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A Scuba-Chef in Fish Bone: Attack of the Chefs!
Rarity Very common
First Appearance Fish Bone: Attack of the Chefs!
Latest Appearance Fish Bone: Attack of the Chefs!
Coral Chef


Notable Members
The Head Chef
A Scuba-Chef is an enemy in the Fish Bone series. They come in a few different variations, but the main version either has no weapon, a spatula, or a Chef's Knife. They are always trying to eat Fish Bone and his family.

Physical Apperance

A Scuba-Chef is a human with a brown scuba helmet on, therefore giving them the ability to breathe underwater. They have matching gloves and boots to go with the helmet, and white pants with a white button-up shirt. On there helmet they also have a white chef's hat, which is the weaponless chef's form of attack.

Apperances and Roll in Game

Scuba-Chefs have appeared in these games so far:

Fish Bone: Attack of the Chefs!- Enemy

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