Full Name Sear
Gender Male
Location Noah
Current Status Deceased (after Strafe: Heaven Born)
Class Aristocrat
Noah's upper classes
Ability/ies Magic
First Appearance Strafe: Heaven Born
Latest Appearance Strafe: Heaven Born

Sear is the primary antagonist of Strafe: Heaven Born, and an aristocrat of Noah. He despises the lower class citizens for supposedly staining the reputation of their city (In reality, the other cities admire the determination of the lower class citizens of Noah and despise the way the upper classes treat them).


Strafe: Heaven Born

Sear conspires with Lock, Strafe's father, to destroy the Thieves Guild so they will stop their peacekeeping in the lower class areas of the city, thereby increasing the upper classes influence over them.

Personal Information

Physical Description


Sear is greedy, self-centred and apathetic. He has little concern for the well-being of others, and will not expend any effort on anything that does not benefit himself. He also has a short temper, becoming violent if anybody refuses to do as he asks.


Sear studies magic as a hobby, and in Strafe: Heaven Born begins to study it as a means of attacking the Thieves Guild.