Mission 1: The Secret of the Sapphire

YoshiEgg and Bloop had just defeated Overman Supreme and were relaxing back home. When suddenly, a loud boom is heard and Bloop is knocked out. When he awakens, YoshiEgg is gone and Bloop is alone. "Bloop, it's your time" spoke a voice near him. Bloop held up one of his tentacles. On it was a small wristwatch. "Hm?" asked Bloop, confused. "YoshiEgg has been taken away by Overman Supreme's goons. You could save him later, but that's not your top priority." "I don't get it...." said Bloop. "Your not supposed to. You will be a secret agent." "Why?" "Because of unknown reasons. My name is Voko, and I will be your guide." "So do I get to save YoshiEgg?" "Not yet. First you have to go on some missions." "Again, why?" "Because YoshiEgg's disappearance may not be considered a threat yet. You'll learn about why he's gone in time." "Do you know? You act like you do." "No. But Overman Supreme and friends are responsible for many evil happenings, so you may run into them on your adventures." "OK" concluded Bloop, who set off to learn about YoshiEgg's disappearance and save the world.

Bloop's first mission was to head into a cave to retrieve a sapphire. Bloop jumped through the cave, and dodged the flashlights hanging from the ceiling. After dealing with Whisp Dogs, Bloop ran off into the deeper tunnels. Inside were many guards. Bloop secretly defeated them all and found a gun called the Egg Blaster. Bloop continued along his way until he saw a Sapphire. "Get the sapphire. It's very powerful" said Voko. Bloop sneaked past the guards and got the gem. After that alarms went off. Bloop fought many, many guards until he quickly ran away.

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