Scut's first quote from his first appearance in Page 53 Clear.

Scut Davies is a former pilot and navigator for the navy who appears as a hero-to-villain recurring character in Mudkeep in Stilioseland.


Mudkeep in Stilioseland

He ever-seeks revenge on Mudkeep after ditching him and Scup for new members to the Avregnes in Recruit. He returns in Page 89 with a soldier to shoot Mudkeep only one page later. Hoping to send him to Hayul for good, so he retreats to his home which is revealed to be the Paper Kingdom. Mudkeep agrees with Laeten to take down Luuk from the throne. But Scut concludes that him and Luuk shouldn't fight against their families so they lock the castle and flee.


Scut speaks in capitals and is known to threat easily, serious and not to be taken srsly.


Scut is a extremely small figure of Virgil Tracy.


Scut is the brother of King Luuk Treetion. But Luuk changed his surname to be distinctive.
IMG 1079

It's hard getting all to get along for the photo.

Upon arriving in the Paper Kingdom when trying to get revenge on Mudkeep, he returned to his family of his wife, Chun-Lei, with his two children Peplep, taking after the more softer Chun-Lei, whereas Tototatodile takes after his father more. His extended family is Luuk's family as shown.
IMG 1080

Scut's extended family from left to right: Scut, Totatodile, Peplep, Birduh, Evivian, Jegglepeff, Poyson, King Luuk.


  • He actually owns four veichles, unlike the shown to he was willing to lend in Page 53. But it was been hinted that he has lost a submarine.
    IMG 0375

    Scut's three shown veichles.

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