Secret Maryo Island is a game by Omegaverse Corp. based off of the game Secret Maryo Chronicles which is based off of Super Mario World.


Maryo vacations on an island when he finds out that the vile Gee Demon has taken over the islands! It's time to stop him!

Playable Characters

Image Name Description How To Unlock
Maryo Maryo Maryo is the hero of the previous game, Secret Maryo Chronicles, as well as it's several similar expansions. Maryo is a very balanced character with a lot of nostalgia. He's already unlocked.


Image Name Type Description
Saw Saw Hazard An evil spinning saw. Try not to touch it!
EvilSpike Evil Spike Hazard Another spiky enemy. It's mostly invincible.
SpikeBlock Spike Block Hazard Yet another spiky enemy, and also mostly invincible.
Furball Furball Furball A cute little furry creature. Stomp on it to defeat it.
IceFurball Ice Furball Furball Another furry creature. This one can go faster and can't be hurt by ice.
Vile Vile Boss (Furball) The villain of the previous game, Vile returns to wreck havoc!
RedTurtle Red Turtle Turtle This little creature behaves much like a Koopa.
FastTurtle Fast Turtle Turtle Another turtle, this one moves much faster.
Krush Krush Turtle This monstrous dinosaur/turtle needs to be stomped on once, then it moves super fast, and you must jump on it again.
Flyon Flyon Plant This little creature jumps out of warp pipes trying to eat you!
Eato Eato Plant Eato's rest on the ground, and can hardly be hurt!