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Scribblenauts World is a game made by 5th Cell and is the fourth game in the series. More words and more media are included in this game. In this game you travel through time and at the end try to get back to the Scribblenauts World.

World 1: Stone Age

  • 1-1: Help an Aerodactyl over to the other side of the cliff.
  • 1-2: Help the caveman make dinner.
  • 1-3: Using adjectives create a cross between a modern man and a caveman.
  • 1-4: Help the archaeologist find a fossil.
  • 1-5: Chase the wild boar over the cliff for the caveman.
  • 1-6: It's an epic battle. Create a dinosaur to defeat the T-Rex using adjectives.
  • 1-7: Using adjectives make a man like an anklysaurus, ovoraptor, aerodactyl and a stegasaurus.
  • 1-8: Help the stegasaurus find food.
  • 1-9: It's a caveman fashion show, dress like a caveman.
  • 1-10: Help Lenora find three prehistoric Pokemon.
  • 1-11: Save the ovoraptor from the T-Rex.
  • 1-12- BOSS: Defeat Dry Bowser.

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