As we zoom outside in space, the warship is right near Earth’s orbit.

Back on Earth, somewhere in a different world, Sonic and the others wake up on a beach to see their hovercraft-sub broken. Tails notices his broken goggles and is disappointed. The Chaotix trio is perplexed; Knuckles then sees something above a cliff. He tells the others to look at the cliff. They all do to see a figure observing them and running away. Sonic tells the rest to chase the figure. Somewhere, on the other side of the cliff and beach; Shadow and Rouge waking up to spot their transportation ruined. Rouge wondered where they are. Shadow tells her no matter what, he needs to find Sonic. He then treks off; Rouge runs after him. Almost minutes later, Sonic, Knuckles, Espio, and Vector running on land; Tails and Charmy take flight to spot the fleeing figure. Tails then notices the figure running due east; Tails inform the others to head east. Sonic tells them he can get to him quicker; they all agree. Sonic then super speeds his way until he trips the figure down to the ground. He asks the figure who he is and why he was running; the figure not speaking; Sonic takes off the hood to unmask the figure and to Sonic’s surprise is another Echidna. However, he is wearing tribal marks on his body and long hair. Knuckles, Tails, and the others finally reach to Sonic and their runaway. Knuckles is surprised to see another Echidna. The Echidna not talking surveys Knuckles and bows to him. Knuckles do the same thing. Sonic soon tells the Echidna figure if he is part of the Pachmos. The Echidna thinking something is wrong tries to run but is block by Vector. Sonic tells the figure that they mean no harm, just to see if they are keeping hold of the Master Emerald. The Echidna not wanting to believe them until Knuckles convince the figure that there are a lot of Echidnas in the outside world and tells him the Pachmos are legend. The figure gets intrigued soon escorts the gang to his home.

They are soon brought to a city fill of several mystical temples all with strange symbols; other Echidnas with the same tribal marks doing their everyday business. As the gang observe, Espio is happy Team Chaotix helped find an ancient tribe. Sonic tells them they did great; Knuckles then tell their guide where the tribe’s Mitre is. The Pachmos guide points Knuckles, Sonic, and the others to the center. As they soon venture inside the ancient city, a voice soon tells them believing they are intruders to stop. The voice soon comes from another Echidna who looks older; has the same marks, but has a beard. He along with other tribal members marches towards the gang. Sonic try to tell them they mean no harm; the older Echidna tells Sonic that except for the Echidna next to the hedgehog, they are outsiders who are the first to arrive in this land for almost 4,000 years. Knuckles try to reason with him that his hedgehog friend is right; they mean no harm. The older Echidna wants to know his name; Knuckles give him his name; the older one tells Knuckles his name is Pachacamac, leader of the Pachmos. Knuckles tell Pachacamac where they could find the Master Emerald. Some of the tribal members get testy thinking they could be dark forces; Sonic try to clear their name as servants for good, not evil. They just want to see the Stone of True Power. Knuckles repeat what Sonic said and tell them they are only here to see and observe the stone, not cause trouble with the tribe. Pachacamac first think they could be lying, but noticing the facial expression from Knuckles, he tells his tribe to relax. He then tells the gang to follow him. Sonic, Knuckles, and the rest of the gang does so; Nearby, Shadow and Rouge continue their pursuit through the forest; and then Shadow stops. Rouge thinking it could be one of his “out of control” moments. Shadow then tells her that he feels a huge power source coming from the east. Rouge doesn’t want to know how he did that, but wants to follow his lead. Meantime, back in the Pachmos city, Pachacamac brings Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, and the Chaotix trio to what Pachacamac calls the Emerald Citadel—a large Aztec-like temple. He then tells them they are walking on the Hall of Chaos in honor of their master who gave them the Master Emerald to watch over. He soon shows them to what they have been searching for; the Master Emerald (a huge sea green emerald-like stone placed in the center on top of the Emerald Citadel) Sonic and the others are at awe. Pachacamac tells them that their master chose his people to protect it from the dark forces that want it. Sonic wondering if a Dr. Eggman ever tried to come here. Pachacamac never heard of him, but mention several names; names the gang never heard about; and then Pachacamac mentions the name Black Doom. Sonic wondering who/what is that. Pachacamac explains that he felt a dangerous power many years ago and it felt like this ancient evil known as Black Doom; an warlord who wants nothing but ultimate power. Pachacamac tells them that Black Doom almost tried to get the Master Emerald a thousand years ago but was stopped by a group of Watchers. They put Black Doom in a cosmic cage. However, Black Doom left a part of him in the stone. He tells them to look at the dark smudge near the lower part of the Stone. Knuckles wonder what that is. Pachacamac explains that it is not a smudge, but something that was created by Black Doom. Sonic wonders if they found a way to get rid of it; Pachacamac tells them nothing drastically happened, so his tribe went on. Knuckles thinking about the amulet; Pachacamac tells them he trusts them and his tribe will accept them as guests; he wants them to rest. The gang looks at each other; Sonic tells him they will be honor. Pachacamac tells them it will be done. He leaves as he tells his tribal members to prep their new guests a place to stay. Sonic still looking on at the Emerald; he then notices his Chaos Emerald bracelet glowing. He deducts that energy from the Chaos Emeralds comes from the Centrum and he is looking at Master Emerald as that massive stone controls the balance of the Centrum.

Nighttime approaches; inside a tribal hut, the Chaotix trio are sleeping in three bunk beds; in a separate tribal hut, Tails is sleeping comfortably; Sonic tries to sleep continues to have that dream about him being a bad guardian, but a voice tells keeps telling him he is doing fine; he wakes up feeling that it was a nightmare. Sonic then notices Knuckles not in his bunk bed. He exits the hut to see Knuckles heading out of the city. Sonic soon follows him. In the forest and many miles away from the city lies a mystical waterfall, Sonic follows Knuckles as Knuckles is going through the waterfall. Sonic does the same thing, but discovers the waterfall was blocking an entrance to a cave. Sonic continues to follow Knuckles until Knuckles tells Sonic he can stop sneaking around; he knew Sonic was following him. Sonic then tells Knuckles if he is going after the amulet. Knuckles tear him yes. Sonic tells Knuckles why he really wants the amulet; Knuckles refusing. Sonic wants Knuckles to answer truthfully because he thought they were friends. Knuckles eventually tells Sonic the reason he needs the amulet is because his old friend told him a ancient evil will arrive to the island and attack the Pachmos city and tribe. Sonic deeply upset tells Knuckles why he didn’t tell him that in the first place. Knuckles didn’t want to upset him. Sonic tells him he is going to inform Pachacamac before the threat arrives, but Knuckles tells Sonic in similar how he defeated Eggman with the Chaos Emeralds; Knuckles need to find the amulet to stop the threat that is coming. Sonic tells him that he made a promise to help him find the amulet, and if it can stop the threat, Sonic is definitely in. They both soon venture further into the cave.

Meanwhile, Shadow and Rouge both enter the Pachmos city as they view the many temples and huts. Rouge wonders what this place is and hopes it has gold coins somewhere. Shadow asks her if that is what she always thinks about gold coins and stealing stuff. Rouge tells Shadow she was made that way probably like how he was made to defeat Sonic. Shadow soon tells her he was probably made for more things besides defeating Sonic. Rouge wonders what other things; before long, Shadow suddenly stops and feel an immense power. Rouge wondering what is wrong; Shadow then looks to his right and heads to the Emerald Citadel. Rouge follows him as well. They soon stop to see the Master Emerald. Rouge is at awe at the beauty of the huge stone; but Shadow tells her that stone contains power. Power he has been feeling for a while now. Rouge wonders if that power is interesting to take. Shadow gets madly attracted to the stone as he climbs the citadel’s steps heading all the way top. Rogue tells Shadow to be careful. Shadow soon reaches the top; he notices the dark smudge at the lower half of the stone. Feeling an attraction, he touches the smudge. However, out of nowhere, the smudge then gets absorb by the stone. The smudge starts poisoning the stone; the sea green color starts to change drastically to purplish-black. Shadow looks in horror. Rouge looks in horror and shouts at Shadow wanting to know what he did. Shadow has no idea. The Master Emerald’s power unbeknownst to them is beginning to corrupt.

Back inside the Black Arms warship, the Doom’s Eye begins telling his army that time has come and that his offspring finally done his important task. Then as the Black Arms army begin to form in the center; the Doom’s Eye then closes its eye. Outside the warship as its orbiting around Earth, a crack in space begins to form. A three clawed hand starts to grab the crack and soon a dark voice begins to echo, “Yes.”

Shadow marching back down the citadel then next to Rouge as they still see the stone changed from a sea green to a purplish black. And then a brilliant night sky is soon obscured in a dark cloud. Rouge looks up and tells Shadow he did a very bad thing. Shadow looks up as well. The night sky is soon masked in a dark purplish-black cloud and then lighting strikes several times. The tribal members hearing the roaring thundering noises wake up and exit out of their huts; Pachacamac wondering what is wrong soon glances in the sky and sees a blanket of darkness. He says no as the Chaotix trio exit out of the hut. Vector wondering what is disturbing his beauty rest; Charmy then points to the sky; Espio wondering what is happening. Tails exiting out of his hut tells the Chaotix trio did they know where Sonic and Knuckles went. Espio tells Tails about the sky. Tails looks at the sky to see the distortion. Tails wonder what happened; Pachacamac then yells in horror. Tails, Espio, Charmy, and Vector run to find out what is going on; they head to the Emerald Citadel. Pachacamac is in stunned silence as he sees the Master Emerald being corrupted; the gang comes by his side to see the stone once sea green is now purplish-black. Tails want to know what caused it; Charmy then tells the others to look to their left; he tells them Rouge is standing there. Espio yells out to her what she is doing here. Rouge tells them that she followed Shadow. The others are stun as they realize Shadow is here; Tails tell Pachacamac that Shadow must have done something. Espio wonders if there is a way to reverse the stone, yet Pachacamac tells them that the stone’s power is being corrupted to where the balance of light and dark is being dipped totally to darkness. He tells the others there is no reversal. Tails yell at Rouge to tell them where Shadow went; Rouge tells them Shadow left without her and doesn’t know where he ran. Tails soon wonder where are Sonic and Knuckles.

Meantime inside the mystic cave, Sonic and Knuckles continue to venture down not knowing what to expect. Sonic wonders how long this cave goes; Knuckles didn’t notice. His old friend—who remains nameless—told him the amulet could be found in this cave. Sonic tells Knuckles can he trust this friend; Knuckles tells Sonic he trusts him, and that he helped his old friend back in a civil war against the Dark Legion. Sonic just tells Knuckles trust is earned not given. Soon they stop where Sonic tells Knuckles to look forward; there is the light blue amulet floating. Knuckles run to get it but before he can get it; a black cloud begins to shape. The cloud begins to shape into a creature that starts tormenting Knuckles; Sonic wanting to help until part of the black cloud forms into Sage. The Sage impostor starts to torment Sonic getting into his mind telling him he is not fit to be a guardian. Sonic getting tormenting by the black cloud trying to use Sage. However, Sonic tries to fight back. He then tells the impostor that he will protect his clan no matter where he goes; and then as he super speeds through the imposter. It disappears. Sonic tells Knuckles not to let the cloud get into his mind; Knuckles starting to fight back as well begins to kick the creature away as the black cloud retreats. Knuckles wonder what that was about; Sonic thinks that whoever created the amulet, wanted to torment the person by putting doubts of their greatest fear. Knuckles mentions he friend never mentioned about that fact, but then looks to see the amulet. Knuckles hurries and grab it and put it around his neck. Sonic then tells Knuckles it’s time to go. They soon sprint back outside not knowing something dark is waiting.

A few minutes later, Sonic and Knuckles exit out of the mystic cave and through the waterfall; as they speed off Sonic soon notices the skies are changing. Knuckles then stops and starts to think about the Master Emerald. Sonic knows it contains the balance of the Centrum and then senses something happened to the stone. Knuckles fear the stone might have been corrupted. They both head off to get back to Pachmos city as fast as they can, but stop once more. Sonic and Knuckles discover Shadow is running the opposite way as he stops. Sonic wondering if Shadow had anything to do with the skies changing and if the Master Emerald has been corrupted. Shadow tells Sonic that he did touched the stone, yet actually the dark smudge. Sonic then freaks out when he remembers Pachacamac telling him and the others the smudge was left by Black Doom. Sonic tells Shadow about that smudge mark being left by Black Doom; Shadow soon is wondering what he just did and feel that Black Doom used him. Sonic asking Shadow if he was born as a normal hedgehog; Shadow tells him that he was made in a lab and mentioned Dr. Gerald, but then tells him and Knuckles that he also shared DNA from Black Doom. Sonic and Knuckles are both shock and realize what is going on; Knuckles fearing that the stone must regain balance. Sonic tells Shadow that he doesn’t know what he just did and he very well could cause end of everything. Shadow suddenly smirks and challenges Sonic one on one. Knuckles tell Shadow they have no time; but Sonic soon tells Knuckles to go on without him. Knuckles start to worry, but Sonic tells Knuckles that this is between him and Shadow; and that unlike last time, he knows what to expect. Knuckles relent and tell Sonic to be safe. As Knuckles head back to the city, Sonic squares face to face with Shadow.

Shadow wonders if Sonic is ready; Sonic answers him that he is ready. Shadow smiling and begins to speed forward first. Sonic does the same. The two hedgehogs speeding straight to each other when they soon collide causing a huge rumble in the ground. Somewhere in the forest, Knuckles feeling the aftershock worry about Sonic, but realize Sonic knows what he is doing; Knuckles then continue to head to the city. Back to Sonic and Shadow, both of them getting up after that collision and Shadow knowing unlike before he will finally eliminate Sonic, but Sonic is expecting Shadow’s dark power that injured him weeks ago. The two hedgehogs soon begin to battle as Shadow trying to get the upper hand, Sonic tries to block the attacks until Shadow sneak attacks him from behind. Sonic falls to his knees and then Shadow spin kicks Sonic where Sonic hits the ground hard. Shadow then grabs him by the neck and tells Sonic his end is near. Sonic soon tells Shadow that he is not going to die; and that the other hedgehogs need him. Shadow tells Sonic he doesn’t care and hoped he said his goodbyes because Shadow tells him goodbye. Shadow’s right hand glows the purplish-black and Sonic notices what he is about to do; Sonic thinking about glances at the Chaos Emerald bracelet. Shadow shoots a blast at Sonic where Sonic immediately blocks it by using the bracelet to defect it. Instead the blast gets absorbed into the bracelet. Shadow shocked wonders how Sonic did that; Sonic noticing the bracelet glowing and tells Shadow he will show him; the bracelet soon shoots out a light blast that hits Shadow; Shadow looses hold of Sonic’s neck; Shadow falls to the ground. Sonic then seeing the bracelet continuing to glow and then Sonic begins to glow. The bracelet creates a rainbow-like aura cocooning Sonic until he transforms into his Super Sonic mode. Shadow closes his eyes for a bit second to see Sonic’s blue skin turned gold and his eyes turned green to red. Shadow looks at total awe.

Back in Westside Island, Cream and Big look up in the sky to see the purplish-black clouds and hear thundering noises. Back at the hedgehog village, Amy and the other hedgehogs look up in the sky as well to see the distortion. Amy wonders whatever is going on she hopes Sonic can fix it. Back in Angel Island in the Pachmos city, Tails, Pachacamac, the Chaotix trio, Rouge, and the tribal members look up to see the distortion getting worse. Tails wondering what is going to happen; Pachacamac explain that his worst fears could come true. He continues by mentioning that Chaos, the Higher Being, told Pachacamac and the tribe that if the Master Emerald becomes corrupted with darkness, the balance that is controlling the world will be heavily shifted to darkness. Since the stone only suppose to keep the balance in power, destroying the balance thus means full annihilation of every natural thing in Earth’s existence. Tails, the Chaotix trio, and Rouge look stunned after listening to what Pachacamac had to say. Rouge mentions if there is anything to restore the balance. Before long, Knuckles returns to reunite with everyone. Tails sees Knuckles, but wonders where Sonic is; he asks Knuckles that and Knuckles answers back by telling them Sonic is battling Shadow; Rouge looks on realizing Shadow is doing what he needs to do; Knuckles then tell everyone that Shadow was the one who corrupted Master Emerald, but it was due to Black Doom. Pachacamac looks in horror and fears the reason the sky is distorting is the sign of Black Doom’s return.

Knuckles then tells Pachacamac that he may know a way to restore balance in the stone; Tails wonder what it could be; Knuckles then show them the amulet. Pachacamac and other tribal members look in disgust; Espio wonders why they are being that; Pachacamac tells them that the Higher Being hidden that amulet because it is the key to unlock the will of the stone. Knuckles tell them that it can change the stone back to its original status, but then everything starts to shake. Rouge wondering what is happening; Pachacamac tells them because of the imbalance, the world is starting to fall apart. Charmy notices something in the sky and yell at everyone to look up. Everyone look up to see the mini funnels starting to come of the huge purple-black clouds. Then some of the funnels come down as Black Arms soldiers appear. The tribal members start succumbing to their huts out of fear; the Chaotix trio surrounds each other; Knuckles and Tails being defensive as more of the alien warriors start appearing. Then alien bird-like creatures start flying out of the massive cloud. Pachacamac telling the others that this is a huge sign of Black Doom’s return. Knuckles tell him not today. Knuckles, Tails, Vector, Espio, and Charmy begin battling the alien warriors. Rouge trying to step back and relax gets attack by an alien warrior; she flies over him and knocks it out. Knuckles shout at Pachacamac to get to safety; Pachacamac agrees and run to his hut. The gang continues to fend off the creatures. However, up in the purplish-black sky a huge hole begins to form.

Meantime, Sonic showing Shadow his super mode. Shadow wonders what that is. Sonic tells him this huge power comes from the power of the Chaos Emerald bracelet. Shadow asks if anyone else can transform into that. Sonic tells him he doesn’t know, he was so far the only one. Shadow seeing that bracelet, starts blasting a energy wave as he tells Sonic he wants that bracelet. Sonic fires back shooting a huge light energy blast; the two blasts collide creating a huge explosion that knocks both Sonic and Shadow back. Shadow wants that power; Sonic tries to tell him that he needs to have a pure heart; not one filled with darkness. Shadow screams at Sonic that he doesn’t have a pure heart, so Sonic tells him that unless his heart is pure, he will never accept the true powers of the Chaos Emeralds. However, similar mini funnels starts appearing and then Black Arms soldiers start appearing surrounding Sonic and Shadow. Sonic wonder who invited these creeps; Shadow senses these creatures having the same dark power he’s having. He ponders if they are under control from Black Doom. The creatures begin to strike; Sonic not wanting to his conversation to be overcrowded; starts using his super powers. He fires several energy blasts hitting each one of the creatures. More show up; Shadow noticing they are invading helps Sonic and begins attacking the alien creatures. Sonic starts using sonic burst to knock each and every creature out. When they finish the battle, the ground starts to shake violently. Sonic notices several cracks to the ground. He sees the sky and notices a massive hole being shaped. Shadow notices it as well. They both wonder who it is; then Shadow begins to have pain in his mind. He collapses in the ground. Sonic trying to help; He tells Shadow what is happening; Shadow having a clue thinks he may know what and then both hear a loud dark laugh. They both look at the sky to see the hole being form is some sort of gateway; and then coming out of it is Black Doom himself.

The three red-eyed, two horn creature wearing his decorated robe with chains with spike ornaments begins to come out of the hole. He then speaks with an authority as he tells the inhabitants of the planet, that thanks of his offspring, their world is imbalance; ready to be ruin. The planet will be destroy from the within. Back in the ancient city, Knuckles, Tails, Rouge, the Chaotix trio, Pachacamac and his tribe all hearing Black Doom as he continues to speak; somewhere in the forest, Sonic and Shadow are listening to him as well. Then back in Westside Island, Amy, the hedgehogs, Cream and Big, and all of the inhabitants of the island; and all inhabitants in South Island; and all over the world is looking upon him and listen to him. Black Doom continues to speak that if they surrender to him it will be like surviving, but if they don’t surrender to his Black Arms army; the darkness that is destroying this planet from within will continue and life on this planet will cease to exist. Back to Sonic and Shadow, Shadow starting to get angry is shaking his fist. He realized Black Doom has been using him and he is the reason the monster came back. He then sees Sonic distracted; and seizing his chance, he rips the bracelet off Sonic’s left wrist. Sonic instantly devolve back to his normal appearance. Sonic then notice the bracelet is not on his wrist; he sees Shadow. He yells at Shadow that he doesn’t know what he is doing. Shadow runs off with the bracelet. Sonic wants to pursue him, but starts feeling the ground shaking; no matter, he pursues Shadow as the ground continuing to shake.

Back to the city, the gang realizing the ground is shaking; Pachacamac telling everyone that soon the planet will tear itself apart; Rouge not wanting to see this apologizes to everyone that she didn’t knew Shadow was going to corrupt the Master Emerald. Knuckles tell her she just as bad as Shadow in causing this to happen. Then several of Black Arms warriors appear prompting Tails to tell everyone those creatures are back for round two. Vector pumping up his muscles tell the others he doesn’t want the world to be destroy and yell up to Black Doom that he can take his army and go back to where they belong. Espio tells Vector to reflect his anger on the warriors who are charging. The gang resume their battle against the warriors; when they think they are winning, upgraded versions of the warriors Black Oaks starts to appear. Knuckles tell them to watch out the new aliens are more powerful than the warriors. Pachacamac seeing his city under attack and noticing the temples and huts beginning to crack as the ground continuing to shake; he soon glance at the corrupted Master Emerald, and wonder what could end this darkness. He soon thinks about the amulet Knuckles is still wearing around his neck.

Meanwhile, Sonic continues to pursue Shadow; soon Sonic leaps and spears Shadow down to the ground. They struggle for control of the bracelet. Sonic tells Shadow to give it back because he doesn’t have a pure heart; Shadow tells Sonic that if he doesn’t have a pure heart, he must have a pure mind. Because he senses power, but then thinks about Black Doom. He tells Sonic that the only way to end this is to stop the one who is causing it; Black Doom himself. Sonic tells him he needs to be at his purest to defeat a evil like that; Shadow thinking he agrees suddenly sneak attacks Sonic; Shadow gets back up telling Sonic he will stop Black Doom, and then he will finish his fight against Sonic. Out of nowhere, a cloud funnel begins to come down and suddenly sucks in both Sonic and Shadow. The funnel soon goes back inside the purplish-black mass cloud.

Inside the cloud of darkness, Sonic and Shadow look around to see where they are; and then Black Mask appears. Black Mask tells them that it is too late. The world will end; the Black Arms will take over just like they did with other planets. Sonic tells him that he and his army taken life away and consume the planet with darkness. Black Mask answers yes. He soon tells Sonic he should be the first to surrender. Sonic says he will never surrender. Black Mask didn’t like the answer begins to throw Sonic back; then he summons four shackles shackling Sonic’s arms and legs. He raises Sonic up to the ground and demands Shadow to beat him. Shadow seeing Sonic not moving his arms and legs; sees his chance, and starts beating Sonic. Black Mask looks on and smiles.

Back in the city, some of the creatures are gaining the upper hand; as the Chaotix trio and Tails are beginning to be numbered up with many creatures. Knuckles doing his best to defeat each creature at a time, but the creatures continue to multiply and losing hope. Knuckles look up to see the Master Emerald; realizing there must be balance; he glances at the amulet; he grabs it and closes his eyes. Knuckles begin praying hoping to feel the power. Then without notice, Knuckles begin to glow. Tails and the rest start to notice. Rouge wondering what is up with him. Knuckles’ red skin begins to glow light pink and then feeling something very strong inside him. He looks at the creatures and begins to go after them. With power ten times more, he begins to defeat the multiplied army; Tails and the rest are at complete shock. Tails soon mentions he’s super too. Knuckles continue his fight as he uses his enhance strength, speed, and agility to defeat the creatures all by himself.

Back inside the cloud of darkness, Sonic appears beaten up; his lip bleeding; and his left eye swollen. After beating Sonic for minutes, Shadow stops to look at his hands. Black Doom still not please tells Shadow to finish him. Shadow looks to Black Doom and tells him that at least give me some time to take a brake; Black Doom tells him once he defeat Sonic, he can soon join him to have the world fallen in darkness. Shadow thinking about it; Sonic yells at Shadow to remember about that pure heart; Sonic senses something inside him that is not all darkness. He tells Shadow that he would have killed him days ago, but stops. Shadow tells him that it was because of his pain in his mind. Sonic tells him that the pain inside him could the resisting of the darkness. Black Doom tells Shadow not to listen to him; Shadow looking at Black Doom and then Sonic. Sonic continues to tell him that he has faith in him. He believes there is pureness inside Shadow, but he is not accepting it. Black Doom getting angry. Shadow starts to ponder. Black Doom not wanting Sonic to poison Shadow’s mind, begins to torture Sonic’s mind. Sonic feeling the pain. Shadow looks on to see Sonic being tortured; then thinks about what Sonic said that he might have pureness. He looks at the bracelet as Black Doom tells Shadow that he is his offspring; he belongs to Black Doom. They belong together and to have darkness control everything. Shadow thinking as well sees Sonic in pain; he then yells Black Doom to stop. Black Doom does just that; Sonic relieve the torture is over. Shadow then summons a dark spear; he then says he will finish it. Black Doom looks on please. Sonic reasoning with Shadow not to do it; Shadow staring at Sonic and then says it’s over. And out of the blue, Shadow turns around and throws the dark spear at Black Doom.

The spear goes right through Black Doom’s abdomen. He looks to see the hole in his body and then looks at Shadow and tells him why. Shadow tells Black Doom that he will never join him. Shadow then releases Sonic. He helps Sonic to his feet. Sonic wonders why; Shadow tells him that he senses the pureness. It may not be a lot, but is just enough to convince him everything needs balance. Black Doom look disgusted summons shadow figures to fight off Sonic. Sonic still bruised ready to fight; Shadow then tosses the Chaos Emerald bracelet to Sonic and tells him, it belongs to him. Sonic putting the bracelet back on his wrist and starts to feel the power of the bracelet as the bracelet begins to glow. Sonic does as well and reverts back to Super Sonic. Using his enhanced strength and speed, Sonic begins beating apart the dark figures one by one. Black Doom tells Shadow he is making a mistake and that he belongs to him; Shadow refuses as he fires dark energy blasts at some of the dark figures and some at Black Doom; Sonic does same as he fires multiple light energy blasts at Black Doom. Black Doom is taking the hits; still remains hovering and begins to fight fire. He throws both his hands; a huge dark wave exits out of his body and hits both Sonic and Shadow. The wave also hits the barrier of the cloud.

Back outside as Knuckles jump up in the sky to defeat the Black Hawks. He then rejoins the others as they notice something is happening inside the cloud. Espio wondering what is going on in there. Then the ground begins shaking violently again and buildings starting to crumble. Everyone trying to run for safety; Knuckles notices the Master Emerald and thinking there must be a way to use the amulet to restore the stone’s balance; he continues to think.

Back inside the cloud, Sonic looks at Shadow and helps him out. Sonic tells him they will stop him together. Shadow smirks. Sonic then creates a sphere of light and with his super powers he gives the sphere to Shadow and tells him to believe in the pureness, and he will have a power like nothing he ever felt before. Shadow takes the sphere. He starts thinking and believing that whatever pureness he has will be greater and hope it will accept him. Then the sphere of light floats and suddenly enters Shadow. Shadow begins to glow brightly. Black Doom seeing this and cannot believe it is happening. Shadow feeling the power of the Chaos Emeralds because of that sphere; soon his black fur skin changes to light yellow except for his red highlights and his red eyes. Black Doom doesn’t care about their skin changing, want to experience the darkness. Sonic begins shaking Shadow’s hand as they begin their partnership to stop Black Doom. Black Doom firing dark energy waves again; except Shadow and Sonic dodge them. Shadow having an idea speeds quickly and grabs Black Doom by hugging his back. Sonic wondering what he is doing; Shadow tells him to spin and create a tornado. Sonic agreeing it; begins to use his sonic burst to speed around in a full circle creating a tornado-like spin. Black Doom not taking these likely fires energy blasts at Sonic, but his blasts begins to be blocked by the rapidity of the spin. However, Black Doom soon sees Sonic at a right spot and fires a unique blast that hits Sonic dead on. Sonic takes the hit and is thrown to the ground. Shadow yelling at Sonic. Sonic begins to move, but quickly. Realizing he wants to end, Shadow knows what he has to do. He lets go of one of his hands and fires a huge light blast straight at the cloud barrier. The blast creates an opening. Sonic looks up to see it. Black Doom not wanting both of them to escape tries to fire but, Shadow blast an energy blast to stun one of Black Doom’s eyes. Black Doom feeling the pain. Shadow telling Sonic they got one chance before that cloud begins to close the opening; Sonic tells him let’s go, but Shadow tells him by one chance he means just Sonic. Sonic starting to see the opening beginning to close; he yells at Shadow to hurry and join him to escape. Shadow insists Sonic go without him because Sonic’s destiny doesn’t end here, but Shadow’s destiny does. Sonic still unsure; Shadow continues to explain that he knows what he was made for now. Make sure he will never embrace the darkness. So he yells Sonic again to go now. Before long, Shadow tells Black Doom that it’s time to end this and let’s do it together; Shadow soon focus all his Chaos powers and begins to glow brighter and brighter; sort of a hyper mode; Black Doom has no idea what Shadow is doing screams; Sonic witnessing Shadow unleashing the full power of his Chaos abilities; as the glow totally engulf Shadow; beginning to engulf Black Doom; Sonic notices the opening is about to close; not wasting any time, he speeds along, but then the light engulfs Sonic.

Back in the city, Knuckles, Tails, the Chaotix trio, Rouge, and the tribe look up in the sky as they notice a huge implosion in the purplish-cloud all until Charmy notices something falling in the sky; they can’t see who it is, but Rouge looking a bit far and notice it is a hedgehog. She believes its Shadow; she yells out his name as she flies towards the fallen hedgehog who soon falls and drops on top of a temple’s flat roof. Tails wondering if its Sonic heads as well as so does the Chaotix trio and Pachacamac all except Knuckles who continues to think about how to restore the stone. The purplish-cloud soon implodes from the inside out as the Black Arms army collapse to the ground—indicating their leader, Black Doom, died in the explosion. The others eventually head to the temple to see who escaped the explosion; Rouge runs first, but sees blue fur. Tails right behind Rouge sees it was Sonic. He yells out his name as he tries to tend to Sonic; Rouge stops almost smiling to see Sonic, but wonders what happened to Shadow. Sonic soon wakes up to see his friends and allies by his side except for Knuckles; he realizes he really took a fall from escaping inside that dark cloud just in the nick of time; Tails is happy to see him again. Rouge then tells Sonic where’s Shadow; Sonic look up in the sky and not even responding as he witnesses the massive dark cloud fading away because of what Shadow did. Rouge flies up a bit to see clearly Shadow killed himself to stop Black Doom. And then out of the blue, the earth continues to shake violently; the sea begins to shoot up high waves; Pachacamac tells them Black Doom may be gone, but it didn’t restore the balance to Master Emerald. Knuckles looking at the stone then stare at the amulet realizing what he must do. Sonic tells Pachacamac if there is a way to use the amulet. Before the tribal chief can respond, Espio soon tells everyone that someone already beat them to it. They soon see Knuckles walking up the Emerald Citadel’s steps approaching the stone. Sonic yells out Knuckles’ name and soon speeds off to stop him. Tails follows Sonic; Rouge flies down to witness what is going on. Knuckles yell Sonic to stop; Sonic does so, but wants to know what Knuckles is doing. Knuckles tell Sonic that all this time he know what he has to do; Sonic realizing what he meant and yells at him to stop. Knuckles tell Sonic he has to because this is what he was meant to do; this was his destiny. The amulet wasn’t a key, but Knuckles fully believe since he has harness the powers of the amulet, he is the key to restore the balance. Tails yelling at him there must be another way, but Knuckles tell him there is no other way. Tails begins to get upset; Sonic already saw one sacrifice himself to end the darkness, and now Sonic is left paralyze to see his own friend about to sacrifice himself to restore balance. As the earth begin to shake, and columns from the temples beginning to fall down; Knuckles realize the time is now; he looks at Pachacamac and the tribe; briefly seeing the Chaotix trio and Rouge; then he turns to see Tails and nods bye to him and then he looks at Sonic; Sonic wants to stop him, but know he can’t; Knuckles smile and nods bye as well. He then looks back at the corrupted stone; he holds onto the amulet and realizes he is ready to take upon the full power; to be the ‘will’ that will restore the stone. His fur already brightly pink begins to glow more and then shifts color to a light blue. Knuckles is soon engulfs in the light blue glow. His eyes once more turn to see Sonic and Tails, he smiles; he then looks back at the stone; and raise his hands high and begin to accept the full power of the amulet. Sonic and Tails look on as Knuckles completely turns in a bright light blue glow and then splits into many streaks of light that is soon absorbed by the Master Emerald. The sea green color starts to appear as it starts casting out the purplish-black color all the way out; soon the stone filling with the power of balance blasts a huge bright light wave that starts erasing the remains of the Black Arms army; calm the seas; makes the ground stop rumbling; then to the sky clearing out the rest of the purplish-black cloud; and engulfs the entire planet. A part of the blast knocks the Black Arms warship away from Earth’s orbit and into the far reaches of space.

As the bright light recedes, Sonic and the rest look on to see nothing more than a clear normal dawn sky; the sun about to rise; Sonic and the rest look to see the stone as everyone notice the return of the sea green color. Tails beginning to tear up to realize Knuckles sacrifice himself to save the world. Tails look on to Sonic as he hugs Sonic still in pain of the lost of their friend; Sonic looks on as well. Espio as well Charmy and Vector are depressed; Pachacamac glad to see the balance is restore, but at a major cost. Rouge looks upset as well not only losing her friend Shadow, but to see them losing their friend Knuckles. Two days later, back in Westside Island in the Hedgehog village, Amy seeing the village 100% done. Amy wishing Sonic was here suddenly sees the pigeon giving her a message. She gets the message notices it is from Sonic. She smiles; she soon sits down and reads his message. Sonic tells her that he will return, but the last two days he and Tails as well the Chaotix trio continue to mourn the loss of Knuckles, but want to stay with the Pachmos to rebuild their city. He promises her he will come back to his home and hope the hedgehog village; he soon nicknames it “Hedgehog Haven”. He also promises her that date he so long promised will happen once he returns…he hopes. She smiles and hopes he keeps to that promise as well.

Back in Angel Island in the Pachmos city, Sonic, Tails, Espio, Charmy, and Vector are still helping the Pachmos tribe to rebuild some of their broken temples and huts. Rouge still haven’t left decided maybe now is her chance, the only reason she was here was because of Shadow, but since he is gone. There is nothing here for her. She is about to head out until Sonic stops her. Sonic tells her there is no reason to leave, but Rouge tells him the reason she came here, but didn’t know about Black Doom. Sonic tells her that he sensed that there was actually a pureness inside Shadow; he had to find out himself. Rouge wondering if her faith was always tie to Shadow, but Sonic convinces her that she may seem bad, but he senses she has good intentions. Rouge starts to smile. Pachacamac soon tells Sonic that there will be a huge festival and meal in honor of Knuckles and what he did to restore not only the stone, but the world. Sonic agrees to that, but sees Rouge. He lends out his hand to her and tells her that she is never alone. Rouge agrees to that and accepts Sonic’s lending. Hours later, the festival begins as some of the tribal members begin to sculpt a statue of Knuckles to stand right next to the Emerald Citadel. Espio looks on and says he wishes Team Chaotix had some fame behind their name; Charmy agrees, but Tails convinces them that they will be headlined as “Team Chaotix finding the Master Emerald” They think about that and think about the success they can get with that moniker. Sonic looks to see the Master Emerald; Pachacamac tells him he know what is like to lose someone close; he then mentions his daughter Tikal; and then mentions Knuckles made the ultimate sacrifice for the greater good. Sonic knows that as well and thinks about Shadow’s sacrifice. Sonic tells him that Shadow is not all bad, but misguided by birth. He thought was born out of darkness, but what he found out was a greater sense of knowing what was right. Sonic sees that to himself and thinks about his guardianship role and similar that is; knowing what is right. Pachacamac agrees and brings out drinks to toast as well as food to eat. Everyone soon get their drinks and let Sonic do the toast. Sonic tells everyone that Knuckles did what he half to do to restore what was; he knows what Knuckles meant by being the will. He looks at the stone and feels he is talking directly to Knuckles and tells him he and everyone else will miss him dearly; and that he was a hero. Sonic yells out “For Knuckles!”, but then looks at Rouge; he then adds, “And for Shadow!” Rouge hearing that starts tearing up and everyone cheers to that. Sonic soon tells everyone to eat. Vector feeling so hungry lunges at a huge plate of food in the somewhat disgust of Charmy and Espio but everyone else eventually laugh it off. Sonic smiling and laughing; they all continue to celebrate and feast. And then the Master Emerald shows a sparkle probably indicating Knuckles’ will could be inside that stone.

In a post-credits scene, during nighttime sometime after the festival, we bypass the Emerald Citadel and then outside the city; the amulet is lying on the ground. A cloaked hooded figure appears and takes the amulet. The figure surveys it and mentions Knuckles (as his old friend) sacrificed himself for the greater good, but then the figure says cryptically that now is the figure’s turn to make a sacrifice. The figure soon disappears along with the amulet. Thus kicking off another possible sequel.

End Credits

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