"Looks like someone knows their way around a ship. Have fun stumbling about in the dark?"

Secret Daubentonia
Secret Daubentonia
Freelance assassin-for-hire
Full Name Secret Daubentonia
Gender Male-programming
Current Status Decommissioned
Class Robot
First Appearance Megaman Tempo: Sanity's Affliction

Daubentonia is a Mk VII Medium-Chassis Reploid who operates as an assassin-for-hire. He is not technically a Maverick, but works willingly for Goth for the pay. Goth never actually converted him as there was no need to, due to his willingness to participate in the mayhem.

By the time the NeoHunters catch up to him, he has already boarded the main Repliforce Navy fleet and cut their power. Tempo, being technically a former NeoHunter at the time, actually arrives before the NeoHunters themselves in order to rescue General Tankur as a means to not be classified a Maverick due to his having abandoned his post as a Hunter. He finds Secret Daubentonia only one room away from the general and promptly engages him. Daubentonia fights dirty but he eventually succumbs to Tempo's might and is put down. After Daubentonia's destruction, Tankur is in fact safe and serves to vouch for Tempo's sanity upon his return to NeoHunter HQ after Goth's defeat.


Secret Daubentonia, assassin-for-hire


  • Daubentonia: "Looks like someone knows their way around a ship. Have fun stumbling about in the dark?"
  • Tempo: "I'm afraid your reign of terror will end here, Daubentonia. The general is coming with me."
    Secret Daubentonia 1st Sprite Right
  • Daubentonia: "Oh, really? We'll see about that, foolish sailor."
  • Tempo: "I'm something far worse than a sailor."
  • Daubentonia: "Prove it."

Behind the scenes

  • Daubentonia is based on an aye-aye.
    • The representations of an aye-aye found in his armor are the role of an assassin working in the dark (reference to aye-aye nocturnalism), his night vision goggles (reference to an aye-aye's large eyes meant for nocturnal living arrangements), and his having three fingers with the fourth being instead represented by his energy blades (which represent an aye-aye's extremely elongated middle fingers).