SSB Pokémon Series
First Game GB Pokèmon Red & Blue versions
Recent Game 3DS Pokèmon Battle Trozei
Availability Hidden
How to Unlock ---
Play 80 versus matches
Home Stage Pokèfloats
Jigglypuff is a Pokèmon well known for its puffy pink appearance, which appears somewhat similar to Kirby. Returning for the fifth time in the Super Smash Bros. series for Super Smash Bros. Supernova, the pink puffball brings a plethora of Normal-type attacks, as well as her iconic singing talent.


Normal Attacks

  • Neutral Attack- Double Slap
  • Side Tilt- Twirl kick
  • Up Tilt- Foot lift
  • Down Tilt- Reaching foot
  • Dash Attack- Simple roll

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral Arial- Puff out
  • Forward Arial- Dropkick
  • Backward Arial- Sharp spin
  • Up Arial- Overhead wave
  • Down Arial- Puff drill

Smash Attacks

  • Side Smash- Slide Kick
    • Variation 2- Heavy Kick
    • Variation 3- Floaty Kick
  • Up Smash- Head Smash
    • Variation 2- Rising Kick
    • Variation 3- Expand
  • Down Smash- Split Kick
    • Variation 2- Puff Kick
    • Variation 3- Quick Kick

Special Moves

  • Neutral Special- Rollout
    • Variation 2- Raging Rollout
    • Variation 3- Fairy Wind
  • Side Special- Pound
    • Variation 2- Wake-Up Slap
    • Variation 3- Meteor Pound
  • Up Special- Sing
    • Variation 2- Perish Song
    • Variation 3- Hyper Voice
  • Down Special- Rest
    • Variation 2- Rest Leap
    • Variation 3- Explosion
  • Final Smash- Puff Up
    • Variation 2- Play Rough
    • Variation 3- Wigglytuff Slam

Pummel & Throws

  • Pummel- Double Slap
  • Forward Throw- Puff
  • Backward Throw- Suplex
  • Up Throw- Spin hurl
  • Down Throw- Back roll


  • Idle- Lightly hops in the air, floating slowly back down each time
  • Taunt 1- Rolls back and forth, chanting "Jigglypuff!"
  • Taunt 2- Spins around, then looks at the camera while inflated and says "Puff!"
  • Taunt 3- Performs a quick twirl, ending with an outstretched leg
  • Taunt 4- Falls to the ground, flattened
  • Ledge Attack- Headbutt
  • Floor Attack- Leg spin



  • Default - Pink body and cyan eyes
  • Flower - Hot pink body, pink eyes, and a red flower
  • Sun Hat - Pale body, sky-blue eyes, and a sun hat
  • Bed Cap - Lime-tinted body, blue eyes, and a green cap
  • Ribbon - White body, red eyes, and a pink ribbon
  • Leaf's Hat - Orange body, gold eyes, and Leaf's hat
  • Serena's Hat - Hot pink body, magenta eyes, and Serena's hat
  • Nurse Cap - Orange body, pink eyes, and Nurse Joy's cap

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