Seafear the Empress
Seafear (Updated)
Enhanced Art by Samtendo09 (tbc)
Current Age 28
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Gender Female
Species Inkling; ironic to the species, she uses water when not using Ink.
Align Evil
Current Status Alive
Class Sea Warriors Empress
Rebellion Oversea (Empress of that country)
Family and Relations
Main Weapon(s) Various Splatoon weapons, but some of them have water instead of ink.
Ability/ies Anything that an Inkling does, but is immune to water and even able to use it.
Nationality Rebellious Oversea
Height 6 ft 11 inch.
Weight 105 lbs
Sexuality Straight
Seapphire (True name)
First Appearance Splatoon Splash-Out (Canon)
Series Splatoon (series)
Look who are here! The pesky "rad" Inklings and Octorians' Octolings! You know that I had waved too much from your lack of sportsmanlike since six years! Now prepare to be splashed-out of here!
Seafear, Splatoon Splash-Out

Seafear, real name is Seapphire, is the ink/water mix Inkling debuted in Splatoon Splash-Out. She is notable from other Inklings from her ability of being immune of water and capable of using it, while also retaining the use of the ink. She is considered as widely feared by both Inklings and Octorians alike does to being a mistress of water.


It is said that she gained the ability of water when at a moment, when pushed by a hateful Inkling into water, she survived by immediately consuming a Super Sushi and had a mutation, albeit she survived and slowly return to normal, but the water had retained in her DNA without even harming her.

Her main motivation is to flood out the lands to entirely put the fellow Inklings and Octorians into extinction out of spite of them and their antiques, but she need to become a Tera Inkling and must not be exposed until the next Splatfest, where the Inklings would be too distracted to know what is going on.

However, she had been stopped once by Agent 3 (and in multiplayer, Agent 4, 5 and 6) with the aid of Agent 1 and 2. She is kept frozen, in the main base of Cap'n Cuttlefish, along with DJ Octovio capture again, with a bigger snow globe at this time.



Seafear is honey-skinned (not literally, she does like to crack jokes about it however) and have tentacles of various blue and lavender colors with lavender stars on them. Her hair style seems similar to regular Inkling girls but the tip of the colored part have a heart-shaped aqua-colored tip and more suckers under her tentacles. Her back-hairs are also longer.

Her clothing is also more tribal and unusual, resembling to a Japanese princess but the lower clothes is shortened to a skit, although she does wears long, dark-blue pants. That clothes have colors of the sea, which is mostly blue but also some aqua and teal colors. She also wears a light blue belt (possible blue seaweeds) and a scallop-shaped pink ribbon.

She also wears bracelets of blue spheres, and a navy blue collar with a teardrop-shaped amulet that represent the rain. She also wears purple underpants like how the Inklings wears a black underpants when changing clothes. Lastly, the wears navy blue socks and red Japanese sandals.


She is ambitious, ruthless but very sincere and who do not appreciate lies and brutal honesty. She is also had a tendency to say water-themed puns, like how in the America version of the original Splatoon, DJ Octovio make pun of fishes and other sea creatures.

Unlike the normal Inklings who fear water for good reasons, Seafear actually enjoy swimming on the water without any problems but do not appreciate to have her clothes drenched in water (they aren't waterproof). She also loves sushi, leading to rumors that she had eaten sushi with "squids" and "octopuses" as ingredients, but it is only true for the later one...much of DJ Octovio and the Octorians' worries.

She also had nearly no interest of shopping, only going there to Inkopolis disguised as a normal Inkling to buy new weapons and some clothes she really wanted. This is unusual for an Inkling. However, she still love music and uses it as a way to hypnotize the Inklings and Octorians alike, and albeit she refuse to sing as it is too attractive for male Inklings.

Seafear do care about her own Rebellion Oversea, but do express concern of the competency of her own warriors, and often question the questionable decision of some of her smarter minions. Despite initially wanting to drown out the civilization of Inkopolis and Octo Valley, she is doing it to preserve peace and quiet, and the six years of continuous feud between the Inklings and the Octorians caused her to snap and declare war against both of them.

Despite dropping her ambition of flooding both Inkopolis and Octo Valley, she still hold grudge against war-hungry maniacs such as DJ Octovio. She also only invade any countries that disrupt the ecosystem or economy of her region. With that said, she still had ambition and can proudly mess with others by exploiting their own negative personality, such as one of the seven sin of Human Era.

She eventually reveal what she could do in order to keep the harmony; get rid of all beings too evil, but also those too pure of the planet, and is hinted by her last speech to the player during her boss battle in Splatoon Splash-Out, "You may be kind, but a person too kind will hold back too much to solve any problem at all, and would make the situation worse by not resorting violence or other hard ways on the irredeemable freaks!"

She is also shown to be very flirty at any male characters her age that she personally found head-some or cute, even if the species not matched. She often to this for ruses, but can be confused for genuine love and if she noticed that it worked to well, she is not above telling that she is really not in love with the infatuated male, and retort to slap the cheek as a harder warning.

When anyone near her is suggesting a rather brutal way to murder enemies, she will had a tendency to say "We are not heartless sharks who just hunt for hunting! We only hunt for our survival.", and if the suggester decided to do it anyway, she will calls the other troopers and stop the mutiny, and if a brutal murder had occurred, Seafear will not be above severely punish the "hunter" for mindless hunting.


Like normal Inklings, she can use ink as a weapon, can perform a Super Jump, become a Tera Inkling with a Super Sushi and swim in her own ink, but she is also immune of water and can control it. She switches between Ink and water, the former one to cover more territory and the latter one for longer range and damage on the enemies Inklings and Octorians respectively.

Her singing talent is more calmer but more charming than the Squid Sisters, although she is also unable to fully control it as once she sings, her minions will also hear it and unable to follow orders correctly, so she needs to use it at the right moment. Her hypnotizing sing effect tend to be countered by a louder music, such as the Squid Sisters' redux version of her theme.


Splatoon Splash-Out

Seafear is going to be the final boss of the console version, and the penultimate boss of the tablet version after DJ Octovio. Her way to attack is unknown but it is revealed that her Tera Inkling form is much larger than the Tera form of the players.

Team All-Stars



Inklings (Species)

She is generally in a bad term with the Inklings as, according to her, they are primitive and only think of shopping, battle in a Turf Wars, fashion and parties, but doesn't really think that they are stupid despite their hobbies. The Inklings themselves, even the rudest Colossal-Squid Inklings, on the other hand genuinely fear her does to her water ability (as water is lethal for regular Inklings) and only Agent 1 (Callie), 2 (Marie), 3 (Player 1), 4 (Player 2), 5 (Player 3) and 6 (Player 4) had nerves to face her in person.

Squid Sisters

While Seafear does enjoy their songs and music, she still consider them as commoners and warn them to pay respect under her presence. Callie and Marie, have been in the Calamari County as their hometown, know how to respect an emperor (or an empress in Seafear's case) but one of them ended up to screw up, such as Callie's clumsily say something impolite and Marie's stealth insult that Seafear discover it quite easily.

Cap'n Cuttlefish

Unlike the other Inklings, Seafear genuinely treat Cap'n Cuttlefish with genuine respect, as she recognize him as a hero (he did participate in the Great Turf Wars against the Octorians after all) but like to crack joke about his "out-of-shape" condition, despite that the captain can actually put up a good fight even in his old age. Cap'n Cuttlefish had mistaken her for a deity of water and thought that she is responsible of raising the water level to force him and DJ Octovio to fight for the territory, but Seafear had not idea what is he talking about since she is only 28 years old.

Octorians (Species)

Unlike her relationship with the Inklings that is just in a bad term, she really despise the Octorians does to their stupidity in combat and lack of knowledge of what is really going on. While the craftmanship did impressed her, she is still aware that they cannot progress further if they keep fighting with the Inklings. The Octorians, like the Inklings' case, are terrified about her and even DJ Octavio should get away from her for his safety, unless if they are on war. If any of the Hero Mode players is an Octoling, then that Octoling doesn't have any good relationship with Seafear anyway.

DJ Octavio

As mentioned above, DJ Octavio is indeed afraid of her but if the former Octorian leader feels that her region, the Rebellious Oversea, is getting too threatening, then he will not be afraid to declare war, much of his soldiers' worries. Seafear initially find him idiotic like the rest of the Octorians but then admittedly found him clever since he does figured how to control the Octorians, but that she can do better with her own sing that control both the Inklings and the Octorians.

Rebellious Oversea Habitants

Unlike the Inkopolis citizens and Octo Valley villagers, she actually cares for her habitants of the Rebellious Oversea and that it is her task to bring her country for the best, and govern it for best or for worse. While she can be angry with her clumsy soldiers, she is still forgiveful as splatting them is out of question. She even have high respect for her elites. But she may be severe to any high traisons and temporarily enslave them if they betrayed her (which did happened once in Splatoon Splash-Out with ???).

Most of the habitants and soldiers respect and even hail her since she is the empress, but a very view of them prefer to mock her since she is an Inkling, which despite that she can ignore any mockery, can be a huge disrespect according to her soldiers. Most of them are surprised about her unusual hobby for an empress, such as practicing her shots with her Tri-Brush and her Hydro Charger, although she explain that she should need to fight on her own in case of, in example, a sudden assault.



  • Seafear is the first female main villain made by Gear Games. The main villains prior to her from the same company were all males (King Kube KiloBot, SkarThe Feared One, Exateno and Slanito).
  • While her hair structure is almost identical to the player Inkling Girl (standard), she occasionally change her hair style such as making a bow from her tentacle-hair like Callie does and even rarely "scuffed up".
    • If the latter case, during a boss battle against her, she scold the player(s) to come too early as she haven't prepared her hair yet.

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