Seaside Island is the third world in Extreme Mario World. It has sandy islands, leafy mountains, and a little tropical forest. The boss is Wendy. The enemy course is a Cheep-Chomp.


Sparkling Seaside

The first level of World 3. It has Cheep Cheeps, wooden huts, and Huckit Crabs

Urchin Ocean

The first underwater level. It has Urchins, Cheep Chomps, and boulders

Freshwater Forest

The first forest level. It has waterspouts, Cheep Cheeps, and vines. Cheepskipper is on her castle at the end.

Submerged Fortress

The tower of World 3. It has Fishbones, Spike Pillars, and Torpedo Teds. The boss is Cheepskipper.

The Ghost Ship

A ghost level with Boos, Fishbones, and Peepas.

Huckit Crab Sandcastle

A sandy level with Huckit Crabs, water pools, and Koopa Troopas

Dragoneel Seas

An underwater level with Bloopers, Dragoneels, and quicksand. Wendy's ship will be circling her castle at the end.

Wendy's Flooded Castle

The castle of World 3. It has Torpedo Teds, fences, Whomps, and Dry Bones. The boss is Wendy

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