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Paper Mario
SSB Mario Series
First Game N64 Paper Mario
Recent Game 3DS Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Availability Hidden
How to Unlock ---
Play 90 versus matches
Home Stage Paper Mario X
Paper Mario is an alternate form of Mario, originating in the Nintendo 64 title by the same name. He brings a plethora of badges and partners from his various games to his first appearance in the series for Super Smash Bros. Supernova.


Normal Attacks

  • Neutral Attack- Super Hammer (Spin around with the hammer outstretched)
  • Side Tilt- Hammer Throw (Toss hammers a short distance, can be tilted)
  • Up Tilt- Item use (Holds a random item overhead, dealing varying damage)
  • Down Tilt-
  • Dash Attack- Collapse (Falls over into his defeated pose)

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral Arial- Zap Tap (Electrocutes anywhere nearby)
  • Forward Arial- Hammer swing (Swings hammer in an upward arc)
  • Backward Arial- Meteor hammer (Swings hammer in a downward arc; meteor smash)
  • Up Arial- Jumping Pose (Performs his jumping "pose", with damage around his fist)
  • Down Arial- Spin Jump (Uses the ground pound-like Spin Jump)

Smash Attacks

  • Side Smash- Koops (Launch Koops forward in a line)
    • Variation 2- Kooper (Travels further but is weaker)
    • Variation 3- Theoreau (Doesn't travel as far but is stronger)
  • Up Smash- Lakilestr Spiny (Throw a spiny which does damage for as long as opponent is in contact with it)
    • Variation 2- Dizzy Dial (Toss a Dizzy Dial, which flips all opponents and causes them to plummet)
    • Variation 3- Fire Burst (Creates a flaming explosion overhead when tossed)
  • Down Smash- Barry (Barrie shields Paper Mario on all sides)
    • Variation 2- Watt (Comes out faster, but weaker with no knockback)
    • Variation 3- Return Postage (Functions as a reflector that also negates damage)

Special Moves

  • Neutral Special- Hammer (Timer from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door appears; release in time with the star)
    • Variation 2- Power Smash (Slower timer but more damage)
    • Variation 3- Cudge (Immediate but much weaker)
  • Side Special- Flip Dash (Surge forward like in Paper Mario)
    • Variation 2- Flurrie (Use Flurrie to push opponents back)
    • Variation 3- Carrie (Quickly ride Carrie forward for less damage)
  • Up Special- Spring Jump (Charge up for more damage and higher leverage)
    • Variation 2- Paper Airplane (Perform a short jump then glide forward; more horizontal)
    • Variation 3- Parakarry (Deals no damage, but lasts longer)
  • Down Special- Jump (Press while just above a person to hop off their head and deal damage)
    • Variation 2- Power Bounce (With a smaller window of time, deal much higher damage)
    • Variation 3- Goombella (Drop her on the enemy, and she will hit 5 times for very little damage)
  • Final Smash- Star Beam (Creates a vertical beam around Paper Mario)
    • Variation 2- Earth Tremor (Sends shockwaves out to each side)
    • Variation 3- Scissors (A small area around Paper Mario is "cut up" for massive damage)

Pummel & Throws

  • Pummel- Mushroom whack
  • Forward Throw- Fright Mask
  • Backward Throw- Quick toss
  • Up Throw- POW Block
  • Down Throw- Thunder Bolt


  • Idle- Lightly rises onto tip-toes and then back down, and also sways his arms
  • Taunt 1- Performs his appeal action, waving at the screen
  • Taunt 2- Holds up a random Mushroom, then proceeds to eat it
  • Taunt 3- Falls over, and then a Life Shroom revives him
  • Taunt 4- Performs the piece sign towards the camera and shouts "Wahoo!"
  • Ledge Attack- Stage hop
  • Floor Attack- Hop



  • Default - Red hat and shirt, blue overalls
  • Orange - Orange hat and shirt, viridian overalls
  • Blue - Blue hat and shirt, brown overalls
  • White - White hat and shirt, gray overalls
  • Black - Black hat and shirt, gray overalls
  • Luigi - Green hat and shirt, blue overalls
  • Wario - Yellow hat and shirt, purple overalls
  • Waluigi - Purple hat and shirt, black overalls

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