Secret Agent Roshan is a game developed by Namcom based on the Skip and Sqak Series. It is the first game to have Roshan as the Main Protagonist. It is developed on the Wii, PSP, Xbox 360, PlayStation 2 and DS and released in June 2008.

The story is when Roshan works as a Secret Agent, and must rescue artifacts that are being stolen by an orginization of thieves, only to find one of them is his best friend Sqak!


  • Roshan
  • Sqak
  • Skip, Tubby, Croco and Imp
  • Dr. Tron


Roshan has to rescue ancient artifacts that are being stolen all over the world. On his mission on the Xoon Museum, he tries to find where the "Red Eye Diomand" went along with the other artifacts only to find that the thief there was Sqak(!). Roshan, knowing his friend won't do that type of thing, sneaks into the museum to search for clues.

Meanwhile, Sqak is taken into Planet Marayn Prison by the Red Ants, where he has to fight for survival due to other Red Ant prisoners wanting revenge on him for arresting them (As an idea to get rid of Sqak), and elsewhere Dr. Tron is writing his own comic book with the help of a robot writer named Wally.

Roshan goes all over the world, defeating Criminal Leaders who stole the artifacts and forces them to tell where they sent them. Soon, Roshan discovers that the artifacts are being sent to a crime boss named "Mr. Ubah". Roshan begins chasing after Mr. Ubah, until he discovers that it is actually Dr. Cease (from the episode Enter The Mad Tricks) in disguise.

Roshan finds out that Dr. Cease's hideout is a Space Ship in outer space. Roshan goes there and confronts Dr. Cease, who reveals that the stolen artifacts can create an entity called the "Super Diomand". Dr. Cease also plans to take control of the monster to destroy the earth with a Laser powered by the artifacts, and take over the galaxy. He also reveals he put a Mind Control Helmet on Sqak to steal one of the artifacts for him.

Once Cease fuses himself into the Super Diomand (now called Super Cease), he attempts to kill Roshan but the blue ant fights back and defeats Super Cease. Cease explains that even though Roshan defeated him, the Laser is still going and it will destroy the world anyway.

Cease dies, but with the Laser still charging Roshan attempts to shut it down. Dr. Tron, who flew in a rocket ship, removes all the artifacts causing the Laser (and the whole Space Ship) to explode. Roshan and Tron escaped unharmed, and Roshan returns all the artifacts back to the museums.

Sqak was released from prison when the public found out about Dr. Cease's plans and his innocence, and returns home to find his friends giving him a welcome home party by Roshan.


  • Robin: Roshan's girlfriend who is his assistant on his missions.
  • Prison Warden: A turtle who is the warden on Marayn Prison. He is the only friend Sqak has in prison.


  • Master Mante: The leader of a Red Ant Mantis criminal group. He stole the Crystal Fish.
  • Madame Glaciara: A young, wealthy penguin who received a fortune from her deceased uncle. She stole the Jeweled Snow Owl.
  • Senior Yip-Yap: A Mexican accent Chihuahua who stole the Shiny Spice Dragon.
  • Crunsh: A badger who runs a huge oil drill mine in the canyons. He stole the Solid Beetle.
  • Orkan Von Batia: A vampire bat who always dreams of becoming an organ musician. However, his music is terrible. He stole the Shadow Bat.


(Xbox 360)

  • Analog Stick or D-Pad= Move
  • A= Jump
  • X= Karate Chop
  • B= Fire Weapon
  • Y= Karate Kick
  • RT or LT= Lock onto an enemy
  • >= Pause
  • RB or LB= Cycle weapons


  • Analog Stick= Move
  • A= Jump
  • B= Karate Chop
  • Z= Karate Kick
  • C= Fire Weapon
  • D-Pad= Cycle Weapons
  • += Pause


  • Analog Stick or D-Pad= Move
  • X= Jump
  • O= Fire Weapon
  • Square= Karate Chop
  • Triangle= Karate Kick
  • L2 or R2= Lock onto an enemy
  • L1 or R1= Cycle Weapons
  • >= Pause


  • Analog Stick or D-Pad= Move
  • X= Jump
  • O= Fire Weapon
  • Square= Karate Chop
  • Triangle= Karate Kick
  • L= Lock onto an enemy
  • R= Cylce Weapons
  • Start= Pause


  • D-Pad= Move
  • Y= Karate Chop
  • X= Karate Kick
  • B= Jump
  • A= Fire Weapon
  • L= Lock onto an enemy
  • R= Cycle Weapons

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