Second Era: The Silver Sun is a crossover video game featuring Nintendo's greatest heroes and villains on a new quest to save the multiverse from the Silver Sun. It works very similarly to the Mario and Luigi games and is being developed by the same developers. It is set for a March 17th, 2014 release. It will be released on the Wii U and 3DS.


The player travels though overworlds in different fanchises, and players choose a character to control while the other choice follows. The two characters can switch roles at any time. Also, the player can swap characters with other unlocked ones. When an enemy on the screen is touched, a battle ensures where the two fighters take turns.



Image Character Base HP Description
Mario Running Mario 20 Mario is from the Mushroom Kingdom and is here to save the multiverse.
Luigi Luigi 20 Luigi is Mario's brother and wants to prove he is a true hero.
Yoshi Yoshi 17 Yoshi is a loyal dinosaur and wishes to help the Mario Bros. on their adventure.

Unlockable Characters

Image Character Base HP Description Location
SamusAran2 Samus 35 Samus is an galactic bounty hunter, but is focused on defeating the Silver Sun. Kraid's Lair
Wolf SSBU Wolf 35 Wolf is Star Fox's rival. He wants the Silver Sun's power to stop Fox from beating him. Great Fox
Link1 Link 40 Link is the legendary hero of Hyrule. His bravery will be tested on this new adventure. Temple
Zelda Universe (4)


38 Zelda is the princess of Hyrule. She wants to save her kingdom from the Silver Sun. Temple
SmashKirby Kirby 39 Kirby is a heroic character from Pop Star. He had gone though several adventures and doesn't stop for anything. Green Groves
DK Universe (1) Donkey Kong 50 DK made Nintendo famous with Mario. DK's Banana Hoard has been stolen by the Silver Sun, so he wants them back. Banana Outskirts
025Pikachu Pikachu 45 Pikachu's Trainer has been kidnapped by the Silver Sun's minions, so Pikachu wants to rescue her. Mt. Coronet

Optional Characters

These characters are hidden in a stage and are not needed to beat the game. You must beat them to unlock them.

Image Character Base HP Description Location
EpicRidley Ridley


(50 when fighting)

Ridley the Space Dragon has been brainwashed. Defeat him, and he is angry at his "master": The Silver Sun. Norfair
MewtwoNvC Mewtwo


(100 in the fight agaisnt him)

Mewtwo first sees the player's team as minions and tries to defeat them. He then realizes they are here to help and he agrees to join the team. Spear Pillar
MetalControl Metal Sonic


(200 in the fight agaisnt him)

Metal Sonic has been assigned a mission: destroy the Silver Sun. Will he succeed? Defeat him and he forms a bond with your team, helping you. Silver Void


Chapter 1: Birth of the Silver Sun

The story begins with a cutscene. In the scene is a rocket flying in deep space. When the rocket exits the screen, silver particles begin to form, eventually smashing into each other to form a silver sphere. A red eye then opens at the center of the sphere as it glows in the darkness.

Meanwhile at the Mushroom Kingdom, Princess Peach is celebrating her birthday party. However, the sphere enters the room, scaring away the guards inside. Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi try to step up to the sphere, but a brainwashed Bowser attacks them first. When the heroes defeat Bowser, they find Peach kidnapped by the villain. They immediatly begin chase.

Chapter 2: Meeting the Hunter

The heroes make it to Brinstar, located on Planet Zebes. Here, they are meeting by Samus. Samus tells Mario that the villain is named the Silver Sun. She allows tells Mario that the Silver Sun has brainwashed the leader of the Space Pirates to help take over the universe. Samus then joins the team and they travel though Zebes until they find Dark Samus. They try to convince the villain to let them past, but Dark Samus attacks them. When Dark Samus is defeated, the heroes board Samus' Gunship to fly to Sector X.

Chapter 3: Galactic Warfare

As the Gunship flies though Sector X, it is sucked into the Great Fox though a tractor beam. The heroes travel though the Great Fox to meet Wolf waiting for them. Wolf reveals he took over the Great Fox to fight the Silver Sun. The heroes recruit Wolf with some reasoning before being attacked by Andross. After defeating Andross, he slams the Great Fox into an alien planet, knocking the heroes out.

Chapter 4: Crash Landing

When the heroes wake up, they find themselves in a place called Hyrule. They find Hyrule in a state of panic as Ganondorf has kidnapped Zelda on horseback. Link then shows up, rescuing Zelda. The two chase Ganondorf to the Temple as the heroes follow them. Our heroes find themselves fighting Ganondorf's henchmen before ending up at the Temple. They recruit Link and Zelda before heading to the top of the Temple to fight Ganondorf.

Chapter 5: The Silver Sun Attacks

After Ganondorf is defeated, the Temple begins to collapse. After making it out of the Temple, the heroes find the Silver Sun. The heroes fight the Silver Sun, but are ultimatly defeated. The Silver Sun then transports the heroes to Pop Star, thinking they will not be able to stop him. After waking up, the heroes decide to explore the new planet.

Chapter 6: Hero of Pop Star


Chapter 7: Deal with DK


Chapter 8: Journey to the Void


Chapter 9: Though the Void


Chapter 10: Into the Heart of the Silver Sun



Items can be bought in shops to assist you.

Item Cost Description
Mushroom 15 Coins Mushrooms restore 10 HP
Mega Mushroom 30 Coins The Mega Mushroom gives you a special attack where you grow giant and Ground Pound your enemy.
Fire Flower 25 Coins The Fire Flower lets you throw fireballs for a round, doing extra damage, espically to ice-using enemies.
Star 45 Coins The Star allows you to be invincible for a turn.
1-Up Mushroom 170 Coins The 1 Up Mushroom allows you one continue.
X-Ray Visor 120 Coins Allows the user to see weak points on the enemy (Higher chance of critical hits). Can be used three times before malfunctioning.
PED Container 550 Coins The PED Container allows you to contain Phazon. It is used until it is uneqquiped, allows you to buy Phazon Packs, and take less damage from Dark Samus.
Phazon Pack 80 Coins The Phazon Pack lets you charge up Phazon and blast it out at enemies, doing more damage. The Phazon Pack lets you shoot four blasts.
Warpstar 120 Coins The Warpstar is used once and does a very powerful attack.
Barrel 115 Coins The Barrel lets you and your partner sqeeze inside the Barrel and get shot at enemies. It works three times and does high damage.
Pokeball 130 Coins

The Pokeball is thrown on the ground or at an enemy (At the enemy, doing 1 more HP loss). It sends out one of five Pokemon.

Bulbasaur: Vine Whip: Low HP loss. Common.

Charmander: Ember: Medium HP loss. Slightly rare.

Squirtle: BubbleBeam: Medium HP loss. Slightly rare.

Magikarp: Splash: No HP loss. Common.

Zekrom: Fusion Bolt: High HP loss. Very rare.

R.O.B 650 Coins A temporary second partner. R.O.B has weak attacks, but is still a good help to have. R.O.B lasts for ten battles.
Power Glove 950 Coins

The Power Glove lets you enter in a two-digit code. It can be used once every four battles but never gets destroyed.

1-1: Meteor Shower

1-2: Electric Blast

1-3: Fireball Storm

2-1: Earth Strike

2-2: Icicle Sword

2-3: Snake Venom

3-1: Illusion (More likely for the enemy to miss)

3-2: Smoke Bomb

3-3: Tornado

Lucky Code (A Lucky Code is selected once a battle): Special Attack (High damage)

Smash Ball 1,535 Coins The Smash Ball allows you and your partner to do an ultimate attack, doing amazingly high HP. It is only used once and the users must lose a turn. Also, the Silver Sun is immune to the Smash Ball.


(In Order)

Name Description HP Location Difficulty
Bowser Bowser is the first boss and is supporting the Silver Sun. He is a brute, so watch out for his attacks. 50 Peach's Castle Easy
Dark Samus Dark Samus wants the Silver Sun on her side, so she is preparing a large amount of Phazon. She can heal herself, so try to take her down quick. 80 Tourian Easy/Medium
Andross Andross wants to destroy anything in his path. He has very powerful attacks. 120 Great Fox Medium
Ganondorf Ganondorf decides to defeat Link and kidnap Zelda, so you have to stop him. Ganondorf can summon dark creatures to aid him. 150 Temple Medium
Ganon Ganondorf transforms into Ganon and isolates you from your team with flames. He then takes you on alone. Ganon has powerful attacks, so stock up on items. 100 Temple Medium
Silver Sun (Chapter 5) The Silver Sun shows up to obtain the Triforce. Stop him before he takes the Triforce! 200 Hyrule Castle Medium/Hard
Meta Knight Meta Knight is corrupted by the Silver Sun. Take him down! 145 Halberd Medium/Hard
King Dedede King Dedede is guarding a tool you need to defeat the Silver Sun. Fight him to obtain it! 200 Mt. Dedede Hard
King K. Rool's Battleship King K. Rool is corrupted by the Silver Sun. Destroy his battleship!

150 (Three cannons; 50  HP each)

120 (Ship)

DK Island Hard
Giratina Giratina senses a disturbance in time and space and wrongfully blames you. Defeat him, and he flys you to the Silver Void. 275 Spear Pillar Hard
Giygas Giygas is revived by the Silver Sun and goes insane. Defeat him quickly! 300 Silver Void Very Hard
The Silver Sun The Silver Sun has a high defense and attack rate. Destroy it using your own powerful team. 350 Silver Palace Very Hard
Silver Sun's Heart After facing defeat, the Silver Sun's Heart emerges. It has very weak attacks, so take it down and save the multiverse. 150 Silver Dimension Easy

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