Scribboy 3D
Scribboy's basic appearance.
Full Name Scribboy Eldud
Gender Male
Location New Canvas
Current Status Alive
Class Rival
Family and Relations
Scribblri G. (sister)
Main Weapon(s) His Claw
Vulnerable To Good Drawings
Latest Appearance Fantendo Epic Dodgeball
I'm a man! The boy thing is just so that pun thingy works! GOT IT CHUMP?!
Scribboy, Doodlemen RPG

Scribboy Eldud is Dudle's main rival, and main rival/boss character in the Doodlemen Series. He is set to appear in every Doodlemen game up to date, as well as Fantendo Kart Ultra and Fantendo Epic Dodgeball as a default characters. He is the brother of Scribblri G., the main rival of Dudlette. He has appeared too have been in many battles, being that his leg is broken, he has a robotic arm, and a scar on his face. Despite this, he was created his these wounds.


Doodlemen Series

Doodlemen RPG

Scribboy makes his debut (as well as Dudle, Dudlette, and Scribblri G.) in Doodlemen RPG. He is first created by Artie as a rival for Dudle and as they set off to find the Rubolet, he tags along to find it for himself. He and Scribblri G. do a tag-team battle against Dudle and Dudlette at the start of the game, and are proven weaker than them, but gets stronger as the game progresses.

Doodlemen Journey: Sideways Quest

Scribboy is set to appear as a boss in Doodlemen Journey: Sideways Quest.

Other Appearances

Scribboy is appearing in Fantendo Kart Ultra and Fantendo Epic Dodgeball, both as playable characters.


  • Scribboy's name is combination of scribble and boy. Eldud is Dudle spelled backwards.
  • Despite the fact that he is a Hero Sketchy, Scribboy is more of a villain than a hero.