Scuz is a Frill Lizard that appears as a Minor Character in Skip and Sqak 2. He only appears in the 10th Chapter where the whole gang get captured by Dr. Sakerine, since he has been imprisoned in the castle for years.

Skip and Sqak 2

Scuz was trying to take a nap but he woke up due to Tubby's Bawling. When he marches over to the lonely hippo to shut him up, he instead breaks him out after he heard that Tubby and his friends are trying to escape. Scuz suddenly has an idea and tells Tubby there is an Escape Pod in the Emergency Room so later when Tubby and his friends were about to go in, Scuz was already in it and blasts off leaving the gang behind.

It is unknown what happened to Scuz afterwords, but it is very likely he got to earth safely.


  • "Hey, is that you makin all the racket? Keep it down! I'm taking a nap!"
  • "ESCAPE? Tell you what, jelly belly, there is only one Escape Pod in this Castle and its in the Emergancy Room. You better make a leg it before those Flea Bots show up!"
  • "Don't worry about me, kid. I've been in this dump for years, I know how to get around."
  • "Thanks for the help, Toots! You started the Escape Pod for me! And as for you guys, thank you for doing all the sweaty labour for me, I can't really do it all by myself anyhow! SO LONG SUCKAS!!!"