Scythe Slicers
Developer(s) Dark Heart Games
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Fighting, Crossover

Scythe Slicers is a video game developed by Dark Heart Games and published by Fantendo. It is a crossover game featuring characters from several games and anime who are scythe wielders in some form. It has been confirmed it will be a standalone game and won't have any sequels.


Scythe Slicers is a fighting game from a 2D plane of view while the characters and background are 3D rendered. Each of the characters has a scythe as their main weapon, with the sole exception of KOS-MOS. Many of the scythe fighting styles resemble each other but all characters have something added to make them unique. Some characters also have lots of additional powers in their arsenal to differentiate them from the others while ones that haven't have a very unique gameplay.

Normal attacks are regularly performed with the scythe and through use of button combo's they can use a special attack, similar to the gameplay of Mortal Kombat. Each of the characters also has an Ultimate Attack in which they unleash their most powerful attack or enter an enhanced form of themselves. To perform their Ultimate Attack they must fill up their meter by successfully performing combo's.


Story Mode

Death has decided that he is going to retire soon and he doesn't know who to choose to succeed him. Instead he summons various scythe wielders from all over the universe to compete in a battle royale in which the winner gets the position of Death. The scythe wielders have no choice to accept or refuse and are placed in an artificial dimension, only created for this competition, filled with many various environments, to see who emerges as the victor.

Arcade Mode

Pick one of the many characters and battle your way to the top, by fighting many of the other opponents. Who awaits on The End? That is for the player to seek out. Some battles may have certain conditions for example defeating your opponent within a certain amount of time, having a negative status inflicted that drains your health, there being multiple opponents or even a larger version of them.

Training Mode

Practice the combo's of each character to become better!

Playable Characters

At the moment there is a total of 51 characters who are playable in the game. Despite each character is wielding a scythe, they all have unique abilities to make them all play very different.






During a battle you can claim an assist character that will help out when needed. Once the assist character is used they need to time to recover before being able to help again. Some assist have greater power than others and thus have a longer reloading time. Assist characters make appearances in Story Mode as well.



In Story Mode you are likely to encounter several bosses during the story. Bosses always appear for multiple characters and often have a connection to Underworld-ish themes.





  • There are multiple franchises that have more than one character, these are: Kuroshitsuji, Bleach, MegaMan and Soul Eater and in a sense the Fantendoverse as well.