#650 Sealean
Category Icy Seal Pokemon Pokémon
Original Region Eafuro
National Dex Nr. #650
Eafuro Dex Nr. #001
Generation Gen VI
Pokémon Color Blue
First Appearance Pokemon Bronze and Copper
Type(s) Ice/Dragon
Ability/ies Thick Fat, Ice Body
Average Height 1.1m
Average Weight 90.0kg
Evolves Into Walruswim
Sealean is a dual type Ice/Dragon Pokemon. It evolves in Walruswim at level 17 which evolves into Clapice at level 35. It is one of thestarter Pokemon avaliable in Pokemon Bronze and Copper Versions, and the first Ice-type starter Pokemon in the series.


Sealean is a small, seal like Pokémon. It has one small tusk on the top of it's head, which has a small hole in which water can squirt out. It's core body tempature can drop below -100 degrees without being effected, and it uses this chill to freeze the water that squirts from it's horn.


Packs of Sealean will commonly gather around large glaciers or other cold areas. They traditionaly stay away from anywhere hotter then 30 degrees, as their bodys were built for cold tempatures.


Sealean usally gather in packs around cold areas. They don't like hot tempatures.
Pokedex, Pokemon Bronze Version

These Pokemon can survive in tempatures from -100 and lower, but like to stay in groups.
Pokedex, Pokemon Bronze Version


Bronze and Copper

Sealean is the Ice starter-Pokemon of Eafuro. They are (rarely) found at Glacier Caverns, or by breeding/trading.

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