Seam, as he appears in Danny's Adventure.
Full Name Seam
Current Age 13
Date of Birth Unknown
Zodiac Sign Unknown
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Golden Empire
Class Mage
Main Weapon(s) Tomes
First Appearance Danny's Adventure (2015)
Latest Appearance Danny's Adventure (2015)
What makes you any more of a hero than I am? I have justified actions, and you barge onto my island and begin to trample over my friends...
Seam, Danny's Adventure

Seam is a mysterious mage character who appears in the Danny's Adventure series. He lives in a far-off island behind Challenge Falls where he performs suspicious activity: his prescence is noted when he steals away the population of the Golden Empire to protect them from Orcus. Although he is built up to be an antagonist, Seam ends up being a surprise hero.


Seam is a potentially immortal being who is part of a long line of mages. He lives on an isolated island known simply as Seam's Island, located behind Challenge Falls. While his previous activity before the events of Danny's Adventure are shrouded in mystery, it is hinted that Seam spent a lot of time building the castles himself beforehand, including creating different factories and raising Jows.

Seam makes an appearance in Danny's Adventure and is hyped up as the main antagonist. He kidnaps the citizens of the Golden Empire without warning and doesn't let anyone know about who he is. While Jow Captains mention him from time to time, he doesn't make a physical appearance until Danny and Sammy arrive at Seam's Island, where he speaks through telepathy. After losing to the duo in a match, it is revealed his work was with good intentions to save the world from Orcus.


Seam's true feelings are completely shrouded by his quiet nature and his mysterious complex. He often times has very complicated reasons for his actions and never reveals what his plans are. His arrogance is very large and his immense power gives him little regard for everything he believes is lower than him, messing around with them to his humor because they are fragile and imperfect.

Seam is very calm no matter what the situation may be, and will always think of a way to confuse his opponents. He frequently tests his rivals with questions and meddles with their thoughts as a way to weaken them before he finally crushes them with his unmatched magic powers on his own. Despite the fact that he looks down on others, he has a heart and deliberately prevents himself from doing cruel things. He even admits that he had his reasons for protecting the Golden Empire...


Danny's Adventure

Seam first appears as an antagonist in this game, where he imprisons the Golden Empire's people in his island. He doesn't appear in person until the very last level of the game, and speaks through telepathy in the last world (though this extends to the entire game in the Super Mode). He is also the first boss of World 8, in the last level. After his defeat, it is revealed that he had tried to help the citizens from being attacked by Orcus.



Danny appears to be the only person that Seam has considered an equal. Despite clearly not wielding the magical capabilities of Seam, he sees something of Danny's qualities. Seam commends the child for traveling all the way to the remote island he lives on with little help and is apparently the first person in a very long time who had defeated him. After this initial encounter, however, the two have yet to meet again...

Sammy, Anton, Chelsea, and Kaine

No respect.


Judging by the fact that Seam knew about Orcus and actually went against him, it is assumed that the two don't get along, although it's unknown whether the two have a past relationship or if the arrival of Orcus was simply something that Seam knew about through his powers. Regardless, Seam keeps a watch for Orcus from his island.



  • Although Seam does not make any appearance in Danny's Adventure: Concord, a similar character by the name of Tie appears. Both are robed magicians that end up appearing villainous but have little relations to the true villain: Seam is attempting to stop a greater threat while Tie opposes both Danny and the F.R.O.S.T. tribe.
    • In addition to these similarities, Seam and Tie share a naming convention related to fabric, implying that the two may be related in some way, and potentially even part of the same group. Despite this, Seam's name did not come from the fabric term, and the connection was only continued after Seam's creation.
  • Seam is the only character belonging to GD Gaming Studios to have been given a Hyper Mode, although both Danny and Mummther were planned to have these forms as well.
    • Although Seam's Hyper Mode has not officially appeared in any form yet, it isn't out of the question for the design to be reworked and included in the canon at some point in the future...

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