Secret of the Keyhole: Big Bad Destroyed Demon Moon Mission is a is a Series Swap Day 6 game made by Overclocked for the Wii U and Jem Zero. The game is a spin-off of the Secret of the Keyhole series and it stars Locky and Lexi. It is a fighting game in the vein of Super Smash Bros' Subspace Emissary mode.


Locky and Lexi use the time machine to go investigate the murder of Peira Noid, but the time travel device malfunctions and brings them back in time to June 27, 2010, date of the first Series Swap day.

There, they meet YoshiEgg Nook, who they have never met before since his universe never existed after May 6, 2012. They are suddenly attacked by Neroidz, a race of beings who see the universe and time itself as something wanting to be destroyed with explosions.

After defeating the Neroidz, they encounter a ship full of them. The three enter in and find several tubes containing the bodies of Wheelzen, Gamma the Lizard, and Johnny Dog. All three are freed and they proceed to kick more Neroid.

They find Goombazo in a room where the Neroidz are torturing him to get more info on the time-lines and time-sectors. After defeating those Neroidz, Goombazo joins them but is unstable from the torture that Neriodz were using on him.

They find that this ship is now leading back to the Neroidz home world, where out emerges Fuckbaby, the unholiest abomination wrapped up in a cyborg baby form. He screeches at them and the group proceeds to fight him. After Fuckbaby has been defeated, Goombazo flips out and everything starts breaking down into time cracks. Goombazo tells them that every series swap day has been invaded by these creatures and that they are all destoryed before they get finished, and that while the main (canon) series is safe from them, they found a loophole: One Winged Angel: Secret Darkness, which the creator of the series offered to finish. They can now spill into the main timeline unless they go to Plumberbaby, who is Plumber's mind in a baby's body.

After going through several swarms of Neriodz, they come across Fuckbaby 2.0 who proceeds to attack them again. They are nearly defeated until The Fan blasts him to pieces and tells them that he has brought Plumberbaby with them. Plumberbaby says that a sacrifice must be made to keep the Neriodz out, as he does not have enough Time Energy to split the timeline where the Neriodz were made. YoshiEgg Nook offers to sacrifice his universe and so it proceeds to happen.

Locky and Lexi wake up on the moon, half of it destroyed and the demonic Fuckbaby proceeds to battle the two. They finally defeat him, and send him to a universe where even he cringes at the mention of: Couy's Game Land. They proceed to use the time machine to get back home.


Image Name Series Swap Day Info
LockySOTK Locky 6 ???
LexiSOTK Lexi 6 ???
250px-YoshiEggNook YoshiEgg Nook 1 ???
Gamma (the Lizard) Gamma the Lizard 3 ???
A Johnny Dog Christmas Johnny Dog 5 ???
WheelzenPlanetaryImplosion Wheelzen Halloween ???


Image Name Info
ShadowDevil Neriod The enemies of the game. They are strong and learn from your moves.
FBABY Fuckbaby The unholiest abomination ever made. Said to only be his physical form, he is pure evil inside of the shell of a giant baby. His cries are that of loud tv static and cries from children. He is also insanely powerful.