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Secret Srings: Deepest Mysterys is a game for the Nintendo DS and 3DS, it's a four player game for a limeted time only. (it will come of sale on 01/01/13).


Two friends Katie and Chloe are playing games when they stumble across a spring hiden deep within a cave, it has a deep secret wich the girls will soon descover...



Katie is a red headed 13 year old girl who has a love for music, her voice is soft and her eyes are green. She has a nickname - Miss Mash.


Chloe is the ditsy blue eyed blonde who is not afraid of anything, she has a high voice and a pet horse named Tonto. Chloe has a cousin called Tanith and one called Sam he will apear in the next game.



Roo is the anoying little boy who already knows the secet of the springs and has got one of the forbidon books - book 2. He will do anything to to stop the girls from finding the secrets aswell...


Keris is Chloe's old friend but is now a bully, she picks on Katie and Chloe at school but is stoped by Tanith - she has the 4th book and one of the stone tablets.


Cassandra is the main boss of the game who will leave mesages on doors and walls leading them to one of her bones, she writes her name in a red liquid.

Mrs. M

Mrs. M (Mrs. Mystery) is the second main boss of the game but sereves as a "fear factor" rather than a boss however, she is battled multiput times even chasing the player around the tunles.



Tanith is Chloe's other cousin who goes to the same school as them, she has the 3rd book on the sectet springs and is slowly learning the sectet.


B is an 16 year old girl who works with Katie at Kirsty's Corner Shop, she is lazy and has a tendancy to slak off. She says she has seen Cassandra, she has the 9th book on the springs - she already knows the secret.


James is a 22 year old man who is always playing arcade games, he is fairly usless but knows lots about the srings.


Kirsty is Katies mom and the owner of Kirsty's Corner Shop, she is fun, loving and full of joy. She has no idea of the secret spring



Pages are the key iteams in the game, you need all the pages to unlock the secret of the srings and find out the mystery.


Bones are found in the game, they are also used to unlock the secret you must collect all 206 bones and make a skeleton of Cassandra.


You need all of her clothes to make Casssndra, you need her glasses, her dress, her shoes and her hair (her hair isnt a clothing but it still needed to complete her)

Stone Tablets

After all 10 tablets have been found, the final door opens leading to Cassandra's skull, this is the last part of her body.


Keys are very important iteams that open the doors to either carry on going or to  lead you to an other iteam.

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